Since 2017 Elizabeth has been in a supported living scheme, a house shared by two others and support worker but when discharged from Chase Farm Hospital Suffolk Ward there was no running water or toilet facility working or any utensils.   Water was not restored until mid-day the next day.   Elizabeth is now facing eviction due to the fact I have complained as she was sleeping on settee and floor due to bed bug infestation that has persisted over several months.

Elizabeth was drug free when discharged from Chase Farm Hospital.


Elizabeth was admitted to Cygnet Beckton in February 2017 because she stopped taking the Aripiprazole which led to severe withdrawal symptoms.

The NHS –  Suffolk Ward – Chase Farm Hospital allowed her to stop taking the Aripiprazole without titrating it down slowly/gradually leading to incidents that resulted in re-admission to hospital on two occasions when each time she was transferred back into the community drug free but on the second time support workers tried to give lorazepam regularly which Elizabeth refused.

Cygnet Beckton –  Feb 2017

Suffolk Ward – Chase Farm circa March 2017:

  • Beaten up by another patient around the head;
  • Threatened with homelessness by her RC if she did not choose her father as NR;
  • Dragged forcibly by three members of nursing staff into the seclusion room breaking her slippers for throwing another patient’s bag out when disturbed during the night by a male nursing member of staff bringing in another patient.

Trent Ward Edgware – transfer due to being beaten up by another patient around the head in the yard outside

Suffolk House – recovery house – transferred by Trent Ward.

Chase Farm Suffolk Ward – further admission.

Back into supported living scheme with different support worker again (drug free) and completely traumatised.

Suffolk Ward again with different RC  Dr HM (previously known to the family back in 2014 when Home Treatment Team infiltrated the Community Rehab Team for court purposes –  2014 “Deprival of Medication – community care”  followed by “DoLs – Ct of Protection case).  Elizabeth found to have full capacity and where care home manager CT of Stepping Stones – Phoenix House Northampton refused to give the drug Clozapine.  Noone under Barnet Enfield & Haringey MH would either supply the drug Clozapine leaving Elizabeth to the point of withdrawal after FOUR days (not two) without it.  My story “Get Her Back We Are Paying For That” refers.

Dr HM referred Elizabeth to Huntercombe Roehampton who diagnosed “high spectrum Aspergers.”   Elizabeth was so drugged up at Huntercombe on Clonazepam and Risperidone she could hardly see or stand.   Apparently the care is about choice of tablet or injection.   Huntercombe lost her camera phone held in their office.  Eventually due to proof  they paid £35.     Huntercombe Roehampton produced a report full of inaccuracy  documenting wrong medication/wrong date of birth/contradiction in diagnosis.

Transferred back to Suffolk Ward – illegally detained (apology letter) and held like a prisoner Section 5.2.

Deprived of seeing her family under Section 17 leave  “no to seeing mother off the ward”.  Elizabeth was deprived of going on holiday and to the Livestock Festival in 2017.

Once back from Huntercombe Elizabeth was still on Clonazepam plus Risperidone and of no risk to self/others.    She was held for months on end on Suffolk Ward under Section 3 by Dr HM.  All the time she was of no risk whatsoever but going downhill on the ward which is completely the wrong environment for her to be in.  From June to September Elizabeth was held on Suffolk Ward Chase Farm Hospital.   Elizabeth was then given leave again go back to the Simik Baytree Care – supported living scheme for the third time.

Throughout 2017 I was taken to RcJ (Displacement of NR) which I have already documented.  Enfield Community Rehab Team – AMHP SM took me to court – barring me as NR from preventing Section 3.   First Hearing went on without me as I was not given correct details for Court.  Second Hearing I attended despite court papers being wrongly addressed.    The Judge wanted to meet Elizabeth but I was forced to delegate my role as NR to Elizabeth’s sister who was not asked in the first place whether she wanted to be NR as documented.    Both girls were told that I was going to get enormous costs in court and would lose by the legal adviser appointed by Elizabeth who was found to have full capacity.  I was given a Consent Order and agreed to the delegation for a fixed term only.

In March this year Elizabeth appealed against her CTO and reports and care plan were produced by professionals under Enfield MH of the most disturbing nature – reported to Police.   Strangers had written on the care plan suggesting the very worst allegations and yet these reports were signed by two Doctors –   Dr IM and Dr NA.   I traced one of these people to St Ann’s Hospital and spoke to her and she said she had no idea that this was recorded under her name.

The kind of allegations are of a serious defamatory nature and this is evident throughout the file records designed to fail a tribunal by presenting the very worst picture of the vulnerable person concerned and her family – all done behind their back.    However I have acquired all the files and the decision of the most recent tribunal.

Because of the reaction of one of the staff in the MHA Office who shouted “get downstairs you are not the NR” this made me look thoroughly at my paperwork realising that the underlying section 3 was due to expire in July I decided to appeal and when I asked for the Barring Certificate –   I realised there was no Barring Certificate and that all along I have been NR and no one went back to court on 12th January and 4th June.   I had been requested to sign another consent order but could not understand why – I sent the original back which I thought was good enough but I had crossed out “The Respondent shall pay the Applicant’s costs”.     I heard no more except “thanks I will file that in court on 4th June”.

So for the past year Elizabeth has been deprived of her liberty – the conditions of the CTO is that she lives at the supported living scheme and they have done this by not giving a front door key.    A few days ago Elizabeth could not get into the scheme as no one answered the front door and this is so degrading not to give a front door key to the three adult residents assigned to live there.   For the past year Elizabeth has had nowhere to store her possessions and has been living out of suitcases and when we bought nice furniture this was not allowed onto premises by the businessman owner of the scheme. Then there was the bed bug infestation which Elizabeth was absolutely covered in bite marks.  It took months to sort out and Elizabeth says there is still a problem despite five fumigations and she is sleeping in another room.     Her possessions are all over the place in the bin vault, most at the family home, some in her room.  It is no way to live and this has been going on for quite some time and she is virtually living back at home and has mentioned her desire to come back home but we are waiting to see if Elizabeth can be provided with her very own place –  not a supported housing or living scheme but somewhere where she can live independently as now she has been out in the community for quite some time and seems to have settled down.

Now that I have established I am in fact the NR  I have appealed against the underlying Section 3 as no one agreed with the CTO in the first place and this is just being used to threaten Elizabeth and since she is complying with the drug Risperidone (previously found to be allergic to) none of us can see any reason why she should remain on a Section any more.   She is not as described in the files and the reports are truly shocking written by care coordinators such as BQ, MA and doctors who just put their signature on such inaccuracy probably without even reading the reports that cant even decide on the gender of the person – error after error recorded.

No to Section 117


Conflict of opinion in diagnosis where local area dismiss the findings of other professionals.

The latest is that every day and every weekend Elizabeth comes over to the family home.  She has applied for a voluntary job and college without any help.

Unlike the supported living scheme we have given Elizabeth a front door key and trust her to come and to look after her cat.

Noone got back to us regarding the medication.    Elizabeth was struggling to cut a tiny piece of the drug into four and was offered liquid form but first of all refused then agreed but her RC is on holiday right now.     A while back he agreed to a further reduction in the drug but Elizabeth was not ready but now she is on 150mg due to not being able to cut the tiny portion into four.

The latest is having appealed for the release of Elizabeth from Section 3/CTO a Managers Barring Hearing is being called.

The amount of time taken up by professionals at these Tribunals/Hearings is incredible.  I was not invited despite having proven I am in fact the NR but Elizabeth told me about it.

I will let you all know how everything goes and whether I am once again dragged back to court and treated like a criminal by the social worker who has written in the most disturbing manner and I can honestly say that evidence to the court has been untruthfully presented and I can prove it.

Elizabeth is fully aware of everything right now because I explain things to her and treat her like a person not like an object.

Some people have a NR who does not bother to ask for release and that person becomes totally trapped in the system.    Elizabeth has been sent all over the place, the furthest has been Cambian in Wales.  None of the institutional care has helped her in any way yet professionals say it has.   This is far from true because in these hospitals patients are drugged enormously.

Recently I attended an event at Doughty Street Chambers where I met other parents who had relatives kept prisoner for 8 years or so.  Elizabeth came out of Cambian after 18 months and sent to a care home where they tried to deprive her liberty.

Its all down to money but money is being wasted in the wrong direction.

A vulnerable person sent hundreds of miles away from home and family is totally wrong then they get drugged and go downhill.

So Elizabeth tells me that her current RC is amazed at her recovery.

I would add that we have more than proven by sending her away with private MH professionals for four months that given the right care someone can get well and we did not recognise her when she came back on a fraction of the drugs but she was able to talk for the first time and tell us all what happened to her under care going back to 2010.

Elizabeth has said she just wants to do things in her own time and cannot be rushed – she cannot take in too much information at one time but it is when she is left to do things without being pushed to do so she has shown inner strength.

What I would like to see is Elizabeth given a place of her own where she can live independently.

I would like to see her being given the opportunity to see a SOAD.    She is under a MH scheme in the community and she says that people do not understand her.

We as a family have learned a lot in terms of communicating with Elizabeth and seeing her on a daily basis and that is why we are all getting on so well right now.
















  1. alicia said:

    hi please can you help me got a tbi due to pychiatric neglect and its still going on now and cant get help for my injury and my lifes in danger and got no support.

    • sbev2013 said:

      Hi Alicia – i am very sorry to hear what you are going through. Elizabeth has suffered injury too and is out there in the community. I do not know where you live but it seems no matter where you live it is the same story. I am just a mother writing a very truthful blog on the reality of MH care featuring my local area of enfield. You have written to me via the blog which goes to twitter – i do not know how i could help but if you direct messsge me via twitter i will be happy to pass on my contact details so we can have a chat.

    • sbev2013 said:

      Hi Alicia i have written in response to another message via my blog – if you DM me via twitter i will pass on my contact details

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