We help young people with mental illnesses, adults with mental illnesses or learning difficulties, and people who have suffered a brain injury.

We care for just over 700 patients and residents every day, across 23 hospitals and centres. Our medical teams, therapists and carers are expert at what they do. They’ve chosen to be at Huntercombe because they want to work alongside other like-minded professionals.

We’re specialists. We’re innovators. We’re never complacent.   SPECIALISTS? – I AWAIT ELIZABETH’S COMMENTS.

But we also know this: To get the best results you need not only expertise but also compassion. Kindness is at the heart of what we do.”    WELL IT IS NOT KIND AT ALL TO USE BRUTAL FORCE IN MY OPINION.

he Huntercombe Group is a specialist health provider in the United Kingdom operated by Four Seasons Health Care



SITUATED NEXT DOOR TO WHITELANDS COLLEGE ROEHAMPTON   –  to think the above is right next to the wonderful Whitelands College where I took Elizabeth to the “More Harm Than Good Conference”.   There should be more such conferences to highlight the need for change and the correct environment which is certainly not the above!


Out of the blue I got a call from Elizabeth to say she had been moved from Suffolk Ward to a hospital called Huntercombe.   She was supposed to see a researcher at Suffolk Ward for the autoimmune test but her move was sudden and without warning. When I phoned Suffolk Ward, no one would give me any information due to confidentiality.

I then received a call from Elizabeth who told me she was on Lower Richmond Ward and it was very noisy in the background but she knew people there and could I call and see her.  When I visited I recognised one or two from the local hospital.  I wondered how much this was all costing.

I had only ever been to Roehampton once for the wonderful conference called “More Harm than Good at Whitelands College and was unfamiliar with the area.  I spend my week in London so I decided to visit and take Elizabeth a few things. I travelled by bus but was unsure as regards the best route to begin with and by the time I got there it was past visiting hours but they did facilitate a brief visit to Elizabeth to give her some things I brought.  Elizabeth was just staring into space/completely traumatised and barely spoke –  it was quite upsetting.  I visited her again in that same week but such are the restrictions that you cannot visit for long and this needs prior arrangement.  It really is like prison.  They had confiscated Elizabeth’s phone as they claimed it was a camera phone and this was held in their office so I took another phone but they said phones were not allowed.    I complained about this as phones were allowed at Cygnet and in Cambian calls were restricted leading to complaints by my solicitors – breach of Art 8 HRA.  It really is impossible to get through on patient’s phones.  A vulnerable person is cut off from the outside world and from their families.   When I saw Elizabeth the second time I was really shocked.   She could barely stand.   She could barely see out of her eyes as she was so heavily drugged.   It was noisy in the yard outside and Elizabeth had to lie down and said  “look what they are doing to me Mum”.  I was far from impressed.  Thank God Elizabeth was not in this hospital for very long and was transferred to another ward called Upper Richmond Ward.   The Consultant Psychiatrists Dr Agron Ramadani and Dr Danem Smart were also involved in the “care”.

I wrote to Huntercombe complaining about the levels of drugs which I found out to be 2mg Risperidone 3 x a day together with 2mg Clonazepam 3 x a day. I am sure that other drugs were given too but Elizabeth said she was asleep a lot and I complained she could not take part in any of the therapy as she was so drugged up.

This hospital is purely for patients that are failed by the local wards in order to forcibly drug them and it is not a place where you receive kind care as if you don’t take the drugs restraint is used from what Elizabeth told me.

I have the report from Huntercombe in front of me dated 29th June 2017.  The author of the report is documented to be Dr Danem O-Smart – speciality Doctor – lower Richmond Ward.

I’m afraid that there are some serious errors in this report.    The most important thing is to get dates correct and the date of birth is completely wrong and so is the diagnosis ICD  10 Code Paranoid Schizophrenia   Emotionally Unstable PD.    The reason I say this is wrong is because I have an email from Huntercombe which implicates the complete opposite and Elizabeth was told  she had high spectrum Aspergers.

So failure by Suffolk Ward to help Elizabeth led to transfer to this prison facility.

It is documented that Elizabeth was “unmanageable” – she was allowed to go drug free and was refusing all drugs but demanding attention to her physical health which is ignored on a psychiatric ward.  The admission report not written nicely.   The Background Information written negatively omitting very important pieces of information such as why Elizabeth was transferred to Trent Ward in Edgware.

There is total fabrication as regards one incident I happen to know about.

I did not know that Dr Moorey prescribed Aripiprazole at 5mg – a drug that caused serious side effects that I reported to the FDA etc -this drug caused Elizabeth to speak in a strange manner.

The Psychiatric History is wrong and I have since corrected this so I have sent Huntercombe the most recently amended CTO report and care plan.   Most of the report consists of “Past History” which is inaccurate.

There is no mention of the abuse Elizabeth suffered under care in 2010.  There is no mention of the report that states complex PTSD and of course they like to state there was relationship problems with her mother but the only time we had problems was when Elizabeth took herself off Prozac in one go.

Elizabeth was once on a huge amount of drugs at the time enough to make anyone suffer from paranoia/psychosis – nothing whatsoever to do with illness and what Huntercombe did not take into account was the P450 tests that clearly state “poor/non metaboliser of psychiatric drugs” but this did not stop Huntercombe drugging her to the hilt on double the amount of drugs mentioned in this report.

This report is totally incorrect is its assumption that Elizabeth derived any benefit whatsoever with Clozapine.  For a start the Bethlem put her on Clozapine when she lost capacity so it states in the files and she signed an Advance Declaration (which was completely ignored) making it clear she did not want to go on this drug.   Her social worker from Enfield Community Rehab was trying to persuade Elizabeth to take this drug prior to admission to the National Psychosis Unit and I was told by a member of nursing staff –   “Its all about Clozapine – you should have done your research” . Elizabeth did not benefit in any way from this so called “last resort drug” and in fact it made her worse than ever.   She piled on enormous weight.  The drug made her dizzy and she had a feeling she was about to fall.  She could hardly walk.  She suffered sharp arm movements – TD – she suffered NMS and this is why I took her off this dreadful talc/aspartame drug – the ultimate control drug which stopped Elizabeth from talking about what really happened but now we all know. She also suffered from tachycardia and seemed to have difficulty swallowing.   It is terrible the way Elizabeth was treated especially as she was promised a drug free period of assessment by Professor Murray who then distanced himself from the case.    Of course her condition fluctuated and so would anyone else’s with the horrific care she got at this institution where she was put on max Olanzapine mixed with Seroquel and then contra indicated Metformine and Clozapine which should never have been prescribed together so who prescribed the Metformine?   This is for diabetes 2  but was given off label but I did not believe the doctors and sought advice from Endocrinologist which proved my point.  Oh no it is not true Huntercombe that a drug free period was given –  I told Dr Shergill that this could not be done in such huge quantities  –  this was not done properly at all and was bound to fail.   SO NO BENEFIT WAS DERIVED FROM CLOZAPINE.  I am definitely going to alter these comments.  It was interesting to read in the files that a drunken man was allowed to visit bringing alcohol on the ward at Nat Psychosis Unit whilst I myself was banned from this shocking place.

Medication History.   Now this is extremely concerning as this is TOTALLY INCORRECT and needs to be amended.

It says only 1mg Risperidone and 1mg Clonazepam and this is not true and by the way Huntercombe these two drugs are contra indicated and I look up everything so why give contra indicated drugs?

PRN – shocking – 1-2mg max 4mg/24 hrs Lorazepam – highly addictive drug  – it says PO and IM

Also Levomepromazine 50-100mg max 300mg PO and IM

Family History is also wrong.   They certainly like to discredit you as a parent stating hostility/criticism/difficult relationship with mother/harsh parenting style but in actual fact there was never any problems with Elizabeth but how wrong they are – we all got on fines until she was prescribed Prozac by her GP age 18 and I did not know at first the “symptoms” were caused by this drug Prozac –  that changed her beyond recognition and I don’t know to this day who told her to go and see her GP but it certainly was not me.  When Elizabeth took herself off the Prozac in one go this led to her ending up in hospital for the first time.

Drug History:

They say Elizabeth used illicit drugs at Moti Villa but what on earth what was a 14 year old child drug dealer doing visiting the premises?  Elizabeth was badly threatened under this scheme – it is true that despite so called 24 hr care drug dealing was going on and Elizabeth’s possessions went missing – practically all of them and Police could not find the CCTV camera so they say in the files.   It clearly says that Elizabeth never had a history of illicit drug taking if the files were read properly going back to Moti Villa. I do not think Police should be involved in interviewing someone vulnerable when it comes to serious abuse as they are dismissive towards anyone like Elizabeth – specialist organisations should be involved instead in order that the correct care and counselling can be put in place.  Specialist organisations would have the communication skills needed and I am not talking about MH professionals here either.  No way should a vulnerable person be cast aside and treated as though invisible by professionals who chose to defend and cover up and apportion blame on the vulnerable person/their family instead of admitting they are even in the slightest bit wrong.  This is why they wanted to give Clozapine as Elizabeth was unable to talk on this drug effectively.

There are some serious mistakes in the files on dates and alleged incidents that I am going to have to correct.

Progress on the Ward

How can anyone make progress in such a prison style environment? –  Elizabeth spent most of her time in her room so it says – guarded – not willing to talk –  I cannot say I blame her especially when you read the files to see that it is the Doctors who mis-report everything that is said.

They mention briefly about Elizabeth’s trip to Australia, France and Spain and that I thought a hospital in York was a better option –  yes I did mention that as this hospital had beautiful grounds unlike Huntercombe and patients were not cooped up on wards like prisoners.

Insight –  Huntercombe stated “poor” in that she required prompting to take her medication –  well at the enormous quantities that this hospital prescribed I do not see that this is lack of insight at all.  To be pushed drugs to the point you can hardly stand let alone see – who can blame any of the patients for being reluctant to take these chemicals.  This is not care this is torture.

Risk Assessment

I do not agree!  Again blame put on family relationships but there was never any problem with Elizabeth so all of this has to be amended too.   Elizabeth  was always immaculately behaved so I put everything down to the drug Prozac age 18 – not one doctor will ever admit how very dangerous these drugs are and at first I admit I had no idea myself but I have since spent hours looking into this and finding out the horrific truth about these drugs and their effects.

So the conclusion was that Dr Danem O-Smart recommended detention continuing under S2 to be managed on an acute locked ward – due to risks of non-compliance with her current medication (previously found to be allergic to – if you had read the files) resulting in deterioration of her mental state – risk to her safety and to others at this stage.    In actual fact she was so drugged up she could hardly stand or see and as for safety Elizabeth was choking when I visited badly –  no staff around to help during this incident –  the way risk and safety is looked at is biased. Such acute wards/PICU wards are not therapeutic –  where patients are drugged highly, not allowed to go out or see anyone – some too far away for family/friends to come and  visit.   Such places are very wrong in terms of correct environment for someone to get well in.   They are purely there to drug people and suppress their feelings when the patients would benefit from psychotherapy and other kinds of therapy and most of all a calm and peaceful environment.

Conclusion –  I am most alarmed at the serious errors in this report especially as regards medication and true levels of what was given to Elizabeth.  I know the drugs were double that stated and date of birth is wrong.

Family history and psychiatric past history is inaccurate and I have altered this.

If records are wrong it is no wonder care is wrong if professionals go by files that are wholly inaccurate and littered with errors.

Over the Bank Holiday weekend I shall alter this report and send it back to Huntercombe for their records.

I finally received reimbursement for the camera phone which was confiscated that went missing from the office.  Huntercombe denied this to begin with but I had the discharge form from Chase Farm to prove that Elizabeth did in fact have that camera phone with her on arrival and we never got it back.

When Elizabeth returns from her trip away I am going to get Elizabeth’s comments on this report and her stay at Huntercombe.  She may wish to contribute to this blog herself.

Most of all I am disappointed as in the email from Huntercombe it says words to the effect “I am glad we were able to help”.  However I disagree with their recommendation of ATU as they previously agreed that a PICU/Acute ward was not the right environment.   Elizabeth phoned me so happy that Huntercombe assessed her as being highly intelligent – high spectrum Aspergers and now I am reading this report which is totally incorrect and it has taken forever for them to release it, only for me to have to go through everything and amend it so that it reads correctly as it contradicts everything Elizabeth was told.

My Email to Huntercombe Consultants:

Dear Dr R and Dr A

 I am extremely disappointed in your report full of errors.  The past history is totally wrong – how could your hospital have got everything so very wrong – this is worrying as this can lead to wrong care and treatment cant it?

The medication is totally wrong as documented as I know my daughter was on a heck of lot more drugs under your hospital –  she was on 2mg Risperidone three x a day – plus 2mg Clonazepam 3 x a day as I asked staff – why is this not appearing accurately on the report?

 I have never heard my daughter so happy when your team diagnosed her with high functioning Aspergers and now I am totally stunned that you have written the opposite of what you stated in your email and verbally.  It was even agreed verbally that your facility of a locked ward was not right for my daughter.  I have never seen my daughter so drugged up to the point she could hardly see out of her eyes let alone stand.   I was shocked and horrified when I visited her one evening straight from work as I work not so far away from your facility.

 Your report is wholly inaccurate and defamatory mentioning things that were not even relevant to her stay on her ward which I have had to correct as you can see in the most recent CTO papers. I would like to know exactly who prepared this report and the pack of lies and inaccuracies therein.  Don’t tell me an Admin Assistant –  like in Enfield and you are trying to make my daughter look so bad when you knew she could not metabolise the drugs yet your hospital drugged her to the hilt on a drug she was previously found to be allergic to for which I have records and passed them on to your hospital.

 If you state my daughter has paranoid schizophrenia why have you changed the diagnosis from paranoid schizophrenia “treatment resistant”  –  as you can see from the P450 liver enzyme test attached she is in fact treatment resistant and cannot metabolise the drugs so why drug her up so highly to the point she could hardly see or stand.  

 The report is written deliberately in a very nasty manner and totally false allegations therein.  This report needs to be altered accurately by whoever typed it in the first place and I will duly amend the report and send it back to you for correction your end.   Please supply full list of drugs prescribed at your hospital in order that I can correct the medication part.

 I would remind you that I was training to be a police officer back in 2010 when there was a serious incident at Moti Villa.  Why did you discount PTSD in that case – you knew all about this after all.  The forensic history is completely falsely recorded –  this definitely needs to be corrected as no charges were made for a start and it was not at all like you described.

 Now I would like to know exactly who prepared the contents of this report, most of which was not even recorded on your ward.   I will give you forty days to respond as to who exactly prepared this report.

 High spectrum Aspergers was the diagnosis given which made my daughter so very happy.  Please explain why you have changed your mind?

 I would  question the safety of your hospital in light of the fact Risperidone was a drug previously found to be allergic to as per file notes.  I would also state  when I visited I was in the visitors room with my daughter who was choking badly to the point she was sick.  No staff around and  I was shocked as she was choking badly and I had to cope with this myself.  This shows safety standards at your hospital to be totally lacking.

 I am going to correct the entire file that you have sent me later so that you have a corrected version on your records.   I am appalled at your hospital which is more like prison – if patients are so drugged up how on earth can they take party in any therapy?   It was promised that Elizabeth would be reduced off the clonazepam and she was not.  She arrived at Chase Farm Suffolk Ward prescribed with the two drugs which I know to be contra indicated.  So why are you as doctors giving contra indicated drugs.

 Your hospital is a disgrace and should be thoroughly inspected for safety standards in respect of vulnerable people like my daughter.  

 I should not have had to go to the lengths I did to prove that my daughter came in to your hospital with a camera phone which was confiscated and went missing from the office on the ward but I keep excellent records of everything and the only thing I am pleased about is that finally I managed to get a refund for the phone which went missing because you could no longer deny it when I produced the discharge form from Chase Farm.

 I would like every inspector from the CQC to come and visit your “hospital” out of concern for all other patients as your facility does not provide any kind humane care but brutal treatment (choice of injection or drugs) to those vulnerable people like my daughter who have been dreadfully abused under care itself.  I thought I had read enough lies/inaccuracies under Enfield Mental Health but now I have seen it all.  I shall correct every word of your report and send it back to you so you have this typed up properly and recorded on your records accurately.   By the way you cannot even get her date of Birth right – perhaps your report is that of someone else’s ?-  It is a sign of NO QUALITY when not even the date of Birth is recorded correctly on the report.

 Whoever prepared this report should re-type it correctly once I have done all the corrections but this could take me some time in what little spare time I have as I work full time.   So who is the patient with the date of birth of  09.09.1981?     I am absolutely stunned and it is worrying that you should provide me with such an inaccurate and false report as this reflects in the standard and quality of your care and treatment doesn’t it.

My daughter had brutal treatment at your hospital and this is no way to treat vulnerable patients who need kindness and humane care and your facility of a locked ward with no chance of leave or fresh air to vulnerable patients is a disgrace and totally unsuitable for anyone long term.

 You can be sure you will hear from me again with the corrected version of your report and I trust that the CQC makes appropriate recommendations so that you can improve your shoddy standards and reporting of records is one of the most important things and look forward to receiving the whole list of ALL the medications your prescribed to my daughter during her stay on your wards Upper and Lower Richmond wards.




From: S A
Sent: 06 July 2017 16:39
To: Susan Bevis
Cc: A R
Subject  E Bevis

 Dear Ms Bevis

I am glad to hear that you feel satisfied that we are trying to help your daughter. The process of referral to a specialist ASD unit (NO I DO NOT AGREE – YOU SAID AN ACUTE WARD IS NOT THE RIGHT PLACE AND NOW YOU ARE CONTRADICTING YOURSELVES)  may take some time, but it will mainly be coming from her local NHS Trust following our recommendation. I am sure Dr R will also put in his best effort in this regard whilst also looking after Elizabeth during her stay with us.


Kind regards


S A 



 From: C E
Sent: 17 May 2018 14:23
To: Susan Bevis
Subject: Information Request



Dear Susan and Elizabeth


I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, C E as the Data Protection Officer for The Huntercombe Group.  

With regards to the case that you submitted to the Information Commissioners Office earlier this year referencing the diagnosis report for Elizabeth and a refund for a missing phone, Huntercombe Hospital Roehampton confirmed that this information was sent yourselves and the finance team have been trying to make contact to arrange for a postal order for the value of £30 to be sent.

As part of my role I would like to ensure that you have received the information that you have requested and the postal order, I have also attached a copy of the report in electronic form as I am unsure if this report was also sent in this format (the file is password protected and will follow this communication).

 Please let me know if you have any issues in opening the file, and I would be grateful if you can confirm that you have received the postal order.

 Again I would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused to you both in resolving this matter.

 If you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

 Kind regards




Data Protection Officer &  Director of Technology Enabled Change (TEC)











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