Elizabeth handed me a form as she had enquired about voting but her form has been rejected because she needs to give proof of residence and has asked for a copy of her Tenancy Agreement but this has not been given to her and this is really bad so I am contacting all the councillors of the various parties tomorrow regarding this.

Tonight I have written to the Councillors in Elizabeth’s area (including Mr Doug Taylor – Leader of Enfield Council) and I hope assistance will be given to enable Elizabeth to vote.  I can scan documents across such as passport but Elizabeth does not have the facility to do so and so many people under the MH are excluded from voting even though they might like to take part and that is because they are stuck in prison like hospitals and are not given the right support and help they need to vote.

So we have a lot of leaflets put through our door for the elections on 3rd May.  There is not very much mentioned about improving social care in Labour’s Plan.  I would like the Councillors to help Elizabeth not just with the voting but to get a new bed or else move her somewhere else where she can at least have a front door key and not be bitten by bed bugs.

I’m now looking at the Conservatives literature – they talk about building homes that people need.  There are a few nice plans re affordable housing for sale and rent so I see – the two latter sites look good and are nearby.    When they talk about high quality care services and dignity in old age – what about dignity to those people like my daughter.  People under MH and LD are treated like objects and without dignity in my local area.  Tomorrow if I get a chance I am going to phone everyone of these Councillors and I would like a representative of each party to go and visit Elizabeth if possible or do something to help support her in order that she can vote.



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