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When things go wrong under care Professionals do not apologise.  Instead they try everything to cover up what has gone wrong and they do this by sticking together and playing on confidentiality.  They may use techniques such as gaslighting, coercion and bullying to silence a vulnerable person and their families which could ultimately culminate in safeguarding.  However I found the safeguarding minutes – all centred on me, full of lies and I reported them to the Police.    I don’t know where to start with all the inaccuracies within medical files but here are a few good examples where everyone is desperately sticking together:


SM (AMHP) visited Elizabeth at her previous scheme and Elizabeth was dragged to four safeguarding meetings.  I have two sets of minutes and when I requested the third and fourth minutes I received them with practically everything blocked out.  They also tried to do safeguarding back in 2014 but Elizabeth wanted nothing to do with Enfield Community Rehab (ECRT) who took us to Ct of Protection in 2014 to force her back into care at Phoenix House Stepping Stones in Northampton and it was made impossible for me to obtain Clozapine anywhere locally so I had to go to Harley St.  During this time we had regular visits by the team as titration had to be done from scratch in the end.

I will now feature the reporting that went on during this time and the connections between everyone – practically all who are still involved today and I see they are now promoted up the ranks.

This is from the Safeguarding Report of 2014.

“Family did not allow Enfield Community Rehab to access either physically or by telephone.”

Nominated Advocate involved?  – “no – this could not be arranged because advocates will only take referrals with consent from service users and it was not possible for ECRT to get access to adult at risk to ascertain their consent.”    –   ECRT infiltrated the Home Treatment Team and came to my home trying to carry out capacity assessments on several occasions in front of my carers reporting deliberately negatively everything for court purposes and asking intrusive questions of Elizabeth, putting notes through the door, phoning etc all in front of close friends and neighbours/family who were helping at the time.

Has the Allegation been substantiated? –  “no”.

Has the keep safe pack been sent out to the adult at risk?  “yes”  –  completed with them “no”.

If no why? –  Because it has still not been possible for ECRT to have access to Elizabeth at the time of this report – Legal procedures are still ongoing.”

Date Adult at risk or representative informed of outcome: – “N/A ECRT have not been able to make correspondence with adult at risk.  Legal procedures ongoing.”

Current Situation (as at 15.5.14 )  HTT to continue monitoring and supervise medication daily to enable adult at risk to maintain a stable mental health.

LBE has filed case to Ct of Protection and first hearing has been heard in June – waiting for court to order the next hearing.

Lesson Learnt: –  “the need to be vigilant with perceived incidents and put protective measures earlier at hand to prevent that incident from occurring.”

Signed by EJ (CC) 14.07.14  and LO (Manager ECRT) 24.07.14


“Mother has made it very clear to HTT that she does not want the Clozapine dose increased beyond 100mg per day.  Today’s Clozapine dose is supposed to be 50mg mane and 75mg nocte which is more than the dose allowed by Elizabeth’s mother.  Under the circumstances HTT has no further role.”   

However the Manager of HTT Dr HM agreed to allow access to ECRT with their nurses in order to report for court purposes so the various teams were working together. “Go in twos and report every word that mother says”.


Joint visit by HTT and Rehab Team to assess the situation and establish Elizabeth’s capacity.

LM Deputy Team Manager to contact the manager of the Rehab Team (LO) to work out best way forward:

We recommend MHA assessment for the mother with the help of GP (to be organised by the Rehab Team).

SOVA to be raised

Consider physically separating them through legal process/transferring Elizabeth back to Northampton.

Consider transferring Elizabeth’s care back to rehab team.

NB:  Staff to be aware that Elizabeth’s mother is documenting all visits by staff on her blog psychiatric abuse uk.

Dated 26.09.2014


Note: From Dr DI to Manager of ECRT and JE (CC)of ECRT – Dated 30.05.14

Social worker E A was advised by the HTT and Elizabeth would not be able to meet us this afternoon but as planned we attended her home.  We were advised by a man who said he was a lodger that Elizabeth was not at home and we therefore did not have the opportunity of carry out the assessment.”       Elizabeth does not like meetings and did not wish to attend and my lodger was instructed by her to say she was out.

From LO to Dr DI cc JE and there is another familiar name mentioned NJ – also a manager of ECRT:  “Dear I – thanks for informing me – I have spoken to A……. and will relate the issue to the legal team.

Email from EJ ECRT  “received an email I was copied into from Stepping Stones with details for a SOVA being carried out – alleged sexual abuse – see uploaded information on documents.”


“Ring Stepping Stones to find our more info and ascertain if there is a date given for the next CPA.

“Very good plan CT….   (Manager of Stepping Stones) – kindly give me an update of how her time away was when she returns.    EJ – dated 11.04.14 at 13.56

The above is very disturbing. This is a team of professionals working together to destroy someone’s character –  I phoned the police –  I am still waiting from LS for the Police report number –  there was no such serious incident and it is most worrying that they should stoop to this level to destroy a vulnerable person.

Originator EJ  21.05.14 “following difficulties the ECRT is facing in regards to carry out a MCA with Elizabeth to ascertain her decision as to – where she wants to live as she still has a placement at Northampton – how she wishes to be cared for – whom she should have contact with.  ECRT has sort – sought advice from the legal department to Legal team RH who will see the application to court.   PLAN – waiting to hear feedback from court through legal team.

A negative report from E.N  –  from  ECRT ……“door was opened by Elizabeth and her mother contemporaneously upon my arrival.  Her mother had shown me a note left by Team manager (one of several) She stated “look at this – how could she drop a letter through my letter box – this is bullying.  She went on to state her solicitors and MP would be notified and threatened writing about it on her blog adding the manager was not welcome at her house.  As she continued ranting Elizabeth sat passively looking down spirited and pleaded with her mother to stop but she ignored her.  At that point I told her it was not fair on E  as she appeared visible distressed.  I told her to respect E’s feelings and her opinion to which she retorted “you are all working together”  –  a lot of this is untrue but I do admit to saying “this is bullying”  “you are all working together”  –  also this was one of about three notes and Elizabeth didn’t want to see them.  She was having to go through titration of clozapine from scratch because no one could be bothered to help us getting this drug locally and Elizabeth did not wish to go back to her placement in Northampton where none of us could get through on the phone all of sudden due to a bad signal. I felt they were arranging a CTO “you are not the next of kinwe are not speaking to you” –  this is what I was told by Stepping Stones Phoenix House –  a care home rated “good” by CQC and at this care home hundreds of miles from home  Elizabeth did not have enough money to buy food at the weekend and went without.   This is mentioned in the files that she must watch her foods so she does not go without.  Apalling –  this care home cost c£70000 per year and probably even more on top.  They were in fact arranging a CTO which costs more money to put in place.

Dr W.O’s email notes (Originator JE) (correspondence sent from Stepping Stones forwarded by G.N – MH social work with children and Adults of Stepping Stones  dated  03.02.14 “Yes I shall be happy to manage this lady on CTO.  I indeed consider a CTO to be absolutely appropriate for her based on concerns by her discharging RC regarding concordance –  I think this was Dr AW from Cambian RC mysteriously left all of a sudden after returning from maternity leave. “If she was to miss taking her Clozapine for more than 48 hrs the CPMS guidance would require it to be titrated all over again from the lowest dose.  You will also be aware that S17 leave cannot be extended beyond 7 days unless there is explicit intention to consider a move to S17A CTO.  I can confirm my earlier thoughts of financial implication if a CTO is considered as given costs on initial assessment did not consider a CTO – this will mean extra charges for consultation work to be covered by Dr O.  The initial charges will not change.

“Thank you G –  could you please confirm the extra costs that will be incurred if a CTO goes ahead as I will need to take it to our resource panel again to request for the extra costs – EJ”

My attempts to get Clozapine on the fourth day at the local Lloyds Pharmacy failed “cannot dispense Clozaril as GP not registered to prescribe – referred to Chase Farm MH. For a long time the pharmacist was on the telephone and I spent nearly all morning in there.  He was talking to someone and then I was given this news.  His report is dated  13.05.14  and by the way it was 26 hrs without clozapine NOT 48 hrs when I was trying to get the drug Clozapine back then so totally

I had written to all of the Councillors for help :

Email from Cllr CS to DCS dated 13.05.14

Hi D

J asked me to pass this to you.  the original email is at the bottom of the trail and I suspect J has got it right when she says there is probably nothing she can do. “

Email from J…. “This sounds like a custody battle between parents”  –  well I’m afraid this shows why you should never assume and this is why I took the opportunity to attend the scrutiny meeting –  Not one person did anything at this crucial time when I was trying to get hold of this chemical –  nobody cared.  It was NOT a custody battle between parents it was a battle between ECRT and a team of professionals all working together which prevented Elizabeth from getting the drug Clozapine for 4 days hence my story “GET HER BACK WE’RE PAYING FOR THAT” which I presented to the Scrutiny meeting.

Whilst titration of Clozapine took place over about two weeks involving twice a day visits from nurses, I had to rely on friends and family to help me to spend all day with Elizabeth and this is what one carer overheard: –  “it wont be long before E.J…. comes to get you and returns you to your placement”.   Well would any one of the team wish to be at such a placement where you are asked to choose between parents “its not fair Mum – a nurse is putting pressure on me to choose between you and my Dad”  “I don’t want to go back there – I am not happy there” .

Dr HM who was most recently the RC was involved back in 2014 as permission was sought for her team to infiltrate the HTT.

Dated 10.06.14 – Email from Dr HM to Dr IM and JE (CCI saw LS today and she is aware of the current situation.  Unfortunately, a friend of Mrs Bevis did arrive and sat at the Chase building.  They did inform my team but somehow we did not get the message.  I went to see him and he was very understanding.    E has a particular problem waiting in for the HTT as we often do not get there to supervise morning meds until after midday.  The family feels very strongly about it so as a compromise I have agreed that we will supervise evening meds only.”   So we had to wait in all day long for them to arrive and then be back for early evening in time for their next visit and whilst it was agreed that this would now be done once a day, the team tried to take away the medication  to resume their visits twice daily once again.

An email by HK – AMHP of ECRT of 8th October describes my home, which was being decorated, at the time in not a nice way.   In addition, my carer is described as being “hostile and aggressive” as no one was notified of another visit by them until that same day.   He did grant them access and Elizabeth sat down with them in my living room.   This social worker also described Elizabeth in an unflattering way which is a disgrace.  “overweight in face and body” – “red mark on her chin and forehead  – stained nails due to nicotine” – what a pack of lies this is because Elizabeth did not smoke – she gave up smoking immediately when she came home but the team failed to monitor this.  She then goes onto state  “she was calling to the cat who ignored her!” –  what has this got to do with anything?  perhaps Elizabeth felt like speaking to the cat instead of AMHP HK – and probably got more sense out of the cat.  Who could blame her when such nasty remarks are recorded?  As regards my carer it is recorded that HK did not feel that the carer prevented Elizabeth from speaking but that she was mindful of the fact the carer was listening to her views and words.    Elizabeth was afraid to go out anywhere alone and she suffered agoraphobia and there was absolutely no assistance –  when we knew we were being taken to court yet again how could any of us trust the team.  We tried to get direct payments to provide care support workers but this was refused.  We had to rely on the kindness of friends and close family and even neighbours tried to help during that very difficult time.

The care coordinator MA has just been replaced by another care coordinator called PM.  The last CC was involved when Elizabeth was at Cambian.    Here are examples of how the team work together.

Email from MA re PG Social care consultant Commisioning continuing Health Team. “received an email message from P  to say he will not be attending the meeting but will try to visit in January 2013.

Email from MA dated 29.11.2012  –  I’m attending Elizabeth’s managers hearing at St Teilos in Wales on 6th December at 10.00 am.”  There is other communication regarding COP being different to Jones Manual.  Wales AMHP services will not carryout  the MHA assessment if the person is from another Borough but will consider in some cases depending on circumstances.

In an email dated 7.11.2012 –  Elizabeth’s MHRT has been cancelled by her mother’s solicitors –   yes –  as the Hospital Managers would not pass on file correspondence.  Her mother has requested an independent assessment report – it is unclear the type of report she is seeking.     Well that report was done by Dr Bob Johnson.    I’ll never forget the day of his visit to Cambian.  We booked into our usual accommodation – a lovely farm house in Wales and we asked for Elizabeth to stay with us.  When Elizabeth was first sent to Cambian we were not even allowed in the same room alone and a member of staff stood over us.  However it was about 18 months now – so she was finally allowed to stay with us and on returning her to Cambian she sat in the car outside whilst I waited inside the building for Dr J to arrive.  Suddenly a member of the team realised that Elizabeth was not with me and when they realised she was in the car outside with a friend, they pushed past me and marched out to the car demanding Elizabeth come inside.  Just at that moment Dr Johnson was coming down the road and I was so relieved as they could have given drugs to Elizabeth making the visit of Dr Johnson and his assessment impossible.   Whilst Elizabeth was seeing Dr J I was told that the Tribunal was arranged the next day so I got my solicitor to cancel this.  To think they were going to hold this without me as the NR present.

When I asked CC MA about whether they were trying to displace me as NR because I had suffered difficulty in contacting my daughter and was allocated supervised phone calls – that is until my solicitor wrote to the CEO of Enfield Barnet & Haringey MH Trust – MK.  I was told there were no plans to displace me in an email however I see another email in the files stating “There have been lots of communications with Cambian for the displacements of the N/R.  I’m seeking advice from Enfield legal team on this matter”. Email dated 08.11.12 from MA to DM (East Enfield) –  (DM was originally nominated NR) in most recent RcJ court proceedings. “Hi D  I spoke with GW our legal team and informed her about the current situations.  I have sent to G all communications I had from Cambian, Mrs Bevis and her lawyer.  G suggested I should start to write chronology of the events of the case in respect of displacement.  Meanwhile G would be making contact with the other agency to speed up the process.  I will keep you updated with any information I get”  MA (ECHR).

Thank you letter to Cambian from PG Social care consultant commissioning. Continuing Health Care team.

The last paragraph states “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the service you have provided to this patient to this time and for the progress “he” has made.”  What progress!  Elizabeth called it “prison” and she was not even allowed to go out to the corner shop alone.  We were all concerned at her decline and the drug Clozapine was increased to 350 by Dr AW who later mysteriously disappeared having returned from maternity leave.

Whilst I had the tribunal appeal which was spread out over two days and involved two separate visits to Wales was successful Elizabeth could not come home as it was decided that was not best interest but I was just glad to get her out of that prison Cambian St Teilo house and felt she would be less restricted and a bit nearer home as it was costing us a fortune to travel down, book in hotels etc over 18 months and not one bit of help from Enfield.


Here is the response when we jointly requested the files:

From LL – PA to LS having been forwarded request by Dr DI.  “it came from CD’s office.

Hi L I cannot open the attachment – who is asking for access to the notes?  regards Dr ID

From LL dated 08.09.14  “Hi H and I  “where is L when you need her – she is on annual leave this week and have just received this application to view Elizabeth’s notes.  I see that you have seen her in the HTT and that I is having a meeting with LS when she returns so am of the view to wait and not progress this application yet.  Can I have your views please” 

From VB dated 10.08.11  Re Ombudsman to CD, Dr AA and LS   “Hi C ….I dont know if A sent Mrs B copy of his report.  He did the report because everyone wanted Mrs B to be classified as a vexatious complainant and I said this couldn’t be done until someone went right through all her complaints and checked that they had all been answered and that she didn’t raise anything new.”    

Right now PHSO are so inundated with complaints that there is not one investigator available according to Theresa Davey – they already have all the details/information.    Such is the extent of the information that the PHSO have twice tried to back out of the complaint – I get the feeling that PHSO do not wish to take on our complaint particularly as there are private advocates involved who are witness to everything.   Far from being a vexatious complainant, all I want is for my daughter to be treated fairly – matters would not have reached this stage had professionals apologised or acknowledged that things have gone wrong more than once.   The reason I persist is because they choose to ignore, to play on confidentiality, to try to pass the buck.  No-one wishes to take any responsibility and I feel this is very wrong and that they seem to be unaccountable because I have other emails that show people not wishing to take responsibility and leaving one person to blame in an investigation by PHSO.

One of the greatest defenders of  “excellent care” under Barnet Enfield and Haringey MH Trust was CEO MK.  I have not even had the courtesy of a response to my letter dated 07 December 2015 – the word “satisfied” is mentioned in her response – satisfied with everything.   The team will hide behind confidentiality to protect themselves so I see.


The case was brought against me by SM, AMHP – Barnet Enfield & Haringey MH Trust for being “unreasonable to object to S3”  A Barring Order was issued and extremely negative reports written on Elizabeth’s return from Huntercombe when she has returned to the ward drugged up on both Clonazepam and Risperidone.   This was sprung on me at short notice   I turned up at the wrong court as I was given the wrong court number.   I attended just 1 hearing.  Elizabeth was treated like she was invisible by the LBE but the Judge wanted to meet her to hear what she wanted as regards my displacement as NR and I thought that was very fair of him.

I presented lots of evidence as to why LBE were not suitable to act as NR.  I produced two Witness Statement and two Particulars of Claim because I had to correct their documents as well as present my own.  Noone (apart from Elizabeth’s father) was asked if he would take my place as NR.  The cost for this first Hearing was £380 but I dont know how much the second Hearing was.    I presented vast evidence to the wrong Judge when I turned up at the wrong court who went out of her way to help me but couldn’t find anything listed on their computer system  –  when I later turned up at Chase Farm Hospital to visit Elizabeth- SM (AMHP) waved a piece of paper at us and asked me to leave the room but when I refused as I was visiting her first SM announced – “LBE is now your Nearest Relative – your mother has been displaced by the Court.  Lets face it she was not suitable -or words to this effect.    The next Hearing took Place two weeks later and I was criticised for doing my two witness statements and two Particulars of Claim but I never represented myself in court before and felt that all of the evidence needed to be accurately altered and so I did this.   It is not true that Elizabeth’s sister did not wish to be NR and I enclosed with my evidence to the court the fact that Elizabeth’s sister was not even asked by ECHT.    Dr S (Independent Psychiatrist) carried out a capacity assessment which my therapist who was visiting with me on the ward observed and found Dr S to be an extremely good psychiatrist and very fair.  The results were that Elizabeth was found to have capacity and she appointed the same solicitors that were originally appointed at Huntercombe.  The fact of the matter is that Elizabeth and her sister were advised that “your mother will lose in court and be faced with enormous costs”  –  that is the real reason why Elizabeth chose her sister as no one wanted LBE to be NR as they are far from what they describe themselves as being : “Enfield Council is committed to serve the whole Borough fairly, delivering excellent services and building strong communities”   I have to say though that there is a new Leader to the Council who has very kindly tried to help/take interest when I sent her pictures of Elizabeth sleeping on the floor as the settee was uncomfortable due to bed bugs that had affected other residents too.  Now Elizabeth is facing eviction:

In a letter from the Manager of Simicks Care Ltd dated 18th May 2018 “Please accept this letter as our formal notification to terminate your tenancy at …………. Your last day at the property is 15 June 2018.  Please ensure all your belongings have been removed from the room by mid-day on this day.”

The eviction is because they do not like the fact that I have complained about the conditions there and the way residents were deprived of the basics.

Looking in the local area there are some very nice private properties for rent where Elizabeth could have her new furniture that we currently have stuck in our lounge.  This scheme where she is currently residing has 24 hr staff present but not all of them engage with the residents. Elizabeth needs someone to help her in the community but she is just signposted to MH schemes but she needs specific help and understanding with regard to communication.  I am in effect cut out by the team and not invited to any meetings and was not allowed in the most recent tribunal despite Elizabeth’s request.    The team have concentrated on communication with Elizabeth’s sister who I delegted my role as  nearest relative to so in effect I have been forced out of the picture.

It is very disturbing what is going on under Enfield MH.  When Elizabeth wanted me at the Tribunal in the absence of her sister who could not attend I was blocked from attending and TM – Manager of MHA Office called security as I took a photo of the sign on her office door (not of any people – but the sign)  –  I was threatened with arrest.  I had tried to hand my corrected version of the CTO papers and care plan “I am not speaking to you as you are not the NR”.  This same person or so I believe is recorded in files going way back as being a “therapist” now it would appear she is in charge of the MHA Office.

I had written below to the Tribunals Office:


From: susan
Sent: 21 March 2018 01:02
To: ‘’ <>

 Miss EB has shared all information with her mother and former Nearest Relative.

 C – (NEAREST RELATIVE) is away on holiday this week and unable to attend and EB has appointed some new solicitors.

 I have taken the day off work to ensure that E is taken to meet the Doctor first of all and then she has decided to attend the Tribunal however I have seen with horror some shocking comments in the care plan and CTO Report.

 I have a legal adviser myself but in the meantime I am sending the corrected versions and I have contacted one of those people who are entering diagnoses and TK knew nothing about any entries.    There are defamatory comments about EB and the report is deliberately written giving totally false impression that it is bound to fail and so I have corrected these papers and will be seeking advice from my legal representative about the most shocking comments on alleged sexual abuse.    I want those false comments removed and if this report comes from the Enfield Community Rehab Team then they are responsible for providing it and need to correct the false entries accordingly.

 My daughter is not of any risk to self or others, never had an illicit drug/alcohol dependency and never self-harmed and most importantly has never sexually abused a child and it is not the first time I have seen alleged sexual abuse and plan mentioned.    So I have reported this to the Police and I want those papers amended by Enfield Community Rehab who are using the CTO to threaten and bully and I do not like this one bit.   For this reason the CTO should be lifted as the CTO is not being used properly by professionals who constantly threaten recall.

 Kind regards

So I thought everything was cut and dried as far as legal action is concerned but I have now had several emails from the Legal Adviser of Enfield Council.  Attached was another consent order  and below here is my response as I had already sent the legal adviser a consent order last year crossing out “Respondent shall pay the applicant’s costs”.   Here is my response to that legal adviser.

“Dear ……….

I have already sent you the consent order which I had to correct as you were threatening me with costs.

The fact is that Miss ……… was not asked if she would be prepared to act as NR yet it states in the court papers she was asked and was not interested which is not true.  The matter was not communicated to myself or Elizabeth in the first place (who was wrongly excluded from proceedings by your clients -LBE)  DM was appointed in my absence as nominal NR when I was given the wrong court number to attend and proceedings took place behind my back.  The court action on my displacement brought about by SM should never have taken place as you can see I signed the consent order you originally sent and would not have objected in the first place to her being delegated the role of NR temporarily.

I have been threatened with enormous costs not only by LO of ECRT (who said I had lost the case) but you yourself quoted a figure of up to £5000 so I signed the attached.  It was never the LA’s intention that C would be NR in the first place by your clients but Elizabeth took the advice of her solicitors for her sister to be NR if I agreed to delegate.  Both Elizabeth and C were told I would get enormous costs and lost in court so they acted upon E’s Legal Adviser’s guidance in this respect.

The entire court action was therefore unnecessary and costs could have been avoided if there had been proper communication by your clients in the first instance but inaccurate reporting by Ms SM resulted in such court action whereas I would not have fought my daughter for the role of NR in court had this been considered in the first place.”

I am trying to figure out why the legal department is now after another consent order when I signed and amended the original back in 2017.  He says it is to avoid going back to court again but the legal adviser said he is going to court very shortly.   I do not understand as I did as I was told and was not being unreasonable as I sent this back promptly last year with the paragraph crossed out “The Respondent shall pay the Applicant’s costs” .

This whole business is making me question all the more now as to the whole procedure of displacing me as NR.  I felt that the Tribunal was fixed in such a way as DM (AMHP)was recorded as being NR – whilst Elizabeth had been told to sign yet another consent form stating she did not want me to see the files,  in front of one of her carers she asked if I wanted to see the Tribunal CTO papers and care plan to which I said “yes please” and it is a good job that Elizabeth wished for me to see these papers littered with lies and inaccuracies as I have been able to thoroughly correct them and most importantly amend the NR details incorrectly recorded.    LBE’s Legal Adviser was meant to go back to court in January so I am very curious to know why he did not present the original consent order.


I have never in my life had to stand up for myself in court.  I have never been bullied so much and certainly never thought this bullying would come from professionals who are supposed to be there to care.   When I saw the court papers full of inaccuracies and all the lies I felt in the name of justice I had to try and correct these lies.  I did not expect to hear anything more about this case as far as I am concerned – they got what they wanted but failed to get rid of me entirely as NR.

Safeguarding Complaint:

Despite winning the safeguarding complaint through the PHSO, SM and DM visited Elizabeth alone whilst in hospital and they both wrote an extremely negative report which I showed Elizabeth who denied saying things therein.  She said they visited her when she was not feeling at all well and despite winning the case of the safeguarding – neither one of these AMHPs considered that Elizabeth should have an Advocate present – all they wanted was to win the case however the Judge at RcJ was extremely fair.  Quite rightly the Judge wanted to meet Elizabeth.    The fact that Elizabeth was disregarded and treated like an invisible object by LBE they thought they could easily win but the Judge wanted to hear Elizabeth’s decision.    Elizabeth would never have displaced me as the NR had she not been advised to.   Elizabeth’s sister would have acted as NR (if I agreed to this delegation) however I was never asked in this respect and neither was Elizabeth’s sister so it is not true to say that she was not interested to be NR.   It was only when Elizabeth’s legal adviser recommended that the best solution was to choose her sister because otherwise I would face enormous costs.  I was informed by that Legal Adviser it was what Elizabeth wanted – so you can see that the whole Tribunal/Court System is flawed.  A Judge does not have the remit to look into matters beyond whether he considers if I am in fact “unreasonable”.   I had said “no” to S3 because it would have meant six months or more stuck on acute wards where I could see Elizabeth going downhill as in this volatile environment Elizabeth had been beaten up and that is why she was transferred to Edgware Trent Ward.  She was threatened by one RC to be thrown out on the street homeless if she did not choose her father as NR.  She was also forcibly dragged by three members of staff to a seclusion room for an injection because she threw a bag out when disturbed during the night when a male nurse came into her shared room with another patient.     What mother would have wished their son or daughter to be in hospitals such as this where the care is brutal and centred around drugging.   Anyway my decision to object to S3 led to a Barring Order and yet more court action was thrown at me without being given hardly any notice and as already reported, I was told I would have the details in the morning of where proceedings would take place but instead I had to phone the legal dept to  find out these details and all they could give me was the Court (RcJ) and time so I had very little time to even get up there to the court.

There is something else I would like to add to this blog but I need to find it amongst my records.  I will come back to this later and as regards my last blog on Huntercombe Hospital I will also add my email to the Doctors.

Elizabeth has had a good time away with other family members – her room has been fumigated or so I assume for the fourth time.  I am concerned at the chemicals if that room has not been ventilated in Elizabeth’s absence.     Elizabeth has been by the sea and I have heard from her to say she is having a great time.   I have spent most of my time washing thoroughly her clothes and have most of her possessions round at my home.

Safeguarding is one-sided and it is frightening what the outcome could be and that is why I wasted no time to report the minutes and file notes to Police who seemed in actual fact sympathetic towards me –  I was told recently by the Manager of SS that I would make a good detective  –  well I will take this as a compliment as this is what I wanted to be at one time but my investigations have recently been centred on Council and Trust as there are claims there is no money in the area but there  there seems to be a bottomless pit of money to waste in the wrong direction by ECRT.

I think it terrible the way ENFIELD COUNCIL treat the weak and vulnerable and carers.  Elizabeth’s sister lives a long distance away and she has been told things like “everything has been dealt with” with regard to the bed bugs- this was not true.    I have been told that three new beds have been ordered –  not true.   I was also told “the room is safe – the bed is OK”  – when now I have seen this is not the case.  I have also pointed out that the residents of the scheme are treated like nothing and I think that Councillors should go out of their way to visit such schemes to see if any of the residents wish to vote and to check on their wellbeing in person.

I have heard this scheme is costing over £500 pw.   The cost of the CCG’s funding is £300 but the rest then must come from the LA and who else?    I would like to know how much everything costs as I suspect this is more like £1-2000 per week per person and I am also interested in how much the court action is costing in total particularly when nothing should have been brought to court in the first place however I know very well that if words had not been put in Elizabeth’s head by her legal adviser she would not have gone through the displacement of me as NR.

It is not my giving up the role of NR it is principle in that Elizabeth has not been treated fairly and now it seems like no one wishes to take any responsibility.  They just want to get rid of you and that is the goal.  All of this comes before any level of care.  This is not “care” this is abuse.   I really tried to get the drug Clozapine back in 2014 not because I wanted Elizabeth to have this but because you cannot just come off it and it seems like everyone was blocking my every attempt to get this for Elizabeth whichever way I turned.  The care home Manager (CT) and RMN refused to supply the drug when I offered to drive hundreds of miles to pick it up.   The local area of Enfield also refused to supply the drug even though it was only 26 weeks and it was entirely unnecessary to start from scratch. It was only when they could see I was not taking her back and it was four days that a Dr and AMHP E.J turned up and Elizabeth did not wish to see them –  to think they wanted me out of the room so they could do an assessment on someone who was not feeling very well.

The most important improvement Enfield can make is on communication and inclusion – if this was private sector there is no way that this kind of treatment would be allowed to go on but because this is vulnerable patients, some cannot complain and so are being abused by the very people who are assigned to care for them either through their neglect, bullying, deprival of liberty and forced treatment with the team writing defamatory comments as who would ever think these comments will get seen but if you dare to challenge any kind of abuse the team will be trying to sever contact with you as family and here are the consequences of this abuse of power under one-sided biased safeguarding:

Criminal prosecution

Police action

Removal from property/support advice, services

Management of access to adult at risk

Referral to ISA/Regulatory Body

Referral to court mandated treatment /  MAPPA

Action under MHA 2007   etc.

CONCLUSION – Enfield Council and Trust were found to be in breach of their own code of conduct and they were forced to apologise to me following PHSO’s recent investigation.  However that is only one part of my complaint – they have details of the rest of it.

When it is Professionals who are in breach of the following there is no criticism.  There is no admission of any kind of wrong doing.

Art 8 HRA

Art 3 HRA

Sect 117 MHA

There is an apology letter re legal detention being unlawful.

Defamation of Character

Personal Injury

It is impossible to get justice in the UK even when someone dies under care.  There is no legal aid cover if you have assets and when you try to defend yourself in court my blog sadly describes the true reality.

If only there was Open Dialogue and inclusion –  there needs to be accountability as this is public money being wasted when it could go to the marvellous voluntary organisations in Enfield and on improving care in the community, better facilities than acute wards should be offered but for an enormous amount of money there is no recognition in terms of inadequacy – the wards do not offer a therapeutic environment and the money that has been wasted should go on improving care in the community and stopping people like Elizabeth returning to hospital.

I along with so many others want to see the right changes to the MHA so that vulnerable people are treated fairly along with their carers and for change to happen there needs to be recognition and accountability.













We help young people with mental illnesses, adults with mental illnesses or learning difficulties, and people who have suffered a brain injury.

We care for just over 700 patients and residents every day, across 23 hospitals and centres. Our medical teams, therapists and carers are expert at what they do. They’ve chosen to be at Huntercombe because they want to work alongside other like-minded professionals.

We’re specialists. We’re innovators. We’re never complacent.   SPECIALISTS? – I AWAIT ELIZABETH’S COMMENTS.

But we also know this: To get the best results you need not only expertise but also compassion. Kindness is at the heart of what we do.”    WELL IT IS NOT KIND AT ALL TO USE BRUTAL FORCE IN MY OPINION.

he Huntercombe Group is a specialist health provider in the United Kingdom operated by Four Seasons Health Care



SITUATED NEXT DOOR TO WHITELANDS COLLEGE ROEHAMPTON   –  to think the above is right next to the wonderful Whitelands College where I took Elizabeth to the “More Harm Than Good Conference”.   There should be more such conferences to highlight the need for change and the correct environment which is certainly not the above!


Out of the blue I got a call from Elizabeth to say she had been moved from Suffolk Ward to a hospital called Huntercombe.   She was supposed to see a researcher at Suffolk Ward for the autoimmune test but her move was sudden and without warning. When I phoned Suffolk Ward, no one would give me any information due to confidentiality.

I then received a call from Elizabeth who told me she was on Lower Richmond Ward and it was very noisy in the background but she knew people there and could I call and see her.  When I visited I recognised one or two from the local hospital.  I wondered how much this was all costing.

I had only ever been to Roehampton once for the wonderful conference called “More Harm than Good at Whitelands College and was unfamiliar with the area.  I spend my week in London so I decided to visit and take Elizabeth a few things. I travelled by bus but was unsure as regards the best route to begin with and by the time I got there it was past visiting hours but they did facilitate a brief visit to Elizabeth to give her some things I brought.  Elizabeth was just staring into space/completely traumatised and barely spoke –  it was quite upsetting.  I visited her again in that same week but such are the restrictions that you cannot visit for long and this needs prior arrangement.  It really is like prison.  They had confiscated Elizabeth’s phone as they claimed it was a camera phone and this was held in their office so I took another phone but they said phones were not allowed.    I complained about this as phones were allowed at Cygnet and in Cambian calls were restricted leading to complaints by my solicitors – breach of Art 8 HRA.  It really is impossible to get through on patient’s phones.  A vulnerable person is cut off from the outside world and from their families.   When I saw Elizabeth the second time I was really shocked.   She could barely stand.   She could barely see out of her eyes as she was so heavily drugged.   It was noisy in the yard outside and Elizabeth had to lie down and said  “look what they are doing to me Mum”.  I was far from impressed.  Thank God Elizabeth was not in this hospital for very long and was transferred to another ward called Upper Richmond Ward.   The Consultant Psychiatrists Dr Agron Ramadani and Dr Danem Smart were also involved in the “care”.

I wrote to Huntercombe complaining about the levels of drugs which I found out to be 2mg Risperidone 3 x a day together with 2mg Clonazepam 3 x a day. I am sure that other drugs were given too but Elizabeth said she was asleep a lot and I complained she could not take part in any of the therapy as she was so drugged up.

This hospital is purely for patients that are failed by the local wards in order to forcibly drug them and it is not a place where you receive kind care as if you don’t take the drugs restraint is used from what Elizabeth told me.

I have the report from Huntercombe in front of me dated 29th June 2017.  The author of the report is documented to be Dr Danem O-Smart – speciality Doctor – lower Richmond Ward.

I’m afraid that there are some serious errors in this report.    The most important thing is to get dates correct and the date of birth is completely wrong and so is the diagnosis ICD  10 Code Paranoid Schizophrenia   Emotionally Unstable PD.    The reason I say this is wrong is because I have an email from Huntercombe which implicates the complete opposite and Elizabeth was told  she had high spectrum Aspergers.

So failure by Suffolk Ward to help Elizabeth led to transfer to this prison facility.

It is documented that Elizabeth was “unmanageable” – she was allowed to go drug free and was refusing all drugs but demanding attention to her physical health which is ignored on a psychiatric ward.  The admission report not written nicely.   The Background Information written negatively omitting very important pieces of information such as why Elizabeth was transferred to Trent Ward in Edgware.

There is total fabrication as regards one incident I happen to know about.

I did not know that Dr Moorey prescribed Aripiprazole at 5mg – a drug that caused serious side effects that I reported to the FDA etc -this drug caused Elizabeth to speak in a strange manner.

The Psychiatric History is wrong and I have since corrected this so I have sent Huntercombe the most recently amended CTO report and care plan.   Most of the report consists of “Past History” which is inaccurate.

There is no mention of the abuse Elizabeth suffered under care in 2010.  There is no mention of the report that states complex PTSD and of course they like to state there was relationship problems with her mother but the only time we had problems was when Elizabeth took herself off Prozac in one go.

Elizabeth was once on a huge amount of drugs at the time enough to make anyone suffer from paranoia/psychosis – nothing whatsoever to do with illness and what Huntercombe did not take into account was the P450 tests that clearly state “poor/non metaboliser of psychiatric drugs” but this did not stop Huntercombe drugging her to the hilt on double the amount of drugs mentioned in this report.

This report is totally incorrect is its assumption that Elizabeth derived any benefit whatsoever with Clozapine.  For a start the Bethlem put her on Clozapine when she lost capacity so it states in the files and she signed an Advance Declaration (which was completely ignored) making it clear she did not want to go on this drug.   Her social worker from Enfield Community Rehab was trying to persuade Elizabeth to take this drug prior to admission to the National Psychosis Unit and I was told by a member of nursing staff –   “Its all about Clozapine – you should have done your research” . Elizabeth did not benefit in any way from this so called “last resort drug” and in fact it made her worse than ever.   She piled on enormous weight.  The drug made her dizzy and she had a feeling she was about to fall.  She could hardly walk.  She suffered sharp arm movements – TD – she suffered NMS and this is why I took her off this dreadful talc/aspartame drug – the ultimate control drug which stopped Elizabeth from talking about what really happened but now we all know. She also suffered from tachycardia and seemed to have difficulty swallowing.   It is terrible the way Elizabeth was treated especially as she was promised a drug free period of assessment by Professor Murray who then distanced himself from the case.    Of course her condition fluctuated and so would anyone else’s with the horrific care she got at this institution where she was put on max Olanzapine mixed with Seroquel and then contra indicated Metformine and Clozapine which should never have been prescribed together so who prescribed the Metformine?   This is for diabetes 2  but was given off label but I did not believe the doctors and sought advice from Endocrinologist which proved my point.  Oh no it is not true Huntercombe that a drug free period was given –  I told Dr Shergill that this could not be done in such huge quantities  –  this was not done properly at all and was bound to fail.   SO NO BENEFIT WAS DERIVED FROM CLOZAPINE.  I am definitely going to alter these comments.  It was interesting to read in the files that a drunken man was allowed to visit bringing alcohol on the ward at Nat Psychosis Unit whilst I myself was banned from this shocking place.

Medication History.   Now this is extremely concerning as this is TOTALLY INCORRECT and needs to be amended.

It says only 1mg Risperidone and 1mg Clonazepam and this is not true and by the way Huntercombe these two drugs are contra indicated and I look up everything so why give contra indicated drugs?

PRN – shocking – 1-2mg max 4mg/24 hrs Lorazepam – highly addictive drug  – it says PO and IM

Also Levomepromazine 50-100mg max 300mg PO and IM

Family History is also wrong.   They certainly like to discredit you as a parent stating hostility/criticism/difficult relationship with mother/harsh parenting style but in actual fact there was never any problems with Elizabeth but how wrong they are – we all got on fines until she was prescribed Prozac by her GP age 18 and I did not know at first the “symptoms” were caused by this drug Prozac –  that changed her beyond recognition and I don’t know to this day who told her to go and see her GP but it certainly was not me.  When Elizabeth took herself off the Prozac in one go this led to her ending up in hospital for the first time.

Drug History:

They say Elizabeth used illicit drugs at Moti Villa but what on earth what was a 14 year old child drug dealer doing visiting the premises?  Elizabeth was badly threatened under this scheme – it is true that despite so called 24 hr care drug dealing was going on and Elizabeth’s possessions went missing – practically all of them and Police could not find the CCTV camera so they say in the files.   It clearly says that Elizabeth never had a history of illicit drug taking if the files were read properly going back to Moti Villa. I do not think Police should be involved in interviewing someone vulnerable when it comes to serious abuse as they are dismissive towards anyone like Elizabeth – specialist organisations should be involved instead in order that the correct care and counselling can be put in place.  Specialist organisations would have the communication skills needed and I am not talking about MH professionals here either.  No way should a vulnerable person be cast aside and treated as though invisible by professionals who chose to defend and cover up and apportion blame on the vulnerable person/their family instead of admitting they are even in the slightest bit wrong.  This is why they wanted to give Clozapine as Elizabeth was unable to talk on this drug effectively.

There are some serious mistakes in the files on dates and alleged incidents that I am going to have to correct.

Progress on the Ward

How can anyone make progress in such a prison style environment? –  Elizabeth spent most of her time in her room so it says – guarded – not willing to talk –  I cannot say I blame her especially when you read the files to see that it is the Doctors who mis-report everything that is said.

They mention briefly about Elizabeth’s trip to Australia, France and Spain and that I thought a hospital in York was a better option –  yes I did mention that as this hospital had beautiful grounds unlike Huntercombe and patients were not cooped up on wards like prisoners.

Insight –  Huntercombe stated “poor” in that she required prompting to take her medication –  well at the enormous quantities that this hospital prescribed I do not see that this is lack of insight at all.  To be pushed drugs to the point you can hardly stand let alone see – who can blame any of the patients for being reluctant to take these chemicals.  This is not care this is torture.

Risk Assessment

I do not agree!  Again blame put on family relationships but there was never any problem with Elizabeth so all of this has to be amended too.   Elizabeth  was always immaculately behaved so I put everything down to the drug Prozac age 18 – not one doctor will ever admit how very dangerous these drugs are and at first I admit I had no idea myself but I have since spent hours looking into this and finding out the horrific truth about these drugs and their effects.

So the conclusion was that Dr Danem O-Smart recommended detention continuing under S2 to be managed on an acute locked ward – due to risks of non-compliance with her current medication (previously found to be allergic to – if you had read the files) resulting in deterioration of her mental state – risk to her safety and to others at this stage.    In actual fact she was so drugged up she could hardly stand or see and as for safety Elizabeth was choking when I visited badly –  no staff around to help during this incident –  the way risk and safety is looked at is biased. Such acute wards/PICU wards are not therapeutic –  where patients are drugged highly, not allowed to go out or see anyone – some too far away for family/friends to come and  visit.   Such places are very wrong in terms of correct environment for someone to get well in.   They are purely there to drug people and suppress their feelings when the patients would benefit from psychotherapy and other kinds of therapy and most of all a calm and peaceful environment.

Conclusion –  I am most alarmed at the serious errors in this report especially as regards medication and true levels of what was given to Elizabeth.  I know the drugs were double that stated and date of birth is wrong.

Family history and psychiatric past history is inaccurate and I have altered this.

If records are wrong it is no wonder care is wrong if professionals go by files that are wholly inaccurate and littered with errors.

Over the Bank Holiday weekend I shall alter this report and send it back to Huntercombe for their records.

I finally received reimbursement for the camera phone which was confiscated that went missing from the office.  Huntercombe denied this to begin with but I had the discharge form from Chase Farm to prove that Elizabeth did in fact have that camera phone with her on arrival and we never got it back.

When Elizabeth returns from her trip away I am going to get Elizabeth’s comments on this report and her stay at Huntercombe.  She may wish to contribute to this blog herself.

Most of all I am disappointed as in the email from Huntercombe it says words to the effect “I am glad we were able to help”.  However I disagree with their recommendation of ATU as they previously agreed that a PICU/Acute ward was not the right environment.   Elizabeth phoned me so happy that Huntercombe assessed her as being highly intelligent – high spectrum Aspergers and now I am reading this report which is totally incorrect and it has taken forever for them to release it, only for me to have to go through everything and amend it so that it reads correctly as it contradicts everything Elizabeth was told.

My Email to Huntercombe Consultants:

Dear Dr R and Dr A

 I am extremely disappointed in your report full of errors.  The past history is totally wrong – how could your hospital have got everything so very wrong – this is worrying as this can lead to wrong care and treatment cant it?

The medication is totally wrong as documented as I know my daughter was on a heck of lot more drugs under your hospital –  she was on 2mg Risperidone three x a day – plus 2mg Clonazepam 3 x a day as I asked staff – why is this not appearing accurately on the report?

 I have never heard my daughter so happy when your team diagnosed her with high functioning Aspergers and now I am totally stunned that you have written the opposite of what you stated in your email and verbally.  It was even agreed verbally that your facility of a locked ward was not right for my daughter.  I have never seen my daughter so drugged up to the point she could hardly see out of her eyes let alone stand.   I was shocked and horrified when I visited her one evening straight from work as I work not so far away from your facility.

 Your report is wholly inaccurate and defamatory mentioning things that were not even relevant to her stay on her ward which I have had to correct as you can see in the most recent CTO papers. I would like to know exactly who prepared this report and the pack of lies and inaccuracies therein.  Don’t tell me an Admin Assistant –  like in Enfield and you are trying to make my daughter look so bad when you knew she could not metabolise the drugs yet your hospital drugged her to the hilt on a drug she was previously found to be allergic to for which I have records and passed them on to your hospital.

 If you state my daughter has paranoid schizophrenia why have you changed the diagnosis from paranoid schizophrenia “treatment resistant”  –  as you can see from the P450 liver enzyme test attached she is in fact treatment resistant and cannot metabolise the drugs so why drug her up so highly to the point she could hardly see or stand.  

 The report is written deliberately in a very nasty manner and totally false allegations therein.  This report needs to be altered accurately by whoever typed it in the first place and I will duly amend the report and send it back to you for correction your end.   Please supply full list of drugs prescribed at your hospital in order that I can correct the medication part.

 I would remind you that I was training to be a police officer back in 2010 when there was a serious incident at Moti Villa.  Why did you discount PTSD in that case – you knew all about this after all.  The forensic history is completely falsely recorded –  this definitely needs to be corrected as no charges were made for a start and it was not at all like you described.

 Now I would like to know exactly who prepared the contents of this report, most of which was not even recorded on your ward.   I will give you forty days to respond as to who exactly prepared this report.

 High spectrum Aspergers was the diagnosis given which made my daughter so very happy.  Please explain why you have changed your mind?

 I would  question the safety of your hospital in light of the fact Risperidone was a drug previously found to be allergic to as per file notes.  I would also state  when I visited I was in the visitors room with my daughter who was choking badly to the point she was sick.  No staff around and  I was shocked as she was choking badly and I had to cope with this myself.  This shows safety standards at your hospital to be totally lacking.

 I am going to correct the entire file that you have sent me later so that you have a corrected version on your records.   I am appalled at your hospital which is more like prison – if patients are so drugged up how on earth can they take party in any therapy?   It was promised that Elizabeth would be reduced off the clonazepam and she was not.  She arrived at Chase Farm Suffolk Ward prescribed with the two drugs which I know to be contra indicated.  So why are you as doctors giving contra indicated drugs.

 Your hospital is a disgrace and should be thoroughly inspected for safety standards in respect of vulnerable people like my daughter.  

 I should not have had to go to the lengths I did to prove that my daughter came in to your hospital with a camera phone which was confiscated and went missing from the office on the ward but I keep excellent records of everything and the only thing I am pleased about is that finally I managed to get a refund for the phone which went missing because you could no longer deny it when I produced the discharge form from Chase Farm.

 I would like every inspector from the CQC to come and visit your “hospital” out of concern for all other patients as your facility does not provide any kind humane care but brutal treatment (choice of injection or drugs) to those vulnerable people like my daughter who have been dreadfully abused under care itself.  I thought I had read enough lies/inaccuracies under Enfield Mental Health but now I have seen it all.  I shall correct every word of your report and send it back to you so you have this typed up properly and recorded on your records accurately.   By the way you cannot even get her date of Birth right – perhaps your report is that of someone else’s ?-  It is a sign of NO QUALITY when not even the date of Birth is recorded correctly on the report.

 Whoever prepared this report should re-type it correctly once I have done all the corrections but this could take me some time in what little spare time I have as I work full time.   So who is the patient with the date of birth of  09.09.1981?     I am absolutely stunned and it is worrying that you should provide me with such an inaccurate and false report as this reflects in the standard and quality of your care and treatment doesn’t it.

My daughter had brutal treatment at your hospital and this is no way to treat vulnerable patients who need kindness and humane care and your facility of a locked ward with no chance of leave or fresh air to vulnerable patients is a disgrace and totally unsuitable for anyone long term.

 You can be sure you will hear from me again with the corrected version of your report and I trust that the CQC makes appropriate recommendations so that you can improve your shoddy standards and reporting of records is one of the most important things and look forward to receiving the whole list of ALL the medications your prescribed to my daughter during her stay on your wards Upper and Lower Richmond wards.




From: S A
Sent: 06 July 2017 16:39
To: Susan Bevis
Cc: A R
Subject  E Bevis

 Dear Ms Bevis

I am glad to hear that you feel satisfied that we are trying to help your daughter. The process of referral to a specialist ASD unit (NO I DO NOT AGREE – YOU SAID AN ACUTE WARD IS NOT THE RIGHT PLACE AND NOW YOU ARE CONTRADICTING YOURSELVES)  may take some time, but it will mainly be coming from her local NHS Trust following our recommendation. I am sure Dr R will also put in his best effort in this regard whilst also looking after Elizabeth during her stay with us.


Kind regards


S A 



 From: C E
Sent: 17 May 2018 14:23
To: Susan Bevis
Subject: Information Request



Dear Susan and Elizabeth


I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, C E as the Data Protection Officer for The Huntercombe Group.  

With regards to the case that you submitted to the Information Commissioners Office earlier this year referencing the diagnosis report for Elizabeth and a refund for a missing phone, Huntercombe Hospital Roehampton confirmed that this information was sent yourselves and the finance team have been trying to make contact to arrange for a postal order for the value of £30 to be sent.

As part of my role I would like to ensure that you have received the information that you have requested and the postal order, I have also attached a copy of the report in electronic form as I am unsure if this report was also sent in this format (the file is password protected and will follow this communication).

 Please let me know if you have any issues in opening the file, and I would be grateful if you can confirm that you have received the postal order.

 Again I would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused to you both in resolving this matter.

 If you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

 Kind regards




Data Protection Officer &  Director of Technology Enabled Change (TEC)










Elizabeth has been living in a shared house for the past year.  The recent bed bug infestation has been the last straw as despite three fumigations there was still a problem. I saw a live bed bug crawling on Elizabeth’s pyjamas and she saw another couple of live bed bugs under her clock/under the “new” single bed that was finally brought into her room.   I had a look at this bed tonight.  Whilst the mattress seemed to be new the divan/headboard that had a burn mark or hole in it was far from new.  The headboard was ripped behind.   I had offered to buy her new bed and frame but no one supplied me with details of where the bug infested bed was bought from.

All weekend I’ve had Elizabeth to stay.  The cat likes to sleep at the end of her bed.  Animals unlike some people and can sense distress and be very comforting. Having a cat is very therapeutic for Elizabeth but she is not allowed any pets where she currently lives and it would be nice if this was the case in future.

It is not the fact that there was a bed bug infestation but the way things have been handled that led to my current complaints.   Social services team denied being told of the situation in the first instance and I had originally thought the nasty red marks on Elizabeth’s back to be an allergy caused by medication she previously found to be allergic to.   Elizabeth had been sleeping downstairs on a settee more than once which is far from comfortable or satisfactory.

A year has gone by since her moving to this scheme where there is no wardrobe or even chest of drawers and brought round plastic storage units which helped a little. I bought a hat stand then last year due to the clutter all over the floor we asked if we could purchase a wardrobe and chest of drawers which is the very basics that you should expect to be provided by such a scheme.   We were under the impression this was OK as Elizabeth’s sister had asked the previous care coordinator so we went ahead and ordered a nice wardrobe and a nice chest of drawers but we were told by the Manager of the scheme whose title is Director of Quality and Systems Registered Manager that:

“I have spoken to Mr M about the furniture due to be delivered and he has said in the strongest terms “no furniture should be delivered to his business premises” A brand new bed is being delivered for Elizabeth to sleep in from tonight and the room she has been allocated has a fitted wardrobe.  In addition, our maintenance person will be fitting a wardrobe in Elizabeth’s current room once she vacates it.” 

As a consequence we now have that furniture in our living room.

Recently Elizabeth was sleeping in a spare room for a while which had a small wardrobe and a space with a rail where she could hang her clothes but then she was ordered to move all her possessions again down to the bin vault due to the third fumigation and then immediately asked to move back into that room which smelt of chemicals and she could not find any bedding or her possessions so I went round to try to help and I was appalled she was ordered to go back into her original room that same day after fumigation and sleep on the old bug infested double mattress once again.  When I arrived I saw and photographed a live bug crawling on her pyjamas and I told Elizabeth to sleep in the other room on the single “new” mattress  as she was quite distressed about this.  Her possessions were all over the place and mostly downstairs in the bin vault.

On Friday, I had the following news from the Manager of Enfield Community Rehab  who had written to the care coordinator as follows:

Dear Paula

“Thank you so much for the clarification.  I really appreciate the team spirit that we share especially in times like these.   Having analysed and reflected on the on-going disputes and accusations that we continue to experience, it is with a heavy heart that we are today  issuing ……….. with 28 days notice to vacate Reservoir House.    This means that her last day at the project will be the 15th June 2018.    Let me know whether you intend to tell her on Monday or you prefer me to tell her.  I truly hope you will understand the rational behind our decision.”

Many thanks

 Lucy Ujamaa Director of Quality & Systems/Registered Manager

The email advising me of the above was written by the Manager of Enfield Community Rehab Team:

Dear …..

“The Care Coordinator visited this home today (18th May) with regards to the complaint you made concerning your daughter sleeping on the floor.  Your daughter was visited today and I also received written feedback from the provider of the home.  Your daughter informed staff the decision to sleep on the floor was made by you.  She had a perfectly made bed and a clean room which was available to her. Throughout the night she was encouraged to return back to her room but she refused.  The staff do not have powers to force her to return to the room especially when she had informed them she did not want to act against your decision” .

The true facts in respect of the above was that I had a call from Elizabeth to say she was spending the night again on the sofa as another live bug had been found on her “new” bed.   She said all her things had been washed and she could not find any bedding.  What I did was bring a quilt round, a pillow and blanket and when I got there to the scheme Elizabeth was going to sleep on the settee and I offered to make the bed up for her on the new mattress but she did not wish to return to her room because of the live bug she discovered the other day so I made the bed up on the floor with the quilt and pillow because the settee was hardly comfortable to lie on in the circumstances.   I also offered to take round to the scheme a brand new bed – a fold up bed that had never been used.  I was told that other rooms have been affected and that it was pointless to bring this round as this new furniture could also become infected.   When I arrived at the scheme  all Elizabeth’s possessions were in bin liners in the lounge and I took photographs of these.  The rest of the possessions were most probably in the bin vault again.   The sheets and bedding in the bin liners had been washed but were damp and it was a good job that I went round I felt sad as I know Elizabeth can be affected by upheaval and change and felt that things were in chaos and her health could be affected by lack of sleep.   She has scars all over her back and was given anti histamine tablets by her GP.

Email from PM – Care Coordinator:

“In response to the question you asked in regards to your daughter’s bed, I have discussed this with the Company Director and have been assured that when your daughter moved into the premises the bed was brand new.  As I mentioned in my previous email I checked the bed and do not have any issues in regards to the condition of the bed.  As agreed I will monitor the requested work on a weekly basis” 

I do not know which bed the care coordinator was talking about as she could well have been shown the single bed but in fact Elizabeth was told to get back in her original room and sleep on the bug infested double bed.

All of this and the fact that “business premises” are mentioned makes you wonder about other health and safety standards as who would ever complain as this is a scheme for very vulnerable people and as is mentioned in the email giving 28 days notice by the manager of the scheme “I really appreciate the team spirit that we share especially in times like these”.    

Here are the comments from the care coordinator PM to my younger daughter who is acting Nearest Relative:

“I can quite understand why your mother is no annoyed”      So this is a one sided comment but who would dare to show your true feelings in front of those in charge who are Directors or management of the social services Department for instance.    Suddenly the tone is defensive towards the “new” bed provided and room being suitable and having no issues and being satisfied but if this was a relative of anyone in the team this would be a very different matter.

Elizabeth is not going to get the fitted furniture.  Measurements have taken place but nothing provided.  If this had been provided from the start this would have been brilliant but no one cared to provided anything and the room was cluttered with possessions as there was nowhere to put them for a good year and this is very bad.

Thinking of the  double bed it did not look brand new at all.  I had requested receipt and details of purchase so I could go out and buy a brand new identical bed but this receipt was not forthcoming.  Only recently has this bed been thrown out in the garden, after the third fumigation.   The fourth fumigation is due on Thursday this week and thank God Elizabeth is going away to stay with other family members who live in a beautiful area. She was out with a friend of mine when ordered to return to the scheme by one of the managers to move all her possessions once again down to the bin vault only last week.

In my email of 10th May to the owner/manager of the scheme and care coordinator/manager of Social Services I stated that it was unacceptable to keep that bug infested bed I photographed, that this would not be allowed in any hotel –  just look at the photos I have previously posted.  I had also asked to see the Health & Safety Fire Risk Assessments which should be displayed on the noticeboard of the scheme along with insurance cover.  This was a brand new supported living scheme when Elizabeth moved in.  There is not one fire extinguisher on site or fire blanket in the kitchen.  I understand from Elizabeth that electrical appliances have only just been pat tested so maybe my concerns have highlighted all of these H&S issues but a year on from Elizabeth’s arrival at the placement, having not previously complained, it has all of a sudden been concluded that ongoing disputes and accusations to be the rationale behind the giving of 28 days notice and that is because I have highlighted what I see as health and safety issues.

It is wrong to accuse me of putting pressure on the staff in an email by Manager of Enfield Community Rehab. It is not the staff but the management who are having to properly look at health and safety for these vulnerable people.   Why is it acceptable for vulnerable people who are not even provided with a front door key to be treated  like second class citizens and ignore health and safety standards and if anything, I have quite rightly drawn this to people’s attention so that matters can be effectively improved.    “fire extinguishers are not required and could be more of a hazard if provided.”   WHY? The Health and Safety Inspector assessed the property on 14 May 2018 that fire extinguishers could be more of a hazard.”  why “staff in the home are feeling under tremendous pressure from you? and can no longer manage this?  –  No  that is not true as in fact I barely speak to the staff and have nothing against them whatsoever and in fact have overheard their conversations  –  “I’ve never worked at a place like this where not even the basics are provided”    “I feel like a gipsy moving from place to place” or words to this effect –   a brilliant care support worker that worked enormously long hours was sacked on the spot having completed nearly six months of employment.  This person was kind and this person I was truly impressed with and was extremely dedicated.

As for Elizabeth being happy –  how can anyone be happy living out of bin liners and suitcases for the past year and I have said nothing up until now.

It has got to the point where matters have got even worse and injury caused to my daughter and after a year of living in a place said to be “best interest” I have spoken my mind and I am sure that this scheme with the care provided – a sleep in support worker who stays 24 hrs costs a great deal of money, whereas at home we had nothing in terms of support and all that was needed was a support worker.  That would have cost a pittance.

Now my complaint has escalated to the Leader of Enfield Council, the Chief Executive of the Trust – Barnet Enfield & Haringey MH Trust, the Executive Director of Nursing, Quality and Governance, the Trust’s Senior Infection Control Nurse and this has all been advised to me in an email by Tracy Percilis.  I will keep you all informed.

This weekend Elizabeth came to stay with us.  I washed everything, including shoes and bags and put them on the line.

Today we have had a BBQ and I have come back to the scheme to take away some of Elizabeth’s possessions she is not using.

At home we have her furniture, a book case, a CD rack, brand new wardrobe and chest of drawers, TV.   I have discussed with Elizabeth the matter of the 28 days notice and shown her the email from the scheme manager.  When I showed her the part about “throughout the night she was encouraged to return back to her room but refused” Elizabeth said this was not true and also the fact that she had been happy because a shared house perhaps is not the right place for Elizabeth – a shared house has at times been quite stressful for Elizabeth and perhaps consideration could be given to a small flat/studio where she at least can have her wardrobe/chest of drawers – her own space might be better than a shared house.

Today we were talking about the CTO iand the whole situation.  Apparently Elizabeth was visited by the RC of Suffolk Ward together with someone else she described perfectly and apparently she was threatened that if she did not sign the CTO papers, she would end up back in hospital”   There was no Advocate present during this meeting.  It is appalling how vulnerable people are bullied by professionals.

I have just received the long awaited report from the Huntercombe Hospital Roehampton but this report does not even have the correct date of birth on it.   there are shocking inaccuracies/conflict in opinion as opposed to the emails from the psychiatrists involved in her “care”.  I remember taking a call from Elizabeth sounding so happy. “I have just been diagnosed with high spectrum Aspergers” –  I even thanked Huntercombe – I will feature more in my next blog.

It is not good that Elizabeth has been denied seeing a second opinion doctor due to dispute in diagnosis and I cannot understand why the legal department of Enfield Council is contacting me now about another consent form.   I have been forced to delegate my role as NR and have been threatened with enormous costs.   Meanwhile both Elizabeth and her sister were told “your mother is going to lose in court and get enormous costs” .   I presented a very good case as to why Enfield would not make a suitable nearest relative but I was happy to delegate the role and crossed out “The Respondent agrees to pay the Applicant’s costs”  – why should I be paying the Applicant’s costs when I was dragged to court and labelled “unreasonable” by the AMHP SM for not agreeing to a Section 3 when all the time Elizabeth was going downhill and now look at the current situation.

I am also curious to know why in the care plan it says NO TO SECTION 117 and would also like to know who these names are that are strangers on the care plan writing defamatory comments.

The public have a right to know how much things cost and I have discussed with Elizabeth about what kind of place she would like to move into when I have taken her to meet some of the people I know living in the community who have been given 1 bedroom flats or studio flats and in such a place she could have more space to put her furniture and keep things tidy – better than 1 room in a shared house where no one has even got a front door key which should be provided as it is degrading having to wait on the doorstep like a child waiting for staff to open the door.  This is in breach of the Equality Act.

It would be nice if Elizabeth could have the choice as to whom she could have as a support worker as she has started to settle down in the community but would still need some support especially if she was ever to return to work –  she could not do much at the moment and has to lie down as she gets very tired because of the drugs she is on and she has also been trying to get herself a therapist – a psychotherapist without anyone prompting her to do so.  All she needs is understanding but in a mental health scheme you cannot expect any understanding and the way Elizabeth communicates is different and she can be misinterpreted by the very people who are supposed to be involved in her care.











Elizabeth handed me a form as she had enquired about voting but her form has been rejected because she needs to give proof of residence and has asked for a copy of her Tenancy Agreement but this has not been given to her and this is really bad so I am contacting all the councillors of the various parties tomorrow regarding this.

Tonight I have written to the Councillors in Elizabeth’s area (including Mr Doug Taylor – Leader of Enfield Council) and I hope assistance will be given to enable Elizabeth to vote.  I can scan documents across such as passport but Elizabeth does not have the facility to do so and so many people under the MH are excluded from voting even though they might like to take part and that is because they are stuck in prison like hospitals and are not given the right support and help they need to vote.

So we have a lot of leaflets put through our door for the elections on 3rd May.  There is not very much mentioned about improving social care in Labour’s Plan.  I would like the Councillors to help Elizabeth not just with the voting but to get a new bed or else move her somewhere else where she can at least have a front door key and not be bitten by bed bugs.

I’m now looking at the Conservatives literature – they talk about building homes that people need.  There are a few nice plans re affordable housing for sale and rent so I see – the two latter sites look good and are nearby.    When they talk about high quality care services and dignity in old age – what about dignity to those people like my daughter.  People under MH and LD are treated like objects and without dignity in my local area.  Tomorrow if I get a chance I am going to phone everyone of these Councillors and I would like a representative of each party to go and visit Elizabeth if possible or do something to help support her in order that she can vote.


Best interest in the eyes of the Professionals and court is a supported living scheme which is a house shared by two others and a support worker who is supposed to be there 24hrs a day. When Elizabeth first moved in there was no running water/toilet facility – things were not ready in time when she was suddenly discharged into the community and she was completely traumatised by her lengthy stay on various acute wards. It took her a while to settle down. This is the longest time Elizabeth has remained out in the community and is currently on a CTO but back on “medication” – an antipsychotic drug called Risperidone. The CTO Report/care plan full of errors and spelling mistakes stipulates she must live at the scheme and none of the family must take her away. The care coordinator was made aware of problems at the scheme of a health and safety nature some time ago but the manager of social services claimed she knew nothing of the fact Elizabeth had slept on the settee downstairs for three nights previously. Twice Elizabeth’s room had been fumigated but no one has removed the bed or mattress that was infested with bed bugs. The room has today been fumigated but still old bed and mattress remained. Elizabeth’s back is still covered in red bite marks which I originally thought to be an allergic reaction to Risperidone as she had to previously be taken off this drug due to allergy according to past files.

At my insistence Elizabeth was moved into the spare room where unlike her original room she at least had somewhere to hang her clothes. Most of her possessions have been placed in bin liners since she moved there going back to last year. She has had nowhere to hang her clothes or put away her possessions tidily, the very basics that you should expect from a scheme which the Local Authority provide which I expect costs a fair bit of money each week. So at Xmas when we saw still nothing had been provided we ordered a nice wardrobe and chest of drawers for Elizabeth. We asked if she could have this along with a small fridge of her own and received no objection. We did not just go out and buy this without asking first. This was discussed with the care coordinator at the time even mentioned about reimbursing the money to Elizabeth’s sister now NR as I have been forced to delegate my role threatened with huge costs by the Council if I dared to continue in court. I found the Court system unfair/biased and in favour of the Professionals based on me being “unreasonable” for disagreeing with doctor’s opinion on diagnosis and treatment. The social worker who took me to court was gloating that Enfield Council were now the NR but they were only appointed as ‘nominal’ NR as I turned up at the wrong court having been given the wrong details. As I did not agree with treatment or diagnosis I could not lie in court as there was such conflict of opinion by various other professionals however I was clearly at a disadvantage without Huntercombe’s Report on diagnosis that they still refuse to release despite the ICO’s involvement. So tonight I was most upset to hear that Elizabeth was back in her previous room and expected to sleep on a mattress with all dead bed bugs (and live ones!) which are clearly visible. She telephoned me as she could not find any bedding – her possessions were all over the place and some were in the bin vault outside. I felt perhaps she should have waited a few days before moving back into that room as it smelt of chemicals and even though the fumigators say it is OK after a few hours to return it is not very healthy to smell these chemicals but when I heard the old bed had not been removed I went round to see Elizabeth taking with me a quilt and pillow. All that remained in the new room was her fridge. The problem has not been solved. I saw a live bed bug crawling on Elizabeth as she had been lying on the old bed. I was very upset that the problem had still not been resolved after so long and that the old bed had not even been removed. This could well the source of the problem. I took a photo of this together with Elizabeth’s back and the state of the bed and mattress. I told Elizabeth to move back into the new room once again as the problem had not been solved.

Elizabeth’s sister phoned an out of hrs number of the Council but could not get through so instead emailed them. I managed to speak to them myself today and they promised I would be called back by someone from social services but I made a point of saying that not one single Professional in the team are speaking to me. It is like I am invisible. They will only communicate with Elizabeth’s sister I delegated my role as NR to.

The other upsetting thing was that Elizabeth told us a form had been given for her to sign and fill out. This form was a Death Plan. It is unbelievable that such a form should be given to someone young like Elizabeth who is only 31. In this form there are questions as to how she wants to be buried or does she want to be cremated and in one section Elizabeth writes that she does not know where she will be as if we move away and the rest of the family have moved away in the future then Elizabeth may well wish to be nearer her family one day. I thought such a form was premature and upsetting to be presented to someone like Elizabeth. I think it is very wrong. We are totally dismissed – the entire family like we do not exist in the presentation of such a form. I have asked others who know people in care or similar schemes and not one has had to sign a form like this.

We have been deluged with literature on forthcoming local elections. I’m looking at the Conservative campaign leaflet right now. There are three points mentioned – to re-invigorate Enfield Town – fill empty shops etc. To keep people safe – reopen Enfield Police Station and double numbers of council funded Police Offices. To keep Enfield tidy threatening prosecution for dropping litter and fly-tipping. Sadly no mention of improving care in the community or anything to do with supported living schemes – not a mention about mental health or anyone suffering from disability. We have a Labour run Local Government as it is and likewise they do not mention MH or seem to care as I had contacted the local MP and not even received an email back even though I went to an event and spoke personally with one of the assistants.

So tomorrow the family will contact Environmental Health although on one occasion I think Elizabeth’s sister said that she was dismissed by them as this not being serious enough for them to get involved and was advised to contact the Council instead. I shall see if I get this response myself tomorrow.

I informed the care support worker that there was still a problem at the scheme. Elizabeth settled down in the spare room and I noticed a light was left on in the old room so I phoned the scheme. Tonight there is a male support worker on duty so I told him about the light and during our conversation he mentioned that they never had a problem like this before and said that Elizabeth must have brought the bed bugs into the property. How would he know they never had a problem as he was not working at this scheme in the first instance. I did not like this one bit – we do not have a problem at our house and neither do the rest of the family so exactly what did he mean. Constantly I feel when things go wrong blame is put on solely family/Elizabeth and the only thing I would add is that no way on earth should that bed or mattress have been just left in the room and Elizabeth expected to go back and sleep on it the same day as the room has been fumigated. A new bed and a new mattress should have been provided well and truly before now as this has been going on for months.

The temperature in the house is very warm and that is why we bought the small fridge as food was going off quickly. I bought in a thermostat regulator for the radiator but this has not been fitted to my knowledge and we have had to put the nice furniture we bought Elizabeth ie wardrobe and chest of drawers in our living room as the owner and manager of the scheme refuse to have this and stated they had ordered furniture themselves but the question is …… where is it?

Anyway I will keep you all informed and as this is an important health and safety matter and all I can hope for is that the old bed is taken away once and for all. Perhaps the room will then have to be further fumigated but all of this could have been done much sooner causing less distress to Elizabeth who cannot find any of her possessions which is distressing to her and I often get calls asking where things are.

Our case is not good but I am in touch with very sad cases right now where total disregard is given to the vulnerable person and their families. I am going to be featuring a real life case of a very serious nature shortly.

The pictures above were taken on 1st May 2018 when Elizabeth texted me to say “I’m back in my old room now but ive lost all my sheets r u coming now”  This was at 9.00 pm so I drove over to the scheme to bring her some bedding.  When I got there I was  appalled.  The bed and mattress that was infested with bed bugs remained in her room she was expected to move back into. Nothing had been changed.  It seems like profit comes before care in Enfield  and they must be paying a lot for this scheme where Elizabeth has had to sleep on the floor and on the settee downstairs (4 times).  When I arrived at the scheme just the fridge remained that we bought her temporary room.  The old room had been fumigated that same day and I was not happy that Elizabeth was moved straight in there when you could smell the chemicals.  Elizabeth has not been happy and distressed at not being able to find her possessions.  I often get calls asking where things are and I am not there to help.

Today (2nd June) newly appointed Care Coordinator Paula McKevitt from Enfield Community Rehab (according to Elizabeth) asked her to return to the room that had been fumigated and she has to sleep on the mattress shown above in this appalling condition which I think is disgusting.  This care is under ENFIELD COUNCIL and the providers are a supported living scheme run by Simiks Baytree Care – (a private limited company) –  a business scheme who do not provide residents with a front door key and this of course restricts them as staff sleep through the night and there have been occasions when staff do not immediately open the front door and is takes time waiting outside to be let in.  Elizabeth’s back is full of scars with red bite marks still evident.  A live bed bug was on her pyjamas the other day.

I today phoned Environmental Health, Enfield and spoke to a lady called Tracy who said she would pass this on to David Dollemore – who I believe is an Environmental Health Inspector or in charge of the Department because I insisted they come and have a look.  Hopefully they will contact Elizabeth directly but I have also contacted all the Councillors as proof of residence was needed in order that she can vote in the local elections.  This proof has not been provided by the scheme and she should be entitled to have a copy of their Tenancy Agreement which is necessary for verification. She is now worried she is going to be fined but all of this hassle with her possessions all over the place is bound to have an effect on anyone and not make them feel great.

The manager of the scheme called Buki reassured her that everything was fine with the room and it is safe to return back to it and no one is helping take the possessions out of the bin vault outside in the garden back to her room.    I am appalled that anyone should be forced to sleep on a mattress and bed in this condition above.  It does not seem that anyone is taking any kind of responsibility.   Some of the photos show marks on Elizabeth’s skin where she has been badly bitten and yesterday there was a live bed bug on her pyjamas and I was there to witness this and a care support worker also witnessed a few days prior a live bed bug crawling on the old second hand mattress.

Paula McKevitt works for Enfield Community Rehab Team.  They are based at Park Avenue.  I have today received the following email from Manager Lucy Omezi who copied in Elizabeth’s sister, Manager of the scheme Lucy Ujamaa, Paula McKevitt and Dr Mirza:

“Dear ……                   Paula the care coordinator will be going to review the situation this week and will inform you of the update of the state of the flat.  I am sorry to hear your daughter is still suffering from the bed bug infestation.  This is now a priority and we will be working with the home to address the situation urgently. ”    

My email to Ms Omezi stated:  “no way should my daughter be sent back in a room that has just been fumigated so soon.”  Bed and mattress should have been replaced.  Already the wardrobe from the other room has been moved in and she has been told that her possessions need to be moved from downstairs back to her original room.  It must be acknowledged that Elizabeth has slept on the settee for three nights and on the floor one night.    How can anyone feel well in this situation.

I am glad to hear this is a priority but I do not want things rushed with her immediately going back to her old room if this room has once again been sprayed and that bed and mattress needs to be taken out.  This is common sense.   (since then it does not seem to be a priority at all as Elizabeth was told by her care coordinator to move back in immediately).

If my daughter does not have the basics such as wardrobe and chest of drawers to keep her possessions in and we spent money on all of this just look at the fuss regarding this – how can she keep possessions tidy and off the floor.   She is often phoning me in distress at the fact she cannot find her possessions.  This is a health and safety issue which should go to Environmental Health and you should see the state of my daughter’s back as a result of this.”   In my email I go on to talk about the CTO papers with wrong NR  that I amended correctly and the defamatory comments in the care plan written by a complete stranger yet signed by Dr Ahmed and Dr Mirza.   I’ve yet to hear who exactly is Jane Hobden?   Everything written in the files is designed to blacken someone’s character and the way this whole matter has been handled is of grave concern as this is being paid for by the Council and there does not seem to be any accountability and it is no wonder why Elizabeth is unhappy living there.   To think this is a place stated by professionals and endorsed by court proceedings in displacing me as NR to be of Best Interest.

I think Elizabeth could manage in a place of her own if she had a bit of direct payments but in two years + when I took her away from previous “care” provided in Northampton – a care home where she had no food at the weekend, it would seem there is a bottomless pit of money when it comes to court action against a parent such as myself who has dared to complain  about the “treatment” of my daughter.    Also Elizabeth has not seen a SOAD (second opinion doctor) and neither to date have Huntercombe provided her with their assessment report which states a form of autism whilst the local team stick with “paranoid schizophrenia”  – the whole system is failing to protect people like Elizabeth who are not being treated fairly by professionals.






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