These comments below are 100% true and this blog has been discussed with Elizabeth before posting. Elizabeth wants something done about the Mental Health Act and so do I and the treatment of herself and so many who are denied choices in life and dignity along with basic human rights in the UK.  CTO’s Dols- In-house Assessments should be abolished in favour of decent care.

28.02.2018 – care plan

Under diagnosis:

7 entries of “paranoid schizophrenia all around the time when Elizabeth was dreadfully abused under Moti Villa.   All entered by Tina Keeling – someone new – who is she ???

On 15 February 2017, 01 January (two entries) self- harm dated 01 January 2017 all stating self harm which is completely untrue – all entered by Jane Hobden who is a complete stranger to the case – who is she??? 

Jane also goes on to say Elizabeth has mental and behavioural disorders due to use of alcohol/dependence syndrome.   WELL JANE HOBDEN –  what on earth are you talking about????   If Jane was to read “PAST HISTORY CORRECTLY it stated no drug or alcohol dependency and that we as a family know to be true. 

Jane Hobden goes onto state “Problems related to alleged sexual abuse of child by person outside primary support group  –  please explain what on earth are you talking about???? – the entry for this is dated 01 Sep 2017.    These disturbing comments prompted me to visit Edmonton Police Station last night as I am most concerned. The Police reassured me they had absolutely nothing on their records so now we would like to hear what Ms Hobden is going on about.

Interestingly Aspergers syndrome is mentioned only once by Jane Hobden on the 01 June 2017.  Elizabeth has been said to have this condition more than once in the files so I can see from my records.

Tina Keeling documents “emotionally unstable PD 15.02.17

Mixed and other personality disorders are entered by Shalandran Padayachee – who is she???

Perhaps someone can enlighten me as to what “simple schizophrenia is” as mentioned by Tina Keeling.

In court papers it is documented that Schizophrenia is in the “Jeans”  ?????  can anyone enlighten me????  Are there any doctors that could explain what on earth do they mean. I’ve heard of genes but never Jeans in terms of so called mental health conditions.   Lets hear from the Doctors about these “Jeans” please.  

Not only have I contacted the Police but just like the professionals above I am documenting evidence of the kind of abuse going on to vulnerable people under care who as Finola Moss states:

“its quite terrifying the powers the AMHP, Police etc have to MHA sections, detain and forcefully medicate particularly now under S136.  Are there no second opinions allowed?  What are the safeguards and where are the civil liberties??

Why are there only two parent representatives at the review?  Yes, why is that so?????

All very disheartening.”

Elizabeth is 31 now and I do not think she is being treated very fairly at all.  She is not a risk to self or others.  She has only just been assessed by an independent psychiatrist for court purposes as having full capacity.   She does see things differently to other people and expresses herself differently BUT SO WHAT – Baroness Hollins is the person I am impressed with whom the team could learn a great deal from as she knows how to communicate with someone like my daughter and is an honest person who I met at the Royal College of Nursing recently.  It is all about “truth trust and consent” as Dr Bob Johnson would say in his book “Emotional Health” and Dr Johnson was the Consultant Psychiatrist who did an excellent and true report on Elizabeth for court purposes whilst at Cambian Wales.

Elizabeth has never self-harmed so why document she has when she hasn’t?

She has been reluctant to take medication as it has given her terrible side effects but she is allergic to the current medication and would like a small reduction -she is not asking to come off it altogether right now – the Risperidon has cased a nasty rash previous doctors took notice of this and stopped the medication.   When Elizabeth stopped taking the drug on one occasion a nurse (unconnected with the scheme) who is a friend had a chat with Elizabeth and explained in a nice way the reasons why she should not just stop taking these chemicals in one go.   If the reduction had been done properly by the NHS she would not have suffered withdrawal symptoms (not relapse of a so called illness).  She cannot metabolise the drugs as documented in the P450 liver enzyme test certificate.

It is threatening what I am reading in the report –  it is truly horrible that the “Activities” column is practically all about medication and the untrained support workers who learn about prescribing on line are expected to: ensure she and others take the drugs, explain why she is having to take the drugs, encourage her to comply with taking the drugs, to explain the importance and benefits of medication and possible side effects. The staff would not have the knowledge – they are not trained as are doctors and nurses but even they choose to ignore serious side effects and such doctors should cause no harm. We have turned to professors and scientists who know the workings of these drugs and do have the expertise.   Psychiatrist Dr Ilyas Mirza (Consultant) is the one responsible –  he is prescribing the drug Risperidon off label  –  well over the time recommended by Manufacturers and her GP is prescribing drugs to counteract the side effects of this medication such as laxatives for constipation which is life threatening and Piriton to get rid of the rash (isn’t this combination contra indicated).   One drug to counteract the other – I believe this is not the answer to prescribe lots of other drugs on top of one she is allergic to especially to someone who is documented in the files as having problems with physical health – quite serious from what I can read from the files.  She came off the drug Aripiprazole  too steeply and was allowed to do this under NHS care instead of a slow gradual titration.  The NHS is spending a fortune on the wrong types of facilities trapping people like my daughter on never ending CTOs which are for control purposes and have attached conditions to them such as forcing someone to live at a certain place – it says  Elizabeth has to live at the accommodation she has been given and what is thought to be in her best interest.  It says that her family MUST NOT remove her from this supported accommodation or terminate her tenancy without agreement from ENFIELD COMMUNITY REHAB TEAM  who are based at Park Avenue Bush Hill Park Enfield and the goals are to help her live independently.  SO HOW DOES THIS WORK BY NOT GIVING HER CHOICE, BY THREATENING THAT SHE COULD END UP BACK IN HOSPITAL – IF SHE REFUSES TO TAKE THE DRUG.   HOW DOES THIS WORK IF SHE DOES NOT LIKE WHERE SHE IS LIVING, IS NOT BEING TREATED FAIRLY.  SHE IS COMPLYING WITH THEIR DRUGS – SHE IS OF NO RISK TO SELF OR OTHERS.   SHE FINDS MEETINGS STRESSFUL AND THEIR VISITS ARE SOMETIMES WITHOUT WARNING SO SHE HAS NO ADVOCATE WITH HER.  “she needs a little support and future placement is crucial  but one day she would like to live in her own accommodation and prefers to do things at her own pace.  She does not wish to be rushed or asked to do many activities”     This accommodation is paid for by Enfield CCG and Local Authority.

We as a family have no plans to take her away from the accommodation right now but how does this work if Elizabeth became unhappy then she should be entitled to leave this accommodation and there have been times she has been unhappy.   It is not the house, it is not the area, it is not the residents, it is not the majority of support workers who make Elizabeth unhappy.    What is making her unhappy at that accommodation is having to engage with a team who have previously been involved and my story of Get Her Back We Are Paying for That relates to this team and time and time again they have taken me to court to displace me as the nearest relative whereas if we had been included in open dialogue things could have been so different – there would be honesty, transparency – no nastiness such as the comments in red above.  I think that open dialogue is the way forward and I applaud those areas where this has been adopted.  It is costly to keep taking someone to court and threatening all the time.  Elizabeth has a mind of her own – it is documented about her attending Enfield Community Rehab with one of their psychologists who is known to us but she did not wish to attend the five sessions that were offered (nothing to do with me as I did not know about this at the time).  Elizabeth decided on her own accord she did not want this and wanted art therapy instead.  Elizabeth is more interested in art and music therapy than psychology sessions from what I can see.   Elizabeth has been told by the Community Rehab team to attend their Park Avenue day centre but Elizabeth has stated she does not wish to attend and prefers to do her own choice of activities and does not wish any other activities to be imposed on her.   (nothing to do with me –  I am pleased that Elizabeth is finding her voice to speak up).   She wants to go back to catering work so I see – she has a wellness and recovery pack – we’ve had all this before and nothing was offered and given in terms of activities after 6 months at Moti Villa.


Poor sleep    (she is sleeping fine)

Agitation (no even her recent operation she has coped with)

Low mood (no because she can go out places and has made friends)

Increased paranoid thoughts –  she hasn’t got any paranoid thoughts at all.  The only time we saw negative effects was when she had come off TOO STEEPLY the drug which is bound to be anyone’s reaction.  

Inappropriate laughing –  NO –  this goes back to when Elizabeth was in day centre at Chase Farm in 2008 or 9  when she went missing from the day centre with someone who should have been escorted everywhere who was on a criminal charge. 

The comments are  getting worse – they have dug out the most negative comments at the time when Elizabeth going back to 2010.

Headache – YES – this is true – a side effect of the drugs given

Anger – well surely Elizabeth is entitled to some emotions after all she has been through isn’t anyone??  – as it happens Elizabeth does not suffer from negative emotions relating to anger any more.

Low appetite –  absolute rubbish.  She is cooking, looking after herself in this respect

Paranoid that the police are coming to get her.  ACTUALLY THE POLICE HAVE TREATED MY DAUGHTER MORE FAIRER THAN THE PROFESSIONALS –  the Police have got more skills in talking to Elizabeth than some who are closely involved in her care right now and what upset Elizabeth having moved from hospital environment to the community after over 20 weeks was being expected to immediately engage in the activities and programme of the scheme, yes she did flare up and suffered from anxiety at the beginning, yes she did react to situations especially when staff announced “I’m calling the Police” –  yes she did react to them trying to push a highly addictive drug called Lorazepam regularly.  Yes it has not been smooth her settling in to a scheme after becoming more traumatised by the very wrong environment of acute ward over 20 weeks plus

“unusual personality”  that is totally wrong “can be OK one moment and not the next”    In actual fact Elizabeth has a different way of seeing things.  She is being treated like a prisoner being ordered to do what these professionals say who are constantly monitoring her instead of letting her do things herself when she is ready, expecting her to fill out a Wellbeing book, expecting her to engage with their activities when it is clear she has interests she would like to pursue which could be provided such as art and music.   If she had a little voluntary job this would be good but where is the help for this. Elizabeth would need a mentor as she can misinterpret sometimes situations and  what someone is saying to her and vice versa.

NO WAY DOES SHE HEAR VOICES AND NEVER HAS DONE AND THIS WAS SOMETHING I QUERIED FROM THE START   Hearing voices does not mean someone has Schizophrenia.  Everyone can hear a voice in their head telling them to get up for work, to do the ironing, to go out somewhere, what to eat.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH HEARING VOICES AS  EVERYONE HEARS VOICES.  On a negative front if someone has been extremely badly abused and this may not necessarily be via their own families as professionals tend to jump to conclusion but there could be abuse from outside of the family and immediately without proper assessment on physical health, psychiatric drugs are prescribed which you cannot just come off and if you do it too steeply then someone can end up suffering from withdrawal symptoms and psychosis.    The fact is that doctors do not wish to help taking the easy way out – there are no facilities for the purpose of withdrawing safely from prescribed drugs anywhere in the UK and when you take someone off these drugs it reveals everything and that this person is in fact NOT MENTALLY ILL AT ALL but has had his/her emotions suppressed for so many years – Elizabeth spoke clearly and told the entire family what happened to her so she has never heard voices.

As far as unusual personality goes –  she is just a normal person, experiencing quite normal reaction to what she has been through and what has NOT been dealt with for so many years properly.

Elizabeth has stated she will engage with the “new” or should I say “old” care coordinator from Cambian days back in 2012 -she would prefer a home visit –  that is reasonable and not as documented – she has not been able to go out much lately because of her foot.  This is something she dealt with herself, getting herself to and from the appointment because no one could go with her.

Yes she does need a bit of support with budgeting but finds it difficult to engage with staff on this issue.

She can cook and do shopping on her own

“no management problem”  –   it sounds so clinical – it sounds as though they describe an object rather than a person who has feelings and those feelings should be understood by professionals but are clearly not.

Now they go on to say positive things:

  • Well groomed, no evidence of neglect.
  • Feeling well and expressed no concerns.
  • Sleep and appetite normal yet earlier comments record otherwise.
  • Bright and cheerful in mood, smiling appropriately and good rapport throughout.
  • No evidence of psychosis- abnormal thought or paranoia.
  • No suicidal thoughts of ideation or self harm or harm to others.

“She stated her mother no longer visits” – not true as I am often invited over but because I am at work I cannot always attend. I never said “leave you to your own device” – it sounds like you are talking about a machine.  I wish the team would leave Elizabeth to her own “device” and stop ticking their boxes and reporting wrongly.   Elizabeth does not need their “care” really in terms of what is provided in-house, she needs help in integrating into society and she needs a mentor to help her in a work environment of any kind.   All she wants is friends, kindness and does not wish to become isolated.  We don’t have long discussions on the phone but sometimes Elizabeth will ring me.    Now the care coordinator wishes to see her every two weeks – she is subject to a CTO which is nothing more than for control purposes and enables threat of re-admission into hospital.  I did not know an underlying section three ran at the same time.  I thought that once a section 3 came to an end then the CTO took its place.  It is nothing more than a section in the community but they cannot force drugs upon people unlike in hospital.  This is nothing more than to ensure that someone can easily be recalled to hospital if they so much as step out of line.

It is so upsetting the way they have described Elizabeth by saying she has a drug alcohol problem.  No way has this ever been the case.   She did go out with another resident and had an odd glass of alcohol but this made her feel unwell and she had the sense to realise that you should not mix medication with alcohol but at Mays Cottage she was offered cannabis and I could just imagine the staff coming in to work to smell that distinctive smell of weed –   I am laughing at this now as I would have liked to have seen their faces.  We took her on holiday to Scotland and she was invited to go with the private MH professionals  to France, Spain and Dubai and Australia – this care cost a fraction of the price of Cygnet, Huntercombe, Cambian and other shocking places.  It was doing her the world of good and she came back on a fraction of chemicals but did not want to take the tiny portion and this – not relapse of any so called illness got her back into shocking mainstream care.  If they turned to Baroness Hollins and Working to Recovery she could be 100% well and recover quickly and in my opinion it is only a matter of her gaining confidence and learning about other people and interactions – yes this is an area she needs help with as she can get things wrong and misunderstand.

One minute it says she does not wish to have information shared with her mother but Elizabeth likes to share information.  She shares her visits to family with staff and likewise is sharing with the family and this is why we should be included in OPEN DIALOGUE

When Elizabeth came back from Australia she wanted nothing to do with MH professionals who only think about drugging.  Most of this report is about drugs.

Whilst Elizabeth is accused of contradiction I would say that the team are the culprits here taking comments recorded in Past History at a time when Elizabeth was badly abused under care and trying to make out that this was due to her illness or the fault of her mother.  When I read the files going back to 2010 and the “nominal nearest relative” comments full of blame and mention of THE MOTHER.   Well that mother did a thorough investigation at a time she was training to be a Police officer herself.


Elizabeth has been kept informed of the contents of my blog and is happy for me to post this as judging by some of the comments I have received there are many who are in similar circumstances and could relate to what I have documented here and this is why in the absence of reporting in media it is good to report on what is going on.    I would praise Finola Moss for her brilliant blog which is so true.


  1. Thank you for this, as it shows that those paid a fortune to care for our most vulnerable by the NHS, are not doing so, and leaving them in dangerous positions, policed by a system which appears to be able to falsify documents for their own service justifications as to medicine and detainment under the MHA

    And to be able to accuse your daughter of sexual abuse and self harm without explanation let alone evidence.

    if it were not for your vigilance and exposure, there appears no outside checks on all this ie assessment, reasons for detainment, medication and the patient history this is based on.

    This shows that mental health care is managed for the most efficient and profitable care and not in the interests and treatment of the patients, as required by the MHA, and this is happening because the system of care appears accountable to no one.

    So a patient is pathwayed to a standard care modus, which appears to be a diagnosis to fit the care/medication given.

    And once medicated, care is by a sea of itinerant cheap workers, who only know what is written in a person’s notes, which you have shown to be, in any event often incorrect and these workers know nothing of medication and its effects.

    Shown by what you write below,

    ‘ it is truly horrible that the “Activities” column, is practically all about medication and the untrained support workers who learn about prescribing on line are expected to: ensure she and others take the drugs, explain why she is having to take the drugs, encourage her to comply with taking the drugs, to explain the importance and benefits of medication and possible side effects. The staff would not have the knowledge –was one of the’.

    This can but be the modus for most NHS mental care- dangerous, abusive and not in the best interest of the patient.

    This has already been evidenced by CQC reports, increasing deaths and more and longer detainments with ever worsening outcomes, which are not publically, if at all, monitored.

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