8 years trapped in cygnet             Elizabeth has been under two Cygnet Healthcares – one in Cygnet Stevenage and one that is supposed to be the flagship in Beckton.  I have been to their conference at the Royal College of GPs and I went with someone I know who has a brother in this expensive private hospital who wishes to be transferred elsewhere.   I was extremely interested in the conference which was very well organised and took part in a workshop called “least restrictive care” –  well I had to say what I thought –  Elizabeth thought it was like prison and I could not disagree with this description.

Most disturbingly, drugs are given at enormous levels to some patients. I list below the drugs given to the young person photographed above who has given her permission for her case to be made public as she would like to leave Cygnet and be nearer her grandmother and I have evidence of this.  Elizabeth was on the same ward at Cygnet Stevenage and then this young lady featured was transferred hundreds of miles away to Derby just like Elizabeth was tranferred to Cambian in Wales.  Elizabeth had the drugs increased to 20mg of Aripiprazole at Cygnet Stevenage – a drug I had to report for adverse reactions – Yellow Card.  She was unstable when she came home.

However, even more disturbing is the huge level of drugs given to patients who may not have a regular visitor – who become stuck under “care” in a system rotten to the core where there is no accountability.  I therefore feel it is very important to speak out and reveal what one young person, who has been stuck in Cygnet for 8 years, is receiving in terms of shocking “care”.  The question is just how many other patients are being given drugs at this enormous level against all guidelines.  There needs to be a full enquiry into this.  Why isn’t there any accountability for treatment such as this?  What I am documenting is a real case of someone who is desperate to be released from a never ending prison sentence and has done nothing wrong under the care of Cygnet private hospital DERBY.  What kind of Doctor prescribes at such huge levels against all guidelines to a young person who is kept a virtual prisoner.  How many more are being treated in this way whilst the Government does nothing.  Who is responsible for this abuse?   Who is paying for it?” –  which Local Authority or Trust is responsible?  Well I have since found out it is Special Commissioning NHS England so I believe.  I hope that something will be done urgently about this as lives are at risk –  are there any more cases like this on the ward?   To think that this is “care” in the UK.   It’s not about stigma –  this is abuse.    Any more cases like this – please contact me.  I shall keep you all informed as I’m in touch with lots of other similar cases.

Regular Medication:

Sertraline 200mg mane; Depakote 750mg BD; Mebeverine MR 200MG BD; Metformine 1G bd; Atorvastatin 40mg OD; Omeprazole 20mg mane;  Furosemide 50mg mane; Dapaglifozin 10mg mane; Diazepam 5mg TDS; Colecalciferol T OM; Kwells 300mg TDS; Clozapine 225mg BD .

PRM Medication:

Ibrufen 200-400mg up to QDs; Epipen 0.3mg up to 0.9mg; Cyclizine tab 50mg up to 150mg;  Procyclidine 5mg PO max in 24 hrs 10 mg; Olanzapine 2.5-5mg max 200mg (PRN + regular); Promethazine 25-50mg max dose 100mg in 24 hrs;  Salbutamol 100mcg; Glucogel/Glucsgon T; Corsodyl ; Lactulose;  Stat dose of Clopizol Acuphase given on 3 occasions since admission – forcibly injected.

Estimated stay at Cygnet 2 – 3 years but this young person has been in there 8 years.

As Inspector Brown (Mental Health Cop says – “what the hell is going on”  Cygnet are making huge profits by drugging up vulnerable patients who they think do not have anyone who cares for them.

A Life has been lost on the ward in question – now in touch with the mother.

Are they trying to kill their patients – what kind of doctors prescribe this amount of drugs concomitantly.   Cygnet – what’s your answer to this – lets hear it on Twitter!

Here is a response from someone who is an expert on the drugs:

“This is an even more ridiculous dosing regimen than I have ever seen.  SSRI’s with atypicals are totally rejected in the Maudsley prescribing guide and Mimms.  Benzodiazepams, SSRIs and Atypicals even more idiotic.  What is the procyclidine for?  there are no neuroplectics in that list that justify an anti-parkinsonian agent.  This dosing regimen is utterly ridiculous and very dangerous.”

Are all patients under Cygnet under this huge level of drugs.  Questions need to be asked before yet another life is lost on this ward.  There has already been one death so I heard.

Any National Newspapers interested in documenting the widespread abuse of vulnerable people in the UK please do contact me.



  1. sbev2013 said:

    Wow that is a hell of a lot of drugs – what are Cygnet doing!

  2. There is no central check on medications, medications are often prescribed off label, drug trials, in any event are rigged in favour of drug companies who pay for them, and the conferences, papers and the PR that promote them.

    The Pharma Industry is the UK’s third largest, so literally keeping our economy going.

    There is no independence in the system, as the prescribing psychiatrists are employed by Cygnet and under regular appraisals and strict Codes of Conduct.

    Coroners rarely investigate the role that drugs play in the deaths of those subject to medication.

    And all this is a scandal.

  3. Julie said:

    Shaking looking at that list of meds! Please read this article at your earliest convenience:
    I was misdiagnosed by several psychiatrists and prescribed dangerous antipsychotics, SSRIs, anti-anxiety meds, etc.; all caused much visible harm.

    This part of the article is particularly concerning:
    “Parkinson-like symptoms are a common side effect of the antipsychotics prescribed to many adults with autism. In his study, Starkstein found that certain people with autism are particularly sensitive to these drugs, developing problems such as tremors almost immediately and at doses normally too low to cause side effects.”

    We can’t be sure that Elizabeth is not on the spectrum (Asperger’s), and I’m worried about her long-term health.

    • sbev2013 said:

      I am very sorry to hear about your shocking experience. The more I look into things there are more and more terrible cases of young vulnerable people locked away for many years and kept away from their families and drugged. We have had Elizabeth sent as far away as Wales whilst every attempt was made to destroy relationship with me as a mother and to take control of my daughter’s life. Well there head office was just up the road to me do I was able to call in more than once. Anyway we have had a hell of a time this year and Elizabeth has done a tour of at least four London institutions whilst drug free but sadly is back on a small portion of drugs now but at least she is not in “hospital” where abuse is rife whether public or private and is out in the community. This gives me the wonderful opportunity to focus on other even more shocking cases of abuse in the Uk. The case I am currently talking about is real – a young person trapped in a rotten abusive system. This young person has been incarcerated 8 years and has a grandmother who really cares and would like her to be moved to a very nice hospital situated nearby to her as she is a very long way away. This huge quantity of drugs needs to be investigated and I am only too pleased to back this relative and I would like this whole thing investigated at top government level. What lengths do you have to go to in order to get help. Well I have found twitter to be extremely helpful as whoever is paying for this wrong care needs to be identified in my opinion and lessons learned – the drugs are prescribed at dangerous levels and if the responsible clinician does not do something and seek expert advice on reduction then the need to be made accountable int opinion. Also any hospital managers and social workers likewise need to be made accountable – I have seen there have been deaths at the hospital and branch concerned – this is why something must b done about this most shocking case and how many more cases are there I wonder.

    • Thank you for this, as the main treatment for ASD has been Respiridol Antipsych from as young as 8/9, like my daughter, so this is doubling shocking and ASD can’t/don’t communicate well so can’t express side effects .

      Will put Art in my blog if that’s OK

      Best Wishes, Finola Moss

      • sbev2013 said:

        But I have looked this chemical up – only licensed for schizophrenia and bi polar. They’ve put her on this chemical at 2mg a day. She has ballooned in weight – they are providing no counselling and right now Elizabeth is upset at having her phone stolen by another resident at her scheme. Contract and phone belongs to me but we never got the camera phone back from Huntercombe – so I’ve been busy today sorting this out and as the phone was stolen in the kitchen that is common parts so this needs to b dealt with through the respective ins company’s. I agree with you re communication difficulties but it is infuriating to read stigmatising ignorant comments from members of the team who state low intelligence and ignore recent assessment by Huntercombe – high functioning ASD but Elizabeth has settled down – before that she said “no one understands me Mum – and that is because she is being treated wrongly and they are not specialists in asd – and clueless. Neither are they specialists for ptsd as Elizabeth suffered extensive abuse under care which they tried but failed to cover up. Shame on you team.

      • They are using it off label it is licensed for short term ie 3 month use for severe behaviour I THINK. They are all prescribing as many drugs in whatever amount they want as there are no rules only NICE guidelines which they can ignore As we have seen there is no accountability even for deaths which are increasing and they don’t even know the actual numbers even DOH NHSENGLAND DON’T AND DON’T APPEAR TO WANT TO KNOW

  4. Millie said:

    I would be happy anytime to help regarding complaints relating to the appalling care provided on Suffolk Ward.
    I’ve been subject to months of physical and verbal abuse.

    • sbev2013 said:

      Sadly you are not alone. I am sad to hear of the abuse you have received. You get absolutely nowhere complaining. I admire you for speaking out about this and would add that they investigate themselves and have drugged my daughter enormously so she could not speak about her experience – a group of highly paid people at the top CE0 level who do nothing and couldn’t care less. Just had another response from Maria Kane trying to ignore the truth . The way they cover up abuse is cowardly and negligent. You can be sure I shall attend more meetings as this is the only way you get real response as no one can you ignore you even if they want to. Had a great time at the AGM and good to meet some of those responsible for quality and care. There will never ever b quality in Enfield as we have encountered bullying. The way forward is open dialogue.

    • sbev2013 said:

      Thank you – why don’t you come along and meet others I am in touch with – all of them have had bad experiences and we meet every two weeks.

  5. Jennifer said:

    This girl is being abused.I have seen the before and after pictures and she was quoted to say something along the lines of ‘I will be leaving here in a body bag’She is 24!Has she committed a violent/sadistic crime??I don’t think so.Large amounts on money will have been spent to keep her in Cygnet.Its not cheap!I was shocks when I read this and saw the pictures.She looks pale obese and disabled.

    • sbev2013 said:

      Thank you for your comments. My daughter Elizabeth has been at beckton and Stevenage – she came out unstable at Stevenage due to them doubling the dosage of drugs just prior to release. This is a real case – someone inprisoned in the system 8 years due to dispute over NR and left to go downhill to the point of giving up – you have to weigh up the risks in this situation and I along with others are witness to the fact she wants to be near to her grandma – on this level of drugs questions need to be asked how on earth can such accountability be allowed to go on for so long. Well we as a family have encountered this ourselves. Elizabeth has also been on huge levels of drugs concommitantly prescribed under our local hospital. How many more cases like this – how many more cases of vulnerable people being abused under a state evil system of control. It is not being publicised in the press. Sadly I am in touch with lots of cases like this and this should not b allowed to go on in a so called democratic country and it costs circa £12500 pw for such facilities worse than prison. Elizabeth was sent to Huntercombe where they at least assessed and diagnosed her but she was sent primarily to get her back on drugs because she kept ending up back on the ward after 15 weeks of “care” watching everyone else’s distress at being forcibly drugged then just dumped into the community . They’ve done it again – dumped her back in a scheme on a small portion now of Rispiriedon . Huntercombe diagnosed high functioning aspergers – Enfield diagnosed emotionally unstable pd and paranoid schizophrenia when in fact off the drugs she started to speak about what happened to her under care. Daughter has ptsd and doctors and other professionals can easily manipulate the system and the courts take their side – completely wrong and I have never suffered so my bullying in all my life and you should see what they write behind your backs without even having met you. This is a real case that could highlight others trapped in the system and I am only too happy to reveal this and the fact I’m in touch with plenty of other shocking cases too – shame on the Government of the Uk. My praise goes to HRH Prince Harry who speaks so correctly as regards less drugs.

      • sbev2013 said:

        London Borough of Enfield is my local area featured in my story that details our treatment by social services called “Get Her Back We Are Paying For That” A true story of how drugs can be deprived when it suits in order to force return back to care – a care home called Phoenix House Stepping Stones in Northampton where she could not manage money and went without food. I am fuming with the CQC and I am not happy with their investigator as I have obtained the files and have read the investigators comments. I also have the file notes that clearly state that Elizabeth went without food yet this place was rate Good – how on earth can this be so.

    • jillionsing said:

      Sadly since the photo on the right was taken she has deteriorated shockingly. I am HEARTBROKEN to see how she is suffering. It is TORTURE. I am so DISGUSTED by the lack of care shown to her by her so called “care providers.”

      • sbev2013 said:

        Questions need to be asked by everyone how on earth it is possible for a vulnerable person who is a citizen of a so called “democratic” country can end up 8 years in such a facility tonthe point of deterioration and lack of hope – well in my opinion something needs to be done. Just look at all those drugs and centre of attention should be given to the providers and commissioners – special commission nh England – did I hear it is through sw spec commissioning – an Andy jones. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Where are the social workers who are supposed to help – it seems that everyone is doing nothing – I am in touch with lots of other cases too. You are far from alone but 8 years on all these dangerous chemicals – who is the doctor – the respons clinician? Who is the ward manager? Why the hell cant She be transferred nearer to you. I’m pleased that you set up a petition and am only too happy to support it.

  6. Anna said:

    My sistet Nina died after being given Clozapine within 4 months of being placed at Cygnet House Derby. My sister should not have been given this drug in the first place. The Drs didnt even follow their own guidelines or any other for that matter (neglect) Infact they did not care about her or us Ninas family or what they had done. They have got away with killing my sister.Something needs to be done before someone else dies . Surely this is breaches all Human Right Laws?????

    Dr Gethins and Dr Coombs are responsible for Ninas death.

    • sbev2013 said:

      I am extremely sorry to hear about your sister. I spoke to Sir Simon Wessely about the enormous quantities of mind altering drugs given at Cygnet derby. I attached the drugs to the petitions of Gillian and that of Tracy Best. Elizabeth was put on clozapine too. The names of doctors sound familiar. I am going to check this out. I will write to you later when I get home from work. Elizabeth was put on max levels of drugs at the Bethlem nat Psychosis unit. Emergency doctors had to b called out. she was given metformin plus clozapine and it says in the files that she had lost capacity so they gave her this drug knowing she did not want it as she was not only pro Des a drug free period of assessment by Professor Robin Murray but also had signed an Advanced declaration. Thank you so much for writing to me about your poor sister and her shocking treatment. I am in touch with lots of people also very unhappy – there is no monitoring of what psychiatrists are doing and there seems to b no accountability. Will write to you later.

    • Elizabeth was sent to Cambian Wales for 18 months. ?they have money to burn in ENFIELD.


    Have you complained about this to the CQC Te: 03000 616161

    • Yes I contacted them. “we have carefully considered your letter and regret that we are ;unable to help you with the concerns you have raised as this falls outside our remit. It is not within our legal powers to review prescribed treatment that is allowed by the law” I would suggest you discuss your concerns about ……………..’s treatment with her doctor or nurse and they will be able to explain to you why they consider her treatment appropriate and discuss if there are any alternatives. They should explain how to complain about her treatment if you remain dissatisfied. I should also make you aware we have no legal powers to be involved in a decision to transfer a detained patient. The letter is signed by Julie Harrison – Mental Health Act Complaints Manager and my letter is dated 28 November 2017. I am in touch with many more serious cases where patients are drugged up to the neck and this is the response of CQC. Here is the response of an expert on the drugs: “that is an even more ridiculous dosing regimen that I had ever seen. SSRis with Atypicals are totally rejected in the Maudsley Prescribing Guide and Mimms. Benzodiazepines and SSRis and Atypicals even more idiotic. What is the Procyclidine for ? there are no neuroplectics in that list that justify an anti Parkinsonian agent. ” The letter I got from Cygnet plays on confidentiality and hiding behind the Data Protection Act. They go on to assure me that a detailed investigation had been carried out into my concerns and that a senior medical clinician had reviewed the medication regime and rationale for prescribing and that a second opinion from the CQC independent reviewing medical expert was in place and that Cygnet are unable to uphold my complaint regarding the medication at Derby. The letter signed by Mark Varney Hospital Manager. Cygnet Hospital Derby. I was recommended to write to the Operational Director Midlands of Cygnet Hospital Stevenage if I disagreed with the decision. My complaint was purely about the medication as I am in touch with lots of similar cases and I described this medication regime as highly dangerous but the CQC’s response was that the prescribed treatment is allowed by law which is astonishing and it is no wonder there are so many deaths on such acute/PICU wards where vulnerable people are drugged to the hilt behind closed doors and kept virtual prisoners and if you dare to complain as a relative then they cut you out. This is not just applicable to these prison style facilities which Elizabeth has been sent to – two Cygnets, 1 Huntercombe, Cambian in Wales and Bedlam or Hell on Earth – they get away with it as patients are too weakened by the drugs to complain. Advanced Delarations are not worth the paper written on and behind closed doors and away from the families in this restrictive prison environment, abuse goes on. Some wards even ask you for a code before putting you through. They take phones away and try to cut ties with family and I have the legal comments of SLaM who suggests taking the phone away to sever contact with me. What is boils down to is that there is no accountability and that the CQC are stating that this is allowed by law. Elizabeth has suffered injury as a result of her treatment and no one will budge on diagnosis when an entire team at Huntercombe refuse to release their report and even when contacted by ICO still refuse. You as a carer and mother get treated like dirt if you dare to defend matters. I am willing to appear on TV along with other mothers who are extremely badly affected. I have proven that with the private care we provided for Elizabeth that she could get well and Elizabeth was taken to Australia for proper care and we did not recognise her when she came back. The court system is rigged against you if you are not a professional and just a mother and I tried to defend myself against lies. I tried to stand up to them last year and got threatened with enormous costs for being “unreasonable” but I was not unreasonable at all as I gave the Judge extensive records of the most serious abuse which had been covered up and no one did their job properly and I objected to a highly unsuitable nearest relative being appointed who was an AMHP. I had read her notes in the files and presented the Judge with enormous evidence as to why Enfield Council would not be suitable as the Nearest Relative.

    • I have little faith in this organisation having read the file papers going back to Phoenix House Stepping Stones, Northhampton – completely biased in their comments when they rate this Good.! I would never rate a care home good that leaves a vulnerable person under their care to go without food on ANY OCCASION.

    • The name is enough to give me nightmares. This private prison is all about profit and just look at the level of drugs they prescribe. Elizabeth came out unstable as what they did at Stevenage Branch was to double to drugs just prior to release.

  8. Angela turner said:

    Hi there

    Is there anyone that can help me?

    There is currently a planning application for a Cygnet development in our densely populated residential area ADJACENT to a Primary school.

    It will be a Secure Unit and we feel this is not the correct location for such a facility and, as such have opposed the development on those grounds and also the concerns about Cygnets track record in terms of patient care and security.

    Are there any groups that I may be able to speak to that may be able to provide insider information on these facilities?

    Many thanks, Angela

    • sbev2013 said:

      Is any location correct for this private prison because that is what it is. Your concerns are of its location but if you look at the long list of drugs prescribed and this is a real case how can anyone be capable of doing much apart from sleeping and sitting in a chair. You are right to have concerns about patient care especially when the comments written below the long list of drugs given are from an expert on the drugs. I am on numerous sites talking to others – relatives and former patients – some of whom have been incarcerated for many years and drugged to the hilt. Do you honestly think that a patient poses a risk to others when on such enormous quantities of drugs? If you go into a Cygnet prison you are searched. Your possessions are locked away in lockers and they give you alarms to wear around your neck – I have never witnessed any trouble on such wards and my daughter has been on two of them plus Huntercombe. I have never seen my daughter drugged so highly by the latter hospital who could not even get the diagnosis and date of birth correct in a report. In fact I called the Police as I was worried for her safety. The groups I belong to are closed groups of relatives, some of whom have been badly affected. What makes you worried about security? If you go inside this place – this place is prison and secure to the point patients are not taken out – well that was our experience due to staff shortages – patients are often held on the wards for much of the time. Many of the patients are not mentally ill but have LD and autism, some of whom are incarcerated for say 12 years or more. My daughter is 31 – will never have children of her own and her face lights up when she sees little children and babies. People get the wrong idea by thinking that those incarcerated in private prisons are highly dangerous. In actual fact they are extremely vulnerable and a lot of money is being made by keeping them incarcerated and drugged to the hilt so they never get better. These hospitals cannot cope with emergencies and patients are referred to NHS if they need surgery/emergency operations. Many self-harm in such institutions as they lose all hope. Patients are allowed just a tray of possessions. If you pass on to me your email address I can put you in touch with some of those who have been affected by the care on offer in such institutions – I can pass on your email address and then maybe some of them will wish to say what they think and how they have been affected.

  9. Reblogged this on finolamoss and commented:
    As unknown numbers of physically healthy patients, die in mental hospitals, with no independent enquiry and mentalhospitals are now mainly private- Cygnet/Priory, eating a quarter of the whole NHS England budget.
    Such private hospitals can avoid FOIA on grounds of commercial confidentiality. Patients are effectively MHA sectioned for life, all all are employed by the hospital o under control and a single patient earns 13,000 a week NHS money and often die yet this is deemed ‘treatment’ under MHA . These troubled human beings fuel our economy at expense of our huge ever increasing deficit and NHS,and often their lives YET noone does anything.

    • sbev2013 said:

      You are absolutely correct. I am in touch with many who have been mistreated under such institutions.

  10. MONAKA BIBI said:

    Cygnet in stock on Trent st augustine called autism childhood schizophrenia so gave my son clozapin after 6 to 8 weeks on it he no longer recognised me. When I complained to their director’s they put the whole hospital on an autism course denied they said that and said to me to say infront of ccg that I didn’t want their dr then my kid would be moved closed to home.
    I toLD them I didn’t them I didn’t want their doctor, they did move my son for 5 days close to home fhen shifted him to a drug alchol rehab in coventry where he is being beat up and now put on a safeguarding watch .
    Instead on a second a second opinion they wanted to even remove my sons diagnoses of his autism. And the side effects cause by the meds where upheld as psychosis . Infact dr mirriam report were relied on even though her knowledge was noted to be outdated by the expert as other reports where not shown to him so it was a ccg cover up.

    • sbev2013 said:

      Elizabeth was sent from London to Wales to Cambian for 18 months. They like to play on psychosis but never care about the side effects or test to see if someone can metabolise these chemicals and you may be interested in the P450 liver enzyme tests we had done which proved “poor/non metaboliser”. So this was the real reason – over-drugging, akathisia, nms – I have seen Elizabeth suffer on these drugs and is now so mixed up she does not know who she is any more and nothing decent is provided by the local area such as counselling/psychotherapy. They just dump people into the community without providing proper care. When a whole team at a private hospital diagnose high spectrum Aspergers the arrogance of Drs in my local area is astonishing – this is ignored in favour of “paranoid schizophrenia”. It is all done in the name of profit – these drugs do not work one bit. They do not help someone like Elizabeth who has been found to be a poor/non metaboliser.

      • I know part of the story of this now young lady, quote went simular to this, she had basically given up hope of being rescued from this wicked internment. They will will carry me out in a coffin with what they are doing to me

      • He mum has fought tirelessly to bring her home. Cygnet fend off all the mothers concerns and asking’s, Elizabeth needs to go home now to the care of her loving devoted mum.

      • sbev2013 said:

        I can identify with other cases who parents are likewise fighting for justice, fighting for the release of their sons/daughters from ATUs sent far away from home. I know how this feels as Elizabeth was sent from London to Wales to Cambian and attempts made to cool relationship with myself as mother because I was being outspoken against the care provided. There was no support in travelling and distance kept us from visiting regularly and when we did visit we had to book into accommodation. First of all visits took place in a small room where a member of staff sat in and listened to every word so there was no privacy. At Xmas one year Elizabeth was said to be too ill to come home and spend time with the family but just prior to Xmas she was brought all the way down from Wales for just over 2 hrs flanked by two nurses who would not leave her side. The Tribunal was spread over two days and they tried to arrange this without myself as NR present. On the first occasion not one person from the family was allowed into the Tribunal – on each occasion we had to book into accommodation. It is expensive to travel a fair distance and book in hotels etc. No help, no advocacy nothing is given to families in this situation. Elizabeth is now in the community – she is 31 now – not a child and I recognise the need for her to be independent but the so called care in the community is inadequate for many and it takes time to settle – if someone has been damaged by care like Elizabeth, it takes professional understanding of the circumstances but often people like Elizabeth are just dumped into the community and very little information is passed on to those who are supposed to be providing the care.

      • sbev2013 said:

        I would add one last thing that for those suffering trauma PTSD like Elizabeth counselling is not provided for some time once they are discharged from hospital and this is very wrong. Elizabeth needed talking therapy not drugs. These drugs (Risperidone 1.5mg) she is currently on simply do not work on someone who is a trauma victim.

  11. MONAKA BIBI said:

    This is the ccg cover up. Healthy patients sold to private companies for what to be guinea pigs to large pharma comapnies.

    • Healthy yes but soon damaged, I see it in my own area mistreating people. Sent out of a morning early told don’t come back till evening, they wander the streets cold badly dressed, no money asking strangers for 50p or a pound to get a coffee or something to eat, picking up dogends et etc bloody cruel. Yet the directors are driving around the area in brand new jaguars. One director told a shop owner we only shop at cash and carry to get the cheapest food. One inmate patient moaned to me saying, we get one meal of a night and its too small its for a child. That’s how they are treating patient’s, making fortunes out of vulnerable people.

      But in Cygnet to my knowledge everyone was under section and our experience was such that there were no staff to spare to provide escorted leave and in these kind of places patients are kept as virtual prisoners – that is our experience so those sent out as you describe above I can only imagine are from local NHS wards – the private sector prison style hospitals are like secure units – correct me if I am wrong and I would like to know which branch of which private hospital is providing this kind of care. There is neglect going on both in public and private sector mental health hospitals but I have noticed there is more freedom granted from an NHS MH hospital ward. You may be talking about the step down community housing provided – that is a different matter. Elizabeth opted to come home but this was on offer from one of the branches of Cygnet. I do agree it is cruelty as you describe above but this is going on in the community if someone cannot manage money for instance the response is go to a food bank or little sympathy when not enough help, support or guidance is given to the most vulnerable people, some of whom do not have MH conditions but learning disability but are deprived proper assessments.

  12. Cygnet, I would put a very big question mark against it, their personal intent or even personal greed. Directors Dr Antonio Romero attached to 53 companies. Lord Khalid Hameed another one. Also Cygnet hospital holdings limited. Director George Ground more companies. Its all about holding patients and monies collected from government. No end of names and directors UK wide. As always there is a McCloud director with many more companies. That’s social care littered with directors where most have no interest in their own company directorship helping others.

    • sbev2013 said:

      An all for profit private hospital just like prison. Elizabeth came out from this hospital unstable as drugs were doubled just prior to release. Thought the object was to assess as diagnosis in dispute but no proper assessment done.

  13. Whether its cygnet or social services I found speak to much and punishment will follow, even jail I have a case at the moment a mother jailed twice 6 months each time, crime she spoke out about her taken child. 3rd January 2019 few days time court action against her again for speaking out
    jail she faces once again, she’ll lose her home her pet dog everything, it turns out evidence last couple days a certain social worker did steal her baby and gave it to a family member for adoption. The same social worker wants this mother of her stolen baby out of the way so pressed for court action again on the 3 rd of January, jail again, these are crimes against humanity like many victims being held and ill treated by large companies that rule the NHS and children’s Services.

    • Absolutely apalling case – thank you for notifying me. The more witnesses to this the better – i am sure my readers here would like to know of this and that openness and transparency can prevent further such cases and prompt full investigation.

    • Luck had it today the case of L, B , for today it was moved to Bolton crown court sometime this month in January, its given time to collect evidence together. When you find out that a certain social worker was the main prosecution witness who the defendant claims she lied and constantly harassed her children and her self for nearly a decade, winning a court order against the defended mother for her children to be adopted. It then turns out with gained evidence recently that this certain social worker, adopted the children for herself and family members. To me that is conspiring with others to deprive someone of their legal right to thier children. Amongst other charges. The fight for justice for this good mother and her lost continues. Brunwinbooks or Alan brunwin on facebook, thankyou for reading this.

  14. sbev2013 said:

    How terrible and I am in contact with other awful cases. I thoroughly agree with what you say when you mention crimes against humanity. I am extremely interested in this case. I have written to you privately regarding this.

    • Thankyou we/ she / children, need a shining light its the worst case of physical and mental abuse I’ve ever come across. There are many cases of of council authority abuse and my heart goes out to those many victims.

  15. sbev2013 said:

    Yes they do need a shining light and so do other cases of such abuse I am only too happy to feature right here on Psychiatric Abuse UK. Elizabeth and I are very familiar with what abuse you can get under the Local Authority and we have their safeguarding minutes to know exactly what goes on in their secret meetings. Luckily I got hold of them and presented them to the Judge in a recent court case.

  16. I know part of the story of this now young lady, quote went simular to this, she had basically given up hope of being rescued from this wicked internment. They will will carry me out in a coffin with what they are doing to me

  17. sbev2013 said:

    Well I think that shining light needs to shine on cases like this and I have notified many of those I am in touch with tonight. The more of us that know about this abuse the better

  18. sbev2013 said:

    People reading my blog will be extremely interested in this case and I am happy to pass over to guest bloggers so they can write about their account of abuse suffered in the UK.

    • sbev2013 said:

      I would urge every one who has their sons and daughters trapped in prison style hospitals to get on twitter and broadcast the names of all the doctors and team involved, ward telephone number, their local areas and commissioners and anyone that could possibly be connected in this abuse. I am more than happy to feature guest bloggers from all over the country as this abuse needs to be exposed and is of public interest due to the amount of money being wasted.

  19. Sara said:

    Hi can I contact you please re cygnet?

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