Off the Ward

The RC from Suffolk Ward is not in any hurry to discharge Elizabeth from Section 3 even though of no risk to self or others.  I’ve no idea how much longer she will be held on that ward. I thought there was a shortage of beds but obviously I’m wrong.   Elizabeth has said they wish to keep her longer –  I will keep you all informed as to why.  The truth always comes out in the end no matter how much secrecy the team like to play on.

More positively –  I took Elizabeth out every day over this Bank Holiday weekend.   I drive just to get away from the hospital and local environment.   Yesterday a wonderful visitor came to see Elizabeth –  one of several important ‘advocates’ who has therapeutic skills.  Will tell you more in future.    Friends like this who think of others before themselves when time is so precious are invaluable especially when someone like Elizabeth is stuck on a locked ward and restricted in leave.  There are several people who have gone out of their way to take an interest and care which is so encouraging for Elizabeth and I am extremely grateful.

Yesterday we went for a drive into the countryside.  Today we went swimming and every Sunday I will offer to take Elizabeth swimming so she can build up her confidence.  Her technique had already improved by the end of her swimming session.    I once did competitive swimming myself so was able to teach Elizabeth technique.   I will provide a membership for her eventually.

There is no communication – confidentiality played upon – no one wishes to inform you as to release date.  In my opinion and that of other doctors, this is not the right environment for Elizabeth.

I would question why the right environment is not being provided anywhere in the country as a noisy acute ward is no place to get well for someone with PTSD or those with Learning Disability/Aspergers.  It is not the right environment because there is nothing to do at the weekend,  there ought to be facilities such as swimming pool, gym/sauna but no one cares about MH in my local area so it would seem.    Vast sums of money being spent on private sector “prisons” instead of invested in good facilities that could provide suitable therapy to make people well.    People under MH get dumped into the community in schemes full of control where they are given nothing to do.   If everyone had a personal budget to choose which support worker they wished to work with, what activities they would like to do  – this is what should be provided rather than an expensive PICU or acute ward through Cygnet, Cambian or Huntercombe.   Sometimes vulnerable people are kept for months and months on end like prisoners in institutions such as these.  I would like to know how many exactly are being held in institutions who have suffered long drawn out tribunals etc.

I will keep you all informed.   At least now she can get out at the weekends and during the week can go for a walk in the grounds etc.  That is something and also after quite some time Elizabeth has had the ban lifted on seeing family outside of the ward.





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