Now on a Section 3 against my wishes Elizabeth is on Suffolk Ward the most restrictive position she has been on so far.   She was doing so well after so long in the wrong environment under so many different wards and hospitals all over London and mainly drug free but on this occasion Elizabeth was starting to show signs of distress.

The scheme is being kept open with no other options and dictated by what social services demand.    The freedom Elizabeth sought sadly has disappeared and her mind is now suppressed by drugs.  When someone becomes “unmanageable” on the wards, too demanding, confrontational this was bound to happen but in this kind of environment I can appreciate how patients can be confrontational as some are not even let out.   Elizabeth was in a better position before but now she is in a terrible situation and a section 3 can lead to long term imprisonment and forced treatment of the same nature she has had previously under Enfield of enormous quantities of mind altering drugs.  I am very concerned at what they are going to do next.    She is only allowed out half an hour a day and this is after well over the section 2 period and according to her apology her liberty was infringed upon so I see.  Because Elizabeth is not allowed out to go for walks she is gaining weight and it is not healthy.    Before when she was on Section 2 and made voluntary she could go out for two hours a day.   My concern now was on hearing from a close family friend who visited today that there were disturbing incidents on the ward concerning Elizabeth.     Another patient unwell kept shouting at her calling her “devil” – was coming up to the table and a lot of harassment from this other patient.  This prompted me to telephone the ward and report my concerns but what can staff do in the situation.    Elizabeth has well and truly settled down now and no longer hyper, confrontational.   What has happened today only reinforces my view that this ward along with every other PICU/acute ward is the wrong environment and costs around £900 a night.  Quite frankly I’d rather she be in a health farm or a nice hotel with a swimming pool would work out cheaper.  No longer any risk the environment is not the right one to get well and every other doctor has confirmed this to me and agreed with me.

So my dispute is and always has been diagnosis and deprival of assessment for the other diagnoses.   When you make suggestions you get ignored and yet the money is being spent on yet another facility that is a locked ward/PICU with disturbed patients instead of a peaceful and quiet location and such wards can be frightening.   Fights and disturbances break out all the time and when that happens a patient is forcibly injected or put in the seclusion room and then transferred to another private prison like facility.  However Huntercombe have diagnosed Elizabeth with Aspergers and I have kept the recording of Elizabeth’s voice and she was so happy.    I believe the report I have going back to 2013 by Dr Bob Johnson to be correct and that the correct diagnosis is “Selye’s Generalised Adaptational Syndrome.    It is horrible to be in this situation of not knowing what is going to happen next, Elizabeth does not have any leave except for just half an hour and that is barely enough to go down to the café from where she is situated.  I think it is truly horrible the way people are treated under MH, not just the patients but parents/carers etc.  If only there was more openness and honesty under the MH system and inclusion.  They system is all wrong.

The other day on the ward Elizabeth was upset as she felt a nurse had prescribed or tried to prescribe double the dosage so I went with her to write down exactly what she is meant to have and at what time and what dosage.   Today I laminated that copy, drove down to the hospital and gave her this and some healthy drinks.   Elizabeth was out for her half- hour break so I did not get to see her.

It has been a truly awful experience and whilst Elizabeth came home so well she needed ongoing counselling.   In these schemes it is not like someone can just relax and be free to do as they like.  There is a medicine room – drugs are given by support workers.  Elizabeth was on Lorazepam but this is addictive and clonazepam is still being given on Suffolk ward twice a day.     It makes her very drowsy and Rispiriedon also given twice a day.  It seems to have stabilised her as she was quite distressed.   It is good that she is taking an interest in what they are doing with the drugs.

The other day Elizabeth said I wish I could get away from here and have a nice holiday.  I told her that next year was a very big family occasion.  Next year abroad will be a family wedding and I hope that Elizabeth will be a bridesmaid at this special occasion.   Practically all my holiday has been taken up with appointments etc when I had hoped that this year would be a happy year but it has not been at all.   I just hope things get better.


  1. Charlie Wood said:

    Who has sectioned her? what is the name of the doctor if you don’t mind me asking? as i’m under the care of the same hospital and wouldn’t wanna be there at all.

  2. May I share? Is this a fake name for your daughter? Good if it is

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