I telephoned social services Enfield (Sandra Muschett) and she said she did not know details of the preliminary court Hearing today.  By late morning I still had not heard anything.  I then decided to phone the London Borough of Enfield Legal Department.  The switchboard operator said she could not give out numbers to me but I told her I needed to know where the court Hearing was going to be heard and it was late morning by this time and I knew it would be some time in the afternoon.   It was about midday and I suddenly heard from Sandra Muschett that the Hearing would be in London Royal Court of Justice but she did not know which court –  she gave me the time and I quickly made my way up to London.

I arrived early at the Royal Court of Justice and I went to the reception in the main hall to find out where the court Hearing would be heard.  The receptionist wrote down on a piece of paper where and I checked my messages to see if I had heard from social services where this would be held but there was no notification.    I waited outside the court which I had been given details of.    The Clerk to the Court spoke to me and I had brought papers of previous Hearings and things that I had just quickly thrown together as there was no time to do anything.   I had not been able to get any solicitors at such short notice and I am not entitled to any Legal Aid as Nearest Relative.

I was called in to see the Judge and they made further enquiries as they did not seem to have the details and a check was made to see if the Hearing was taking place elsewhere but nothing showed up.

I had presented the papers to the Judge who was very nice.  I was able to speak to the Judge personally which I do not recall doing at the least Hearing.  I could not bring Elizabeth with me – the Section 5.2 expire today and this has gone on to a Section 3 now which I objected to because of the fact that Suffolk Ward have dismissed the diagnosis and recommendation from Huntercombe –  they clearly do not want to provide an assessment with more specialist care.    On this acute ward there have been some pretty serious incidents.     A fire the other day where someone was smoking in their room, Elizabeth has been beaten up by another patient and hit around the head constantly in the yard outside so a member of staff told me.      That was why she was transferred to Trent Ward Edgware.   Another acute ward where it was noisy and volatile.   She’d also been on private sector Cygnet Beckton and last of all Huntercombe who put her back on medication and now Dr Helen Moorey and her team of psychiatrists want to “treat” my daughter for paranoid schizophrenia completely ignoring what Huntercombe had to say and their recommendations which I have in writing.  It was good to be able to show all this information to the Judge today but I puzzled as to why social services had not turned up when I had been given the correct information in writing.  It was listed late apparently so I did not question the fact that anything could have gone wrong.  I stopped to visit the Citizens Advice Bureau on my way out.  I then made my way back home but when I got to Oakwood I noticed I had a call from Elizabeth and she had asked for some Chinese food which is her favourite.  I stopped off to get this.

I then made my way to the hospital taking with me some drinks and fruit.

When I got to the hospital I asked if we could sit in the quiet room.  Suddenly there was a knock on the door and a member of staff said that Sandra Muschett wanted to see Elizabeth alone.  I wondered where her advocate was as this was quite late in the day but I wanted to see Sandra myself as why didn’t she let me know where the court Hearing was taking place?  I was left to make enquiries and rush up to London myself and then went to the wrong court but did see the Judge and was able to present papers and even speak.

When I questioned why Sandra could not see both of us together –  after a while she came to the quiet room.   Sandra had a General Form of Judgement or Order in her hand and told Elizabeth that “the London Borough of Enfield are now her Nearest Relative” and that I had been displaced by them.   I was told to get myself solicitors for the next Hearing.

It is not true (as mentioned on this Order) that I was notified by letters that this application was being issued today at all.  I only got a phone call right at the end of the day yesterday – too late to do anything about it.

So now I am having to arrange another day off shortly and hope I get to find a lawyer in time for the Hearing as otherwise I will be unrepresented as I was last time.

I am going to contact the Court and various Judges so they are aware of what has happened.



  1. Very interesting, shocking and worrying, to find out how easily and surreptitiously, a NR and the only independent oversight of medical care and liberty can be removed.

    So both yours and Elizabeth’s wishes are being overridden ?

    Has Elizabeth any other representation ?

    Did the Judge you spoke to, give you any idea this would happen and have you been told the reason ?

    It appears, no one has any control over their mental ‘treatment’ and courts can be used to enforce any treatment with little, if no effective checks for £13,000 a week.

    You and Elizabeth must be worried sick to be losing control .


    • I had a Hearung before another Judge – I’m sure I recognised someone outside the court room from the last ct of protection Hearing. I am going to write to the royal court of justice tomorrow

  2. Jennifer O'Connor said:

    I am so sorry to hear this.

    • Jennifer O'Connor said:

      I bet you feel awful.

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