I have just received a letter from the CQC MHA enquiries and I am quite pleased with this letter.

Your Concerns – Huntercombe Hospital/Chase Farm.”

Elizabeth was discharged from Huntercombe on Wednesday 05 July and I waited in the foyer of the MH department of Chase Farm Hospital for her arrival.  She arrived at around midnight and was brought back to Suffolk Ward.

“The information you have given us is extremely valuable in helping us decide now or in the future if people using a service are receiving safe, compassionate and high quality care.  What people using services tell us informs our decision making and helps focus on areas of a service that may need attention by a provider.”

Definitely not in the case of Chase Farm Hospital where my daughter has been beaten up, forcibly injected so harshly her slippers broke, threatened by Dr Kunal Choudhary to be thrown out on the street homeless if she did not choose her father as next of kin.   It was already decided that an acute ward and PICU ward are the wrong environment for Elizabeth in any case.

I will notify you of the previous dates of section to Suffolk Ward.

Actually the majority of concerns relate to Chase Farm Hospital –  Elizabeth is not at Huntercombe any more and they have given recommendations for referral to Maudsley specialist unit for Aspergers.

My complaint is against Chase Farm is that someone cancelled the appeal against Section 2 without Elizabeth’s knowledge.  It is not true that she phoned the MHA office herself to do this.   That is what the MHA officer tried to say but I would dispute this and I would like to know why she cancelled the appeal and who told her to.  No way was this Elizabeth.

The letter gives the option of contacting the PHSO to undertake independent investigations into complaints about poor treatment.  I am very pleased with the PHSO’s recent investigation.



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