“If Elizabeth is sent back to a specialist unit, they can claim £13,000 per week, as opposed to £7,000, so it is to their advantage.
You are right to be worried, as this can only lead to more medication, which she will then eventually have to be weaned off.
As to her attacking, whilst difficult to cope with, all it shows is that their present ‘treatment’ is not working as this is a reaction to her dire situation.
I hope you get somewhere with Press, as revealing appears the only check/oversight and thank you for mentioning the information here.
Please let me know what happens and wish you all the best in the circumstances
That is a lot of money for the specialist unit and this could be why the team in ENFIELD wish to keep her where she is on an entirely unsuitable ward (Suffolk) where she has been beaten up by another patient and constantly hit around the head so I have been told by a member of staff.   She has been forcibly injected.   What kind of treatment is this!   Also RC Dr Kunal Choudhary said that if she did not choose her Dad as next of kin she would be thrown out on the street homeless” .  What is the point of putting her back on huge dosage of drugs that do not even work as she cannot metabolise them as proven in the P450 liver enzyme test.   I do agree that Elizabeth should take minimal amount of drugs and could function on these but in a hospital setting Doctors do not care for the physical wellbeing of their patients on a psychiatric ward especially if they have a diagnosis of Paranoid Schizophrenia but now Huntercombe Hospital – Dr Ahmad and Ramadani confirm Aspergers and treatment seems to be different.
Anyway I was today advised Section 2 coming to an end on Sunday.  I received a call from Sandra Muschette AHMP based at 65cPark Avenue, Bush Hill Park, Enfield.  She asked me if I had objection to Section 3 and put it in such a way there was no choice in  as it was felt by Dr Moorey and Dr Al-Allaq that Elizabeth has Schizophrenia and needs “treatment”  however she is already medicated and not causing problems but what we as a family are upset about is that they have totally ignored the most recent diagnosis by Dr Ahmad and Dr Ramadani from Huntercombe as well about three other local doctors mentioned in the files.  If Elizabeth needs continued treatment I believe this should be further explored as the environment of Suffolk Ward is far from right and neither was Cygnet, Cambian or Huntercombe.  To be imprisoned and not allowed out, cooped up and “punished” – this is supposed to be care?    If someone who has been terribly abused under their scheme in the community called Moti Villa situated in the Ridgeway they needs compassionate care not enforced drugging and abuse.
This social worker (AHMP) was recently involved in safeguarding and she said she would be imposing some section 5 to stop Elizabeth from going out and she would be seeking to displace me on the grounds of being unreasonable as NR – here we go again!  How many times have this department gone to court – about 6 times now.  I have no doubt of their huge powers especially when they do not like you. THE TRIBUNAL“YOU ARE NO LONGER THE NEXT OF KIN” – “WE’RE NOT SPEAKING TO YOU ANY MORE – MR B IS NOW NEXT OF KIN”HUNTERCOMBE ROEHAMPTON AND THE FAILED TRIBUNAL
Elizabeth has told a few people that she has been told that paranoid schizophrenia is the diagnosis and this is hereditary.  Please can Sandra be more specific and provide evidence of this – to whom does she refer.
I had two calls from her today whilst at work first of all asking me for my opinion on Section 3.   She explained that Elizabeth had been sent to Huntercombe because she was unmanageable on the ward – she was originally drug free.  Elizabeth could not settle in the scheme in the community after being on acute wards for 15 weeks.  I think she missed the company of others and was feeling unhappy and lonely in the scheme.  On the surface it looks nice but it was regimented full of control and she didn’t bond with the staff “no one understands me Mum”.  There were incidents where Elizabeth showed her anxiety and also I do not think she was eating healthily there as she was at home.  Staff could not cope and the immediate action was to call Police.  There was one outstanding support worker but sadly she was no longer working at the scheme.  No young friends or things going on socially.  She would have been better off in her own place with her own choice of support workers or better still in a community –  I think somewhere like Camphill Community Trust.
I am appalled at the way we as a family have been treated by Enfield Barnet and Haringey MH Trust where there is no accountability so it seems, where everyone protects one another judging by the conversations I have seen in the files.
Huntercombe echoed the views of the private MH professionals who said “Elizabeth sees things very differently  –  “has a difference way of seeing the world”.  Her treatment by MH professionals in Enfield has been abusive, cruel, discriminating, forget the Equality Act – this does not apply as Enfield are a law unto themselves.  Only if they are forced will they apologise.  I do not know why they even bother to employ a Director of Quality – what Quality is there exactly?
Whilst I was not happy Elizabeth was in Huntercombe and put on so much Clonazepam she could hardly speak, there were some things that were good in this private hospital – therapy for a start, food was nice.  The RC agreed with everything I said.  He agreed this was the wrong environment.   Past RC’s on Suffolk ward agreed likewise.  The acute ward was not the right environment for Elizabeth.  She has not been allowed out for three weeks and now Sandra is disallowing leave and imposing what she says is a Section 5 to stop Elizabeth from absconding    – exactly where is Elizabeth going to go –  it is not like treating someone as a human being but an object.  I shall be looking into the law properly before the meeting on Tuesday.,   The law on capacity can be manipulated.    When I confronted her about the comments on schizophrenia being hereditary –  this is not a word Elizabeth would even come out with.  Now I would like to see evidence as I am aware that my daughter needs some kind of treatment but certainly more in terms of therapy rather than enormous quantities of drugs as has been given in the past.  Surely it is good practice for Doctors to give the minimal amount of drugs but this is not so under Enfield MH.  When there is conflict of opinion, this should be explored, not denied as wrong treatment can be given as a result and this can be harmful.  All I am asking is for fairness.
Enfield are using private sector expensive hospitals under the MH.  I cant help but think that taxpayers money could be better spent on care within the local area which in my opinion is appalling and I am saying this in terms of resources, facilities, lack of the correct care and assessments.  It is mainly all about drugs and there is not enough therapists but at Huntercombe there were therapists.
Tomorrow is a get together with Joan Ryan MP and I hope to attend this and I want to talk about this situation.
Meanwhile I am sorry I live in this area and am ashamed I live in the UK where they treat the weak and vulnerable in the most abusive and cruel manner.  I am sorry Elizabeth came home when she would have been better off away from this area.
I have had to take another day off to attend ward round meeting on Tuesday.  Once again displacement is mentioned- once again spending vast sums of money –  how many more times when for a fraction of the price we provided the most wonderful care with caring professionals who tried to help Elizabeth’s trauma.   Being on a ward like this is enough to make anyone traumatised.  This is far from a therapeutic environment unlike Scotland, travelling to some of the most beautiful parts of the world and Australia.
Elizabeth has retreated to being a teenager but because her emotions have been suppressed for so long by enormous quantities of drugs, this is where she needed psychotherapy  but we had no help on this or a previous occasion. As a teenager she was immaculately behaved and polite.  She wanted to be a chef.  She loved her stay in Finland.  She loves animals and children and enjoyed travelling she enjoys music.  Elizabeth could hardly walk when she went away but came back well and able to talk about what happened to her under care in this area.    It upsets me that she is now back in this area where instead of working with the family Professionals wish to split the family using their powers to achieve their aims in what they think is the best interest.   The last “best interest” was a care home hundreds of miles away  where Elizabeth got no food at the weekend.  Elizabeth has agreed to take a small amount of drugs –  but there is now dispute over diagnosis as Huntercombe have identified the care that could benefit Elizabeth provided she is in the right environment and I do not think any locked ward or prison facility is correct for her as she was doing so well in a quiet peaceful and unspoilt part of the UK.
As for “hereditary” in terms of Schizophrenia I have asked for proof of this and for scientific proof of the diagnosis they insist upon and why they are not acting on or dismissing Huntercombe’s recommendations?  When confronted there was a denial of having ever said this.
I will keep you all informed.
  1. Jennifer O'Connor said:

    Schizophrenia can indeed be hereditary and their is reputable systematic scientific evidence backing this. You say Elizabeth has Asperger’s which is interesting as i have the same yet Elizabeth seems like possibly she has a mental health condition which is treatable with anti psychotics. Also as well as meds self acceptance and also family acceptance of the diagnosis would work wonders ie if everyone singing from the same hymn sheet their can be posiitive dialogue. This could happen but you seem to fight this diagnosis which is treatable and i many cases has good outcomes. It is not AIDS or TB in the middle ages. Accept work together and compromise yet be assertive and maybe things will get better. She sounds really vulnerable like little girl lost but i think with meds and therapy and her team working together she can be a found woman and move on and be a beautiful survivor and maybe help others.She is 30. She needs a life not being in hospitals. Maybe meds (and staying on them!) will enable her such a life. Who knows?? She could fly. Try it. I wish you well.

    • There is no one else with Schizophrenia in my family. It is an “umbrella” label for other conditions some of which can be physical. I cannot possibly comment on your case as I have never met you however when there are so many different diagnoses and antipsychotics do not work because that person is unable to metabolise them “treatment resistant” – poor/non metaboliser. This needs further exploration. Like I say I cannot comment on yourself but I am extremely critical of my daughter’s treatment under Enfield MH where she has been prescribed enormous amounts of concomitantly prescribed drugs. Instead of therapy she got drugs and no amount of drugs is going to cure someone when they have been seriously abused under local care. Elizabeth is a strong person as she has been drug free for over 120 days. She came back from Australia well again. The care under “Working to Recovery” was different to mainstream care – instead of drugs Elizabeth had therapy. When Elizabeth came home she wanted a job. Elizabeth was doing things for herself. Yet when she went away she could barely walk and was suffering from anxiety and agoraphobia. There is no bio marker ever found for Schizophrenia according to the leading professor and – more than 1 has told me this. I agree with you that at the age of 30 she needs to move forward and be independent but everything is controlled and people under MH are not encouraged enough – it is as though they are left to go downhill and whilst huge sums of money are being spent on private “prison” type hospitals like Cambian, Cygnet, Huntercombe – Elizabeth has been to them all and could write a book. Maybe that is the next step as all this money is being spent per week (see blog by Finola Moss). It may not be AIDS or TB but I am afraid that the care has not moved with the times. There is no choice in facilities and it takes about 5 years to recover coming off drugs. Elizabeth was placed in a scheme in the community and they tried to give Lorazepam which is addictive several times a day. She was suffering from chronic pain. There is not enough research into the effects of withdrawal and thank God that Dr Joanna Moncrieff is looking into this right now with her RADAR Programme. My daughter wants to be “free” and I tried to set her free. I gave her the opportunity to see the world and travel with MH professionals and stay with them, experience seeing different cities, towns and even learn some of the language to go out shopping alone. She stayed on a house boat in Paris, attended World Hearing Voices Congress, was taken out with French MH professionals and most of all was treated like a human being not like an object. You cannot just stop these drugs but if someone is experiencing terrible side effects this is ignored. I’m sorry but which diagnosis is correct when there are so many in the files and a psychiatrist dismisses the opinion of other professionals. Only recently at Huntercombe Elizabeth was diagnoses with Aspergers but this has been dismissed like rubbish by the local team. What about complex PTSD – look up NICE Guidelines – I do not see Clozapine mentioned for this. Enough is enough! I have discovered physical condition that is being completely ignored. There is research by Professor Belinda Lennox on the immune system and antibodies attacking the immune system – it is every bit possible that this could apply to my daughter but the team do not seem to want her to take part. For instance Asthma is an autoimmune condition. It is extremely suspicious to me that a doctor dismisses other doctors’ opinions like rubbish. The fact of the matter is that these doctors ignore instructions by manufacturers that they should only be given short term. When you take someone off the drugs it reveals so much – that person has suffered trauma by way of something terrible that has happened to them and only therapy can make them well – some cannot come off the drugs effectively in a built-up area as the whole system does not allow for choice and anyone who ends up on the wards is treated appallingly – on a MH ward staff do not have communication skills to understand Aspergers so there needs to be suitable expertise on such a condition as otherwise that person is not going to get the right care and how can they on a volatile ward where fights and disturbances break out. What is needed is a peaceful environment in order to get well – a natural environment where there is not the pressure of having to engage in staff demands of attending meetings etc etc. I have seen therapy work wonders and why on earth is this not being provided instead of all these expensive institutions. If someone is happy with taking meds all well and good but others are not and given the right ongoing treatment then they could recover too. My point is there is no choice and I see the care and treatment as nothing more than social control and if you look at my Section 17 Leave blog this says it all. Also take a look at the wonderful blog by Finola Moss. Its business.

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