Elizabeth was first of all transferred from Suffolk Ward on the 19th June.  She was first of all placed on Upper Richmond Ward but then transferred to Lower Richmond Ward but she is not happy there and neither are we as a family.

Whilst probably the food and facility is better than local Chase Farm wards, it is a largely restrictive environment like prison where you have to book a room and where your visiting time is limited to just 1 hour.    This is no place to get well and should only be used short term.  I noticed a big poster on the wall stating on average they keep men for just 12 days and women for 18 –  I wondered why the difference and that both men and women should surely be treated the same.  So this is the second week and not once has Elizabeth been taken out.

Her religious needs are not being met either in this private hospital but I understand that this needs extra funding.   So despite the huge amount paid to Huntercombe in order to escort Elizabeth to the local church you need to pay extra so since Enfield have so much money surely they can provide this extra funding for religious needs.

Food is supposed to be better.

Elizabeth said the staff are OK.

On the therapy side they have much better provision –  it makes you think why this is not being provided on local wards.

The things I do not like are the smoking in a small garden area.

It can be noisy and other patients can flare up but Elizabeth is doing OK and has settle down so I am saddened but not surprised her Tribunal failed today.  She already had solicitors and I do not understand why they were replaced at the very last minute.  None of us want her to remain on this mental health PICU ward as we feel she is not being treated fairly.


They are supposed to carry out an assessment at Huntercombe when there are more than one diagnosis but I do not think this has been done or that they have the expertise on this particular ward geared for mental health to assess Aspergers for instance and they are dismissing complex PTSD.

All they want to do as they are being paid by ENFIELD is to confirm the diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia treatment resistant.  None of us accept this as we feel she has Aspergers and complex PTSD after what happened to her at Moti Villa, The Ridgeway Enfield, where Elizabeth was terribly abused and this had been bottled up for all these years and suddenly on her return from Australia she started to open up about it.  Not once have ENFIELD provided anything in terms of specialist counselling.  However Dr Kajori Mukherjee – Clinical Psychologist actually did not deny the possibility of complex PTSD and Aspergers which is mentioned in files by more than one expert locally.

ENFIELD want to take the easy way out and drug her up but none of us in the family are just going to sit back and do nothing about this shocking treatment of my daughter.    I am happy to speak to every newspaper about the way my daughter has been treated locally by people who call themselves “professionals”.

I have just heard from Elizabeth that there will be a ward round this week – possibly tomorrow or Wednesday and I am phoning on both days to Lower Richmond Ward to speak to Dr Ahmad.    I want to know what expertise he and other doctors have when it comes to Aspergers which is something quite specialised and he is a specialist in mental  health.

Elizabeth has been on the same drugs they at trying to put her on now at Huntercombe and none have worked.   I am concerned at what they are doing.    I accept that Elizabeth needs “treatment” to tackle post traumatic stress disorder.    She talks in terms of not being fully grown.  She has retreated back to childhood and dissociates herself from recent incidents and does not know why she is on the ward.    It is wrong of the Doctors from Lower Richmond Ward to not properly look into the other diagnoses.

The whole facility is completely wrong for my daughter and I now want to know exactly what their expertise is in the area of learning/developmental/aspergers and complex PTSD.

Totally ignored in this hospital is the P450 liver enzyme tests.

Also being ignored is physical health and wellbeing in terms of endocrinal, heart, cyst, infection with MRSA, other tests for allergies as Elizabeth was severely ill physically as a child.

I feel this hospital is ignoring Elizabeth’s physical health and failing to do proper assessments as they promise.   This is therefore the wrong facility for Elizabeth.    If Elizabeth has been found in need of being sectioned please move her away from a prison environment that has only made her worse and to somewhere where she will get well like The Retreat or Khiron House.    I am sure that this facility must be astronomic in price so there cannot be much difference between this and the facilities I have mentioned set in beautiful grounds.  It is not a waste of money when the care provided is correct.

Even if these facilities are farther away from home if they are providing the correct treatment then this is what counts.  Sadly Cambian did not and neither did the Bethlem or Cygnet.   I just cant believe that this hospital wanted to put her back on Aripiprazole and I want a full enquiry as this drug I have reported for adverse reaction.

When I look at what wonderful weather it is outside I really feel for those patients who are kept prisoner on such wards and no way are facilities like this the place to get better or should they be used long term.

The public have a right to know that money is being misspent in the local area who are failing to produce the correct facilities to deal with conditions such as complex PTSD as well as assess people for other conditions when it is mentioned in the files by other professionals.

If they take Elizabeth off the Clonazepam I feel they should just leave her on the current dosage even though it is a drug that brought her out in a rash as noted in the files.  All want is for her to be on a low dosage.

Elizabeth would thrive in a natural environment such as Camphill Community Trust.  There are such facilities near to where the rest of the family live and I do not feel she has ever been treated fairly in this area of ENFIELD.





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