Adult Treatment Units to ‘Community Living’ – Turf War for Billions ? — finolamoss

I thought long and hard before writing this post, as I did not want it to appear to condone in any way, the atrocity of life and death in an Adult Treatment Unit. Atrocities like the 7 year ‘treatment’ of 18 year old Stephanie Bincliffe in an Huntercombe ATU, paid £1761 a day to lock and […]

via Adult Treatment Units to ‘Community Living’ – Turf War for Billions ? — finolamoss

  1. Elizabeth is currently at Huntercombe Roehampton and her Tribunal has failed – solicitors replaced at last minute. Elizabeth is unhappy there and treated like a prisoner not allowed out anywhere and restricted visits for one hour only which means you spend a good 4 hrs + in travelling as this facility is a long way from home. She is on a mental health PICU ward called Lower Richmond Ward. Her Responsible Clinician is called Dr Shakeel Ahmad and there are other Psychiatrists called Dr Smart and Dr Ramadani. They have not assessed Elizabeth properly as they are supposed to. How can you assess someone who is so drugged up they can hardly see out of their eyes. They have reduced the addictive Clonazepam but why on earth is an antipsychotic drug licensed for Schizophrenia being given immediately when no assessment has been done on Aspergers which is mentioned in the files “I though that Elizabeth’s presentation had a flavour of developmental disorder such as Aspergers Syndrome. This has been conveniently omitted from care plans coming from East Enfield Recovery based at 58-60 Silver Street Enfield. In other words Elizabeth who was drug free for 113 days was sent to this facility just to be drugged and that is exactly what they are doing without doing any proper assessments because you cannot possibly do an accurate assessment with someone so drugged up as Elizabeth has been. I therefore feel my daughter has suffered gross discrimination by the local teams in Enfield who have sent her to this facility where she is cooped up like a prisoner and where smoking is allowed. I would like to know exactly what tests have been carried out for Aspergers and complex PTSD since her arrival on the 19th of July. Dr Shakeel Ahmad has said he agrees this is not the right place for her to be but ENFIELD continue to pay. I feel this is of public interest due to the vast sums of money the local area of Enfield is paying out for this facility whilst other services are being cut and people are wrongly led to believe there is no funding, no money. In fact there must be plenty of money and what they are providing is wrong. I cannot accept the diagnosis of “paranoid schizophrenia” and neither can others in the family. A leading expert in the field should have been contacted to carry out an assessment BEFORE they put her on antipsychotics. I shall be contacting Huntercombe tomorrow and wish to speak to Dr Ahmad. I will keep you all informed.

  2. As you say Susan, it would be difficult enough obtaining any accurate diagnose per se but impossible if drugged so much.

    And this would only be of use, if there is a possible treatment, and this is available.

    If Aspergers exists, and check out its history and who formulated the UK test, up until 2009 it was not a sectionable mental disorder under MHA.

    Making it one legally, does not change its nature of being a behavioural disorder, which is an intrinsic part of Elizabeth and must be coped and lived with.

    As we know, the NHS is not providing treatment in these places, be they for life under MCA, or the supposed ‘treatment’ under MHA, which is abusive dangerous, against NICE guidelines enforced drugging , not unregulated and, not lawful.
    But for maximum private profit.

    And allowed to exist because this and successive governments, have put the system in place, harvesting new captive customers and paying out even more millions of public money. .

    • i have researched vast evidence that the symptoms are as a result of CBI -chronic brain impairment,. This is the real diagnosis.

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