I have received a letter in response to our complaint relating to safeguarding.  The letter of apology is written by Dionne Grant Statutory Complaints Manager.

There was someone else that should have received apology but it was suggested that this person contacts the relevant organisation directly.

I have requested copies of the other minutes and copy of a particular letter written by a Consultant Psychiatrist.

“Mental health services in Enfield are integrated with and managed by Barnet Enfield and Haringey MH Trust which is a separate organisation from the Council.   You will need to liaise directly with them regarding copies of information required.

“What measures are in place to change safeguarding procedures?”

“discussions are now taking place between both Council and Trust Head of Safeguarding.

They disagree that people involved should not be involved in future safeguarding and state as part of improving our service “the professionals involved have reflected on our experience which will help develop their practice as they continue to deal with safeguarding issues.”

Concerns about Placement:

“You need to contact the external provider directly.  The Trust is aware of the concerns and will discuss these matters directly. ”    As yet no discussions have taken place regarding the placement.

Reference was made to the joint complainant GH “The Trust is aware and will consider matters accordingly.  A joint apology has been given on behalf of both Council and Trust.  This covers all 0parties involved so there would not be further contact from individual officers on this same matter.”

Concerns on Medication

“The Trust is aware of your concerns and will liaise directly with you on matters”.

The latest drug is once again Rispiriedon being prescribed by Huntercombe which according to early files Elizabeth had to be taken off due to allergic reaction.

If only Elizabeth was in a peaceful environment away from London such as The Retreat and receiving the right counselling then there is hope she could get well.  It is worth trying something completely different away from this area such as Camphill Community Trust.   The London environment may well not be the right environment for Elizabeth as going away to a peaceful natural environment was the answer previously and reason she came back so well.

We will keep trying to find out when we can pick up the possessions and what is going on as regards the scheme in the community as this is clearly not suitable if staff could not get on with my daughter and she was not happy there.  Now is the time to look alternative solutions.   I have no objection to Elizabeth going away from this area if only she is receiving the correct care and not being forcibly drugged and her need for the right kind of therapy addressed.

Elizabeth has retained happy memories of her time away with private MH professionals through “Working to Recovery” and at art group at Huntercombe she is drawing upon those memories of beach, surfing, her time travelling and staying in Scotland.  I am so happy that we provided this wonderful care and that at least she has some happy memories in her life.    A hospital environment such as Huntercombe PICU and other similar places should not be used to hold patients for many years but only for short term periods.



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