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Now on a Section 3 against my wishes Elizabeth is on Suffolk Ward the most restrictive position she has been on so far.   She was doing so well after so long in the wrong environment under so many different wards and hospitals all over London and mainly drug free but on this occasion Elizabeth was starting to show signs of distress.

The scheme is being kept open with no other options and dictated by what social services demand.    The freedom Elizabeth sought sadly has disappeared and her mind is now suppressed by drugs.  When someone becomes “unmanageable” on the wards, too demanding, confrontational this was bound to happen but in this kind of environment I can appreciate how patients can be confrontational as some are not even let out.   Elizabeth was in a better position before but now she is in a terrible situation and a section 3 can lead to long term imprisonment and forced treatment of the same nature she has had previously under Enfield of enormous quantities of mind altering drugs.  I am very concerned at what they are going to do next.    She is only allowed out half an hour a day and this is after well over the section 2 period and according to her apology her liberty was infringed upon so I see.  Because Elizabeth is not allowed out to go for walks she is gaining weight and it is not healthy.    Before when she was on Section 2 and made voluntary she could go out for two hours a day.   My concern now was on hearing from a close family friend who visited today that there were disturbing incidents on the ward concerning Elizabeth.     Another patient unwell kept shouting at her calling her “devil” – was coming up to the table and a lot of harassment from this other patient.  This prompted me to telephone the ward and report my concerns but what can staff do in the situation.    Elizabeth has well and truly settled down now and no longer hyper, confrontational.   What has happened today only reinforces my view that this ward along with every other PICU/acute ward is the wrong environment and costs around £900 a night.  Quite frankly I’d rather she be in a health farm or a nice hotel with a swimming pool would work out cheaper.  No longer any risk the environment is not the right one to get well and every other doctor has confirmed this to me and agreed with me.

So my dispute is and always has been diagnosis and deprival of assessment for the other diagnoses.   When you make suggestions you get ignored and yet the money is being spent on yet another facility that is a locked ward/PICU with disturbed patients instead of a peaceful and quiet location and such wards can be frightening.   Fights and disturbances break out all the time and when that happens a patient is forcibly injected or put in the seclusion room and then transferred to another private prison like facility.  However Huntercombe have diagnosed Elizabeth with Aspergers and I have kept the recording of Elizabeth’s voice and she was so happy.    I believe the report I have going back to 2013 by Dr Bob Johnson to be correct and that the correct diagnosis is “Selye’s Generalised Adaptational Syndrome.    It is horrible to be in this situation of not knowing what is going to happen next, Elizabeth does not have any leave except for just half an hour and that is barely enough to go down to the café from where she is situated.  I think it is truly horrible the way people are treated under MH, not just the patients but parents/carers etc.  If only there was more openness and honesty under the MH system and inclusion.  They system is all wrong.

The other day on the ward Elizabeth was upset as she felt a nurse had prescribed or tried to prescribe double the dosage so I went with her to write down exactly what she is meant to have and at what time and what dosage.   Today I laminated that copy, drove down to the hospital and gave her this and some healthy drinks.   Elizabeth was out for her half- hour break so I did not get to see her.

It has been a truly awful experience and whilst Elizabeth came home so well she needed ongoing counselling.   In these schemes it is not like someone can just relax and be free to do as they like.  There is a medicine room – drugs are given by support workers.  Elizabeth was on Lorazepam but this is addictive and clonazepam is still being given on Suffolk ward twice a day.     It makes her very drowsy and Rispiriedon also given twice a day.  It seems to have stabilised her as she was quite distressed.   It is good that she is taking an interest in what they are doing with the drugs.

The other day Elizabeth said I wish I could get away from here and have a nice holiday.  I told her that next year was a very big family occasion.  Next year abroad will be a family wedding and I hope that Elizabeth will be a bridesmaid at this special occasion.   Practically all my holiday has been taken up with appointments etc when I had hoped that this year would be a happy year but it has not been at all.   I just hope things get better.


I telephoned social services Enfield (Sandra Muschett) and she said she did not know details of the preliminary court Hearing today.  By late morning I still had not heard anything.  I then decided to phone the London Borough of Enfield Legal Department.  The switchboard operator said she could not give out numbers to me but I told her I needed to know where the court Hearing was going to be heard and it was late morning by this time and I knew it would be some time in the afternoon.   It was about midday and I suddenly heard from Sandra Muschett that the Hearing would be in London Royal Court of Justice but she did not know which court –  she gave me the time and I quickly made my way up to London.

I arrived early at the Royal Court of Justice and I went to the reception in the main hall to find out where the court Hearing would be heard.  The receptionist wrote down on a piece of paper where and I checked my messages to see if I had heard from social services where this would be held but there was no notification.    I waited outside the court which I had been given details of.    The Clerk to the Court spoke to me and I had brought papers of previous Hearings and things that I had just quickly thrown together as there was no time to do anything.   I had not been able to get any solicitors at such short notice and I am not entitled to any Legal Aid as Nearest Relative.

I was called in to see the Judge and they made further enquiries as they did not seem to have the details and a check was made to see if the Hearing was taking place elsewhere but nothing showed up.

I had presented the papers to the Judge who was very nice.  I was able to speak to the Judge personally which I do not recall doing at the least Hearing.  I could not bring Elizabeth with me – the Section 5.2 expire today and this has gone on to a Section 3 now which I objected to because of the fact that Suffolk Ward have dismissed the diagnosis and recommendation from Huntercombe –  they clearly do not want to provide an assessment with more specialist care.    On this acute ward there have been some pretty serious incidents.     A fire the other day where someone was smoking in their room, Elizabeth has been beaten up by another patient and hit around the head constantly in the yard outside so a member of staff told me.      That was why she was transferred to Trent Ward Edgware.   Another acute ward where it was noisy and volatile.   She’d also been on private sector Cygnet Beckton and last of all Huntercombe who put her back on medication and now Dr Helen Moorey and her team of psychiatrists want to “treat” my daughter for paranoid schizophrenia completely ignoring what Huntercombe had to say and their recommendations which I have in writing.  It was good to be able to show all this information to the Judge today but I puzzled as to why social services had not turned up when I had been given the correct information in writing.  It was listed late apparently so I did not question the fact that anything could have gone wrong.  I stopped to visit the Citizens Advice Bureau on my way out.  I then made my way back home but when I got to Oakwood I noticed I had a call from Elizabeth and she had asked for some Chinese food which is her favourite.  I stopped off to get this.

I then made my way to the hospital taking with me some drinks and fruit.

When I got to the hospital I asked if we could sit in the quiet room.  Suddenly there was a knock on the door and a member of staff said that Sandra Muschett wanted to see Elizabeth alone.  I wondered where her advocate was as this was quite late in the day but I wanted to see Sandra myself as why didn’t she let me know where the court Hearing was taking place?  I was left to make enquiries and rush up to London myself and then went to the wrong court but did see the Judge and was able to present papers and even speak.

When I questioned why Sandra could not see both of us together –  after a while she came to the quiet room.   Sandra had a General Form of Judgement or Order in her hand and told Elizabeth that “the London Borough of Enfield are now her Nearest Relative” and that I had been displaced by them.   I was told to get myself solicitors for the next Hearing.

It is not true (as mentioned on this Order) that I was notified by letters that this application was being issued today at all.  I only got a phone call right at the end of the day yesterday – too late to do anything about it.

So now I am having to arrange another day off shortly and hope I get to find a lawyer in time for the Hearing as otherwise I will be unrepresented as I was last time.

I am going to contact the Court and various Judges so they are aware of what has happened.



“If Elizabeth is sent back to a specialist unit, they can claim £13,000 per week, as opposed to £7,000, so it is to their advantage.
You are right to be worried, as this can only lead to more medication, which she will then eventually have to be weaned off.
As to her attacking, whilst difficult to cope with, all it shows is that their present ‘treatment’ is not working as this is a reaction to her dire situation.
I hope you get somewhere with Press, as revealing appears the only check/oversight and thank you for mentioning the information here.
Please let me know what happens and wish you all the best in the circumstances
That is a lot of money for the specialist unit and this could be why the team in ENFIELD wish to keep her where she is on an entirely unsuitable ward (Suffolk) where she has been beaten up by another patient and constantly hit around the head so I have been told by a member of staff.   She has been forcibly injected.   What kind of treatment is this!   Also RC Dr Kunal Choudhary said that if she did not choose her Dad as next of kin she would be thrown out on the street homeless” .  What is the point of putting her back on huge dosage of drugs that do not even work as she cannot metabolise them as proven in the P450 liver enzyme test.   I do agree that Elizabeth should take minimal amount of drugs and could function on these but in a hospital setting Doctors do not care for the physical wellbeing of their patients on a psychiatric ward especially if they have a diagnosis of Paranoid Schizophrenia but now Huntercombe Hospital – Dr Ahmad and Ramadani confirm Aspergers and treatment seems to be different.
Anyway I was today advised Section 2 coming to an end on Sunday.  I received a call from Sandra Muschette AHMP based at 65cPark Avenue, Bush Hill Park, Enfield.  She asked me if I had objection to Section 3 and put it in such a way there was no choice in  as it was felt by Dr Moorey and Dr Al-Allaq that Elizabeth has Schizophrenia and needs “treatment”  however she is already medicated and not causing problems but what we as a family are upset about is that they have totally ignored the most recent diagnosis by Dr Ahmad and Dr Ramadani from Huntercombe as well about three other local doctors mentioned in the files.  If Elizabeth needs continued treatment I believe this should be further explored as the environment of Suffolk Ward is far from right and neither was Cygnet, Cambian or Huntercombe.  To be imprisoned and not allowed out, cooped up and “punished” – this is supposed to be care?    If someone who has been terribly abused under their scheme in the community called Moti Villa situated in the Ridgeway they needs compassionate care not enforced drugging and abuse.
This social worker (AHMP) was recently involved in safeguarding and she said she would be imposing some section 5 to stop Elizabeth from going out and she would be seeking to displace me on the grounds of being unreasonable as NR – here we go again!  How many times have this department gone to court – about 6 times now.  I have no doubt of their huge powers especially when they do not like you. THE TRIBUNAL“YOU ARE NO LONGER THE NEXT OF KIN” – “WE’RE NOT SPEAKING TO YOU ANY MORE – MR B IS NOW NEXT OF KIN”HUNTERCOMBE ROEHAMPTON AND THE FAILED TRIBUNAL
Elizabeth has told a few people that she has been told that paranoid schizophrenia is the diagnosis and this is hereditary.  Please can Sandra be more specific and provide evidence of this – to whom does she refer.
I had two calls from her today whilst at work first of all asking me for my opinion on Section 3.   She explained that Elizabeth had been sent to Huntercombe because she was unmanageable on the ward – she was originally drug free.  Elizabeth could not settle in the scheme in the community after being on acute wards for 15 weeks.  I think she missed the company of others and was feeling unhappy and lonely in the scheme.  On the surface it looks nice but it was regimented full of control and she didn’t bond with the staff “no one understands me Mum”.  There were incidents where Elizabeth showed her anxiety and also I do not think she was eating healthily there as she was at home.  Staff could not cope and the immediate action was to call Police.  There was one outstanding support worker but sadly she was no longer working at the scheme.  No young friends or things going on socially.  She would have been better off in her own place with her own choice of support workers or better still in a community –  I think somewhere like Camphill Community Trust.
I am appalled at the way we as a family have been treated by Enfield Barnet and Haringey MH Trust where there is no accountability so it seems, where everyone protects one another judging by the conversations I have seen in the files.
Huntercombe echoed the views of the private MH professionals who said “Elizabeth sees things very differently  –  “has a difference way of seeing the world”.  Her treatment by MH professionals in Enfield has been abusive, cruel, discriminating, forget the Equality Act – this does not apply as Enfield are a law unto themselves.  Only if they are forced will they apologise.  I do not know why they even bother to employ a Director of Quality – what Quality is there exactly?
Whilst I was not happy Elizabeth was in Huntercombe and put on so much Clonazepam she could hardly speak, there were some things that were good in this private hospital – therapy for a start, food was nice.  The RC agreed with everything I said.  He agreed this was the wrong environment.   Past RC’s on Suffolk ward agreed likewise.  The acute ward was not the right environment for Elizabeth.  She has not been allowed out for three weeks and now Sandra is disallowing leave and imposing what she says is a Section 5 to stop Elizabeth from absconding    – exactly where is Elizabeth going to go –  it is not like treating someone as a human being but an object.  I shall be looking into the law properly before the meeting on Tuesday.,   The law on capacity can be manipulated.    When I confronted her about the comments on schizophrenia being hereditary –  this is not a word Elizabeth would even come out with.  Now I would like to see evidence as I am aware that my daughter needs some kind of treatment but certainly more in terms of therapy rather than enormous quantities of drugs as has been given in the past.  Surely it is good practice for Doctors to give the minimal amount of drugs but this is not so under Enfield MH.  When there is conflict of opinion, this should be explored, not denied as wrong treatment can be given as a result and this can be harmful.  All I am asking is for fairness.
Enfield are using private sector expensive hospitals under the MH.  I cant help but think that taxpayers money could be better spent on care within the local area which in my opinion is appalling and I am saying this in terms of resources, facilities, lack of the correct care and assessments.  It is mainly all about drugs and there is not enough therapists but at Huntercombe there were therapists.
Tomorrow is a get together with Joan Ryan MP and I hope to attend this and I want to talk about this situation.
Meanwhile I am sorry I live in this area and am ashamed I live in the UK where they treat the weak and vulnerable in the most abusive and cruel manner.  I am sorry Elizabeth came home when she would have been better off away from this area.
I have had to take another day off to attend ward round meeting on Tuesday.  Once again displacement is mentioned- once again spending vast sums of money –  how many more times when for a fraction of the price we provided the most wonderful care with caring professionals who tried to help Elizabeth’s trauma.   Being on a ward like this is enough to make anyone traumatised.  This is far from a therapeutic environment unlike Scotland, travelling to some of the most beautiful parts of the world and Australia.
Elizabeth has retreated to being a teenager but because her emotions have been suppressed for so long by enormous quantities of drugs, this is where she needed psychotherapy  but we had no help on this or a previous occasion. As a teenager she was immaculately behaved and polite.  She wanted to be a chef.  She loved her stay in Finland.  She loves animals and children and enjoyed travelling she enjoys music.  Elizabeth could hardly walk when she went away but came back well and able to talk about what happened to her under care in this area.    It upsets me that she is now back in this area where instead of working with the family Professionals wish to split the family using their powers to achieve their aims in what they think is the best interest.   The last “best interest” was a care home hundreds of miles away  where Elizabeth got no food at the weekend.  Elizabeth has agreed to take a small amount of drugs –  but there is now dispute over diagnosis as Huntercombe have identified the care that could benefit Elizabeth provided she is in the right environment and I do not think any locked ward or prison facility is correct for her as she was doing so well in a quiet peaceful and unspoilt part of the UK.
As for “hereditary” in terms of Schizophrenia I have asked for proof of this and for scientific proof of the diagnosis they insist upon and why they are not acting on or dismissing Huntercombe’s recommendations?  When confronted there was a denial of having ever said this.
I will keep you all informed.

I have just received a letter from the CQC MHA enquiries and I am quite pleased with this letter.

Your Concerns – Huntercombe Hospital/Chase Farm.”

Elizabeth was discharged from Huntercombe on Wednesday 05 July and I waited in the foyer of the MH department of Chase Farm Hospital for her arrival.  She arrived at around midnight and was brought back to Suffolk Ward.

“The information you have given us is extremely valuable in helping us decide now or in the future if people using a service are receiving safe, compassionate and high quality care.  What people using services tell us informs our decision making and helps focus on areas of a service that may need attention by a provider.”

Definitely not in the case of Chase Farm Hospital where my daughter has been beaten up, forcibly injected so harshly her slippers broke, threatened by Dr Kunal Choudhary to be thrown out on the street homeless if she did not choose her father as next of kin.   It was already decided that an acute ward and PICU ward are the wrong environment for Elizabeth in any case.

I will notify you of the previous dates of section to Suffolk Ward.

Actually the majority of concerns relate to Chase Farm Hospital –  Elizabeth is not at Huntercombe any more and they have given recommendations for referral to Maudsley specialist unit for Aspergers.

My complaint is against Chase Farm is that someone cancelled the appeal against Section 2 without Elizabeth’s knowledge.  It is not true that she phoned the MHA office herself to do this.   That is what the MHA officer tried to say but I would dispute this and I would like to know why she cancelled the appeal and who told her to.  No way was this Elizabeth.

The letter gives the option of contacting the PHSO to undertake independent investigations into complaints about poor treatment.  I am very pleased with the PHSO’s recent investigation.


Elizabeth was first of all transferred from Suffolk Ward on the 19th June.  She was first of all placed on Upper Richmond Ward but then transferred to Lower Richmond Ward but she is not happy there and neither are we as a family.

Whilst probably the food and facility is better than local Chase Farm wards, it is a largely restrictive environment like prison where you have to book a room and where your visiting time is limited to just 1 hour.    This is no place to get well and should only be used short term.  I noticed a big poster on the wall stating on average they keep men for just 12 days and women for 18 –  I wondered why the difference and that both men and women should surely be treated the same.  So this is the second week and not once has Elizabeth been taken out.

Her religious needs are not being met either in this private hospital but I understand that this needs extra funding.   So despite the huge amount paid to Huntercombe in order to escort Elizabeth to the local church you need to pay extra so since Enfield have so much money surely they can provide this extra funding for religious needs.

Food is supposed to be better.

Elizabeth said the staff are OK.

On the therapy side they have much better provision –  it makes you think why this is not being provided on local wards.

The things I do not like are the smoking in a small garden area.

It can be noisy and other patients can flare up but Elizabeth is doing OK and has settle down so I am saddened but not surprised her Tribunal failed today.  She already had solicitors and I do not understand why they were replaced at the very last minute.  None of us want her to remain on this mental health PICU ward as we feel she is not being treated fairly.


They are supposed to carry out an assessment at Huntercombe when there are more than one diagnosis but I do not think this has been done or that they have the expertise on this particular ward geared for mental health to assess Aspergers for instance and they are dismissing complex PTSD.

All they want to do as they are being paid by ENFIELD is to confirm the diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia treatment resistant.  None of us accept this as we feel she has Aspergers and complex PTSD after what happened to her at Moti Villa, The Ridgeway Enfield, where Elizabeth was terribly abused and this had been bottled up for all these years and suddenly on her return from Australia she started to open up about it.  Not once have ENFIELD provided anything in terms of specialist counselling.  However Dr Kajori Mukherjee – Clinical Psychologist actually did not deny the possibility of complex PTSD and Aspergers which is mentioned in files by more than one expert locally.

ENFIELD want to take the easy way out and drug her up but none of us in the family are just going to sit back and do nothing about this shocking treatment of my daughter.    I am happy to speak to every newspaper about the way my daughter has been treated locally by people who call themselves “professionals”.

I have just heard from Elizabeth that there will be a ward round this week – possibly tomorrow or Wednesday and I am phoning on both days to Lower Richmond Ward to speak to Dr Ahmad.    I want to know what expertise he and other doctors have when it comes to Aspergers which is something quite specialised and he is a specialist in mental  health.

Elizabeth has been on the same drugs they at trying to put her on now at Huntercombe and none have worked.   I am concerned at what they are doing.    I accept that Elizabeth needs “treatment” to tackle post traumatic stress disorder.    She talks in terms of not being fully grown.  She has retreated back to childhood and dissociates herself from recent incidents and does not know why she is on the ward.    It is wrong of the Doctors from Lower Richmond Ward to not properly look into the other diagnoses.

The whole facility is completely wrong for my daughter and I now want to know exactly what their expertise is in the area of learning/developmental/aspergers and complex PTSD.

Totally ignored in this hospital is the P450 liver enzyme tests.

Also being ignored is physical health and wellbeing in terms of endocrinal, heart, cyst, infection with MRSA, other tests for allergies as Elizabeth was severely ill physically as a child.

I feel this hospital is ignoring Elizabeth’s physical health and failing to do proper assessments as they promise.   This is therefore the wrong facility for Elizabeth.    If Elizabeth has been found in need of being sectioned please move her away from a prison environment that has only made her worse and to somewhere where she will get well like The Retreat or Khiron House.    I am sure that this facility must be astronomic in price so there cannot be much difference between this and the facilities I have mentioned set in beautiful grounds.  It is not a waste of money when the care provided is correct.

Even if these facilities are farther away from home if they are providing the correct treatment then this is what counts.  Sadly Cambian did not and neither did the Bethlem or Cygnet.   I just cant believe that this hospital wanted to put her back on Aripiprazole and I want a full enquiry as this drug I have reported for adverse reaction.

When I look at what wonderful weather it is outside I really feel for those patients who are kept prisoner on such wards and no way are facilities like this the place to get better or should they be used long term.

The public have a right to know that money is being misspent in the local area who are failing to produce the correct facilities to deal with conditions such as complex PTSD as well as assess people for other conditions when it is mentioned in the files by other professionals.

If they take Elizabeth off the Clonazepam I feel they should just leave her on the current dosage even though it is a drug that brought her out in a rash as noted in the files.  All want is for her to be on a low dosage.

Elizabeth would thrive in a natural environment such as Camphill Community Trust.  There are such facilities near to where the rest of the family live and I do not feel she has ever been treated fairly in this area of ENFIELD.




I thought long and hard before writing this post, as I did not want it to appear to condone in any way, the atrocity of life and death in an Adult Treatment Unit. Atrocities like the 7 year ‘treatment’ of 18 year old Stephanie Bincliffe in an Huntercombe ATU, paid £1761 a day to lock and […]

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