Dr Ahmad had contacted me during the week and said he would like to speak to me following my emails to him in which I asked some very good questions such as:

What does Upper Richmond Ward of Huntercombe Hospital offer exactly?

Do they offer assessments for Aspergers?

Do they offer assessments for complex PTSD?

Will Elizabeth be able to take part in the PIP Antibodies Research that Professor Lennox is doing that Elizabeth consented to?  A researcher was going to visit her on Suffolk Ward but she was transferred without any warning.

Can Elizabeth see an Endocrinologist?

Elizabeth should have tests as she has been hit around the head lots of times on Suffolk Ward.

Does the ward have EMDR/Psychotherapy?

Can Elizabeth have her phone back?

Did Dr Ahmed know that Elizabeth is allergic to Rispiriedone and came out in a rash and should therefore be taken off this chemical as was previously recommended in the files.  I got the feeling he did not know this but I can prove it.

Did Dr Ahmed know that Elizabeth is a non metaboliser of psychiatric drugs and should not be given them for complex PTSD – the correct diagnosis is Selyes Generalised Adaptational Syndrome and she is chronic treatment resistant and that means someone cannot metabolise the drugs.   I attached the report from Holland to my email.

I then went on to say that the ward was another ward that was not suitable for Elizabeth’s needs it is PICU and it is noisy and volatile on this ward.   How can anyone get better here with all the noise?

When Dr Ahmad telephoned he listened to me and he agreed with EVERYTHING I said.   I told him the ward was not therapeutic.   I then told him about the wonderful care we provided that took Elizabeth to Australia.  I would say this is proper care that included music therapy and art therapy.   He was very interested when I told him about Paris and that Elizabeth stayed on a house boat in Paris and attended the World Hearing Voices Congress.    He then went on to say did Elizabeth hear any voices and I said NEVER!   I told him that Elizabeth came back well after that wonderful care but deteriorated through lack of support in the community.  I mentioned about the healthy environment unlike London.  A natural environment where there were animals, peace and quiet and no pressure.    I mentioned about the scheme in the community and how pressure was put on Elizabeth expecting her to attend meetings.   All the same I am disappointed things did not work out as it was in a nice area.

I mentioned how unhappy I was that Elizabeth was being drugged so excessively that she could hardly open her eyes.   She could not walk hardly and I told him that it was very wrong that all patients were sectioned and there were no voluntary patients there on the ward.   I explained that Elizabeth was allowed out on her own in Australia, France and Spain and Scotland so why not there?  The surrounding area is very nice so I believe Elizabeth should be allowed out like she was on Trent Ward and Suffolk Ward.   It is lovely weather and I am saddened to think that my daughter is stuck in a hospital like this and now allowed out in the fresh air.   The local area of Enfield Barnet and Haringey MH Trust are short of beds because they do not offer the right kind of care on their wards and they have poor facilities and something needs to be done about this.   So the answer is to use Cygnet, Huntercombe and places like this but I never got any answer from Dr Ahmad as to what his ward offered in terms of assessments and care as all I have seen so far is Elizabeth drugged up three times daily on Clonazepam and I despair – Rispiriedon which is not recommended I am sure for complex PTSD.  It should only be given in any case up to six weeks and I am not happy at all that Elizabeth is on this chemical that causes huge weight gain and she did not get on with this before.    The chlorpromazine is a drug that is more likely to become addictive and Dr Ahmad said he would reduce this first and take her off it altogether from next week but I told him that I wanted him to start the reduction this week not next week.   He did not mention about the Rispiriedon what he was going to do about this and I said I was not very pleased.

I told Dr Ahmad that there was lots of people including myself that Elizabeth was happy to share information with as Elizabeth gave permission yesterday in writing.

It is coming up now for her time to challenge a Section 2 which is 14 days.   Fortunately Elizabeth appointed her solicitors in good time but she has no advocate.  If someone has no phone and is drugged up to the neck it is easy to see how some patients can be stuck on wards such as this – a secure prison type ward for many many years and drugged enormously.    I mentioned about this to Dr Ahmad but he said this would not be the case and agreed that she was not in the right place so once again the Commissioners at ENFIELD are paying a fortune for something that is not right for her.

Many friends are kindly helping me right now as this hospital is a bit awkward to get to but not impossible.

Elizabeth has been using the patients phone.   It is not good to get through if you do not have a mobile –  it is very hard and easy to be cut off completely from the outside world and be in a world of haze because of the drugs and I believe what he is giving is:

1 mg Chlorpromazine and 1mg Rispiriedon three times a day.    When the drugs are dished out staff threaten patients.   They say that if you do not take the chemicals they will forcibly inject you.   Elizabeth does not like injections which is one of the reasons I took her off the Clozapine.  I made a point of telling Dr Ahmad that this drug was one of the worse ones and caused NMS which is a very serious condition.  NEVER AGAIN MUST THIS DRUG CONTAINING TALC AND ASPARTAME BE GIVEN –  it caused tachycardia.  Elizabeth looked terrible on this drug and used to get upset at having to go for the blood tests.

The correct care I would like to see given is not available in Enfield and everyone should question WHY NOT?   It is common sense not to just dump someone into the community without providing the therapy.   Now look at the waste of money.  If proper care was given like I provided long term then this would be cheaper than all these admissions onto prison type wards.

The Commissioners need to look at my blog and provide the correct care in my opinion which I have found in York on a long term programme called Acorn.   It is I believe a year long programme and then Elizabeth can be placed in the community again.  By this time she would not need a supportive housing scheme but would be independent like she came back from Australia.   This hospital has beautiful grounds and offer humane care – I am sure staff there would not threaten to force inject someone.   I honestly think Elizabeth could get well again there.

Anyway now that I have consent along with all the advocates I wish to see if Dr Ahmad has in fact started the reduction before he goes away next week.     I made a point of asking who will be acting RC but I do not recall him telling me or answering my queries above.  Solicitors will be visiting Elizabeth and I will ask them to find out who is acting RC and I need both psychiatrists email addresses which Dr Ahmad did not know off hand.

The last thing I asked of Dr Ahmad was to check in the fridge as I was concerned that the food I brought along  on my first visit had gone missing according to Elizabeth.   Dr Ahmad said he was very busy and did not have the time to look but I will be checking on this tomorrow as if this has gone missing I will not be very pleased.   I remember at the Bethlem Dr Ann Blake Tracy recommended some fabulous oils that she said would benefit the entire ward.   Also the supplements went missing between them and Cambian and I am far from pleased about this.

Support worker Joseph told me that nothing goes missing on Upper Richmond Ward but I need to hear from Elizabeth about this.

Elizabeth wants a Chinese Meal but I am not familiar with where is the nearest restaurants and need to look this up to see if I can order it for her as I will not be visiting until Saturday.

MESSAGE TO DR SHAKEEL AHMAD   – please check the fridge tomorrow to ensure that Elizabeth’s food has not gone missing and please leave the drugs chart out for me when I call and one more thing –  please can you ensure that there is a room booked for me to visit Elizabeth on Saturday.   Thank you very much.

I will also make a point of telephoning as I remember turning up at the Bethlem once with Elizabeth’s cat and she was not even allowed to come down to the car to stroke the cat and I had brought a lead along so that we could have walked in the beautiful grounds.  (see my blog “Abuse at the Bethlem”)

Anyway I must look up these restaurants now for tomorrow and will keep you all informed.










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