I have spent most of the day trying to get through to Elizabeth and so have others.  The phone has been in the office and I was told by Kate the staff nurse that they have an in-house policy not to give mobile phones to patients which must surely be in breach of  human rights – something like this occurred in Cambian and I will feature the solicitors response in another blog.

Isolated from home and family it must be a terrifying experience to be on a PICU and this is entirely the wrong place to put Elizabeth amongst very acutely ill patients as this has done nothing for her in the past and just brought her down.   It must be costing an absolute fortune to my local area ENFIELD and I assume that the CCG in Enfield are paying this to this private corporate owned “hospital”.       I was so concerned to hear Elizabeth’s slurred voice that I asked to leave early in order that I could visit at the end of the day.  Informed the ward that I would come and I have also informed them that I would visit on Saturday too.   Visiting hours are between 4.30 – 5.30 and 6.30 – 7.30 mon-Friday.   I will document about my visit on a separate blog.

The only way I can contact Elizabeth is via the patient’s phone right now.   They will not give the phone back with the contract chip in to Elizabeth as they think it is a camera phone but I do not think it has any memory card that you can actually use it as a camera phone but nevertheless I will get her another phone as she should not be without it.

I spoke to the Manager Wellie Mbongwana and told him I was very unhappy.   El;izabeth did have another phone but the contract chip was in the one they suspected as having a camera and so many people were trying to get through to her.

This private hospital is owned by Four Seasons Healthcare and Mr Wiston Dzingai Magunda is the Registered Provider under Regency House Limited who are based at Norcliffe House, Station Road  SK9 1BU Wilmslow  –  I have got all the details of all the Directors under

Website:     Phone 01625417800

Huntercombe Hospital is described as offering medical services for:

  • persons requiring nursing or personal care;
  • assessment or treatment for persons with mental health issues
  • diagnosis and screening
  • treatment of diseases, disorders and injuries

Service Users:

  • people with mental health problems
  • older people
  • Mental Health Act detainees
  • Younger adults


I have picked up a form where they ask for your thoughts on experience of the service.   I shall think about this very carefully as I am due to speak tomorrow with Dr Shakeel Ahmad from Huntercombe.   He is the Responsible Clinician




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