“Mental patients are in a worse position than prisons.
They can be held, and forcefully medicated without consent or crime .
They have no visitation rights, or rights to an advocate or lawyer, independent of the system they are locked up in.
They can be forcefully restrained and injected at any time.
Police can be called to use, as they are being tsar guns in the wards to control.
More are dying in mental hospitals than prisons, with no even internal investigation let alone independent external.
Prisoners by statue, are entitled to an independent investigation into their deaths and a right to a jury in the Coroners Court, if held under DOLs MCA this entitlement has now been removed.
Prisoners have HMS Inspectors of Prisons Rights.
Approximately 60% and increasing prisons are now public, whereas all new mental health beds are in the private sector.
A prisoner makes £36,000 a year for his prison owner whereas a mental patient on a secure ward earns 12,500 per week and a minimum on any ward of £900 per day.
A mental sector whose overriding duty, is to make more and more profit from retaining, and obtaining new patients and pharma kick backs.
The government policies/law are ensuring maximum profit for this privatised mental health industry who are unchecked and can hide even the number of deaths of healthy patients behind the closed walls of ‘commercial confidentiality’.
More and more are being feed into these hospitals via police, social services and government campaigns.
And there is no escape for mental patients, except to be used as continuing cash cows for the mental and pharma industries, with no rights or safeguards.
All players in the industry IMHA , RC, nurses, lawyers etc are effectively paid and controlled by the system or hospital.
And there is no measure of outcomes for mental patients’ hugely expensive/ extortionate ‘treatment’.”
Thank you Finola for your accurate summary and I could not agree more –  I get so many calls from people – carers in despair at how their sons/daughters are being treated and how can this be allowed to go on in a civilised society.
  1. Thank you for drawing attention to my comments by this post.

    Something must be done.

    I fear if this government continues after the election, things can only worsen.

    More mental health prisoners,more abuse,more deaths and more profit.

    Best Wishes, Finola

  2. Reblogged this on finolamoss and commented:
    As nearly a quarter of NHS England’s budget of 95 billion, is now spent on privatised Mental Health, we need to give patients rights, independent representation, and make their ‘treatment’ accountable.

    And stop huge pharma profit, now our third largest industry, and the horror of enforced medication.

    And no independent investigation into deaths or proper physical care.

    Stop/reverse NHS Social Care Privatisation Vote Corbyn.

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