If anyone has been subjected to severe stress over a long period of time they could be suffering from such a condition which would explain one reason why the drugs do not work.  Liver enzymes such as the P450 group might be comprised by an undiagnosed condition such as Selyes and if so the patient’s ability to metabolise the drugs might be similarly compromised which is why all of the drugs Elizabeth has been prescribed do not work.

Many soldiers returning from Afghanistan are drug refractive and many are suffering from PTSD –  this could coincidental but clearly needs examining”.

PTSD originally was believed to have been caused by a single shocking event such as disaster or being attacked.  It is now widely recognised that sustained stressors can be even more damaging and disorder of extreme stress is the long term version of the one-off event causing PTSD”.

Elizabeth has been misdiagnosed and consequently had been caught in a revolving door style trap.  The situation she has been in has caused the stress.  it is incredibly important that she is reassessed and that her endocrinal function is checked out. (Yes I’ve done this).  The metformin prescriptions are because medics have identified a dysfunction and have misinterpreted both its causes and its effects.”  I have proven this to be correct.

I have had the P450 liver enzyme tests done by the world leading experts in Rotterdam.  In addition I have spent over £1000 on endocrinology tests which prove my point.

Both Endocrinology tests and P450 liver enzyme tests should be given to everyone first.   All these years Elizabeth has had the wrong treatment and the wrong diagnosis and up until now no one would budge on it.  The treatment has caused Elizabeth to suffer from a lot of pain.

She is now out from hospital after 13 weeks of being on acute wards drug free after 80 days but some doctors think you just get over a withdrawal after just a few weeks and this is not the case.  I did not agree with the decision to just place her straight into the community without providing proper intensive trauma therapy that Dr Johnson  mentions in his accurate report.

Elizabeth has been placed in a new scheme in the community and still appears to be under the same team whose Responsible Clinician is DR Bassit Hussain based at Silver Street Enfield.    All of them were involved with the safeguarding so I am not too happy as I thought she would have a new team.

It has only been a week in the scheme but Elizabeth is finding things hard to adjust after the noisy volatile atmosphere of the wards.  The scheme has 24 hr care with support workers but I must say I am pleased with one –  I’ve only met the one support worker.  This is Katherine and she is a mother herself.   I really like her approach with Elizabeth.

It is a nice house, in a slightly different area but nice area not too far away.  I think the team rushed to get Elizabeth out from hospital as I was complaining it had been 13 weeks on acute wards – far too long and she was going downhill. but I had been asking for somewhere like Khiron House where they offer the correct therapy.

It is too early for me to comment on the scheme yet but I am not getting the distressed calls from Elizabeth every night and during the day like before.  She has contacted me a couple of times.   Elizabeth needs to get on with her life but it is difficult to adjust and the team need to be patient.   I get the feeling from listening to Elizabeth that some team members are rushing her – no one can make a judgement too early.

I took a friend over to visit on Sunday and we took her out for a drive into the countryside.   I do not like microwave ovens so I took over a steamer, a nutribullit, garden chairs and some cooking utensils and plates.    I took Elizabeth shopping but she felt very tired and had to go and sit in the car.  I bought some healthy food and hope she can live more healthily and not live off takeaways.   I have had extensive tests done at the Bio Lab that show some mineral/vitamin deficiencies.    Elizabeth is now registered with a GP but is worried about her physical health.  I have warned her that some of these GPs like to prescribe anti-depressants for physical health conditions and to be very watchful.    The surgery needs to be aware that Elizabeth cannot metabolise these drugs – they could produce an adverse reaction as we have seen on Prozac and practically all of these drugs – none of which have done her any good.   Elizabeth is complaining of cramps, headache, backache –  I am keen for her to be included in the RADAR Research as she has been allowed her to come off the drugs in accordance with her wishes.  It is a waste of money to give drugs that do not work and especially wrong if there is the slightest hint that the diagnosis may be wrong or there may be some physical health problems.

I agree that physical health problems can be caused as a result of stress caused by trauma.

It is early days and I hope that after my email to the team today they will not put pressure on Elizabeth especially to go to yet more meetings.   At the last scheme Elizabeth was dragged unrepresented to four safeguarding meetings.  It is no wonder she does not want to go to any more meetings and I am far from happy about this.  At home we had no support.  Those meetings were not about care and instead of what 9 professionals could do to improve things instead they centred the meetings on me.  Luckily I got hold of copies of these minutes and reported them to the Police.

It would be better if Elizabeth could be referred to another team such as Dialogue First –  we were deprived joining Dialogue First and I bet this did not cost a great deal and could have benefitted everyone.

So I think the Dialogue First should be available to everyone especially those cut off from their families in hospitals.

Sometimes professionals do not act in the best interests and this is why it is important that more funding can be given to this wonderful programme nationwide.

I am looking forward on Friday going to the event at Kingsley Hall where Dr Moncrieff is speaking.

I am hoping things will go smoothly at this new placement and that eventually once Elizabeth has settled in she will want to do things with her life but she will need a mentor and ongoing support for some time- just hope she can settle down and it says in the brochure that they provide music therapy, art therapy and aromatherapy.  This sounds fantastic.   I think Elizabeth will like this very much provided these things are given as per the brochure.  These are the kind of things that were given to Elizabeth when she went away for four months having private care with excellent MH professionals and I have taken the wonderful pictures Elizabeth did using the technique of “threading”  to be framed.

So I’m happy with the area, the house is nice, a nice support worker but I will not be happy if Enfield do not provide the music therapy, art therapy and aromatherapy and proper counselling –  now that I have seen that my local area what huge funds they have to spend it needs to be spent properly.  It should not be a case of dumping someone into a house in the community without any activities once again and I will soon find out and I will keep you all informed how I get on as once these things have been provided I will feel much better knowing that the correct treatment is in place and NOT these mind altering chemicals that Elizabeth cannot metabolise.  Besides, these psychiatric drugs are not for the condition of Selyes Generalised Adaptational Syndrome – the correct diagnosis in my opinion.

Last of all I am looking forward to doing a course on PTSD  in June at the Recovery College.



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