So far in a short space of time Elizabeth has been on Hooper Ward at Cygnet Beckton, transferred to Suffolk Ward, Chase Farm but has had to be transferred to Edgware Community Hospital (Trent Ward) as she was hurt by another patient on the local ward. Being on an acute ward is hardly a good place especially when you are withdrawing from a powerful anti-psychotic.  Many times staff have tried to offer the drugs but Elizabeth cannot metabolise them and has said no.  The most she has had is the occasional Lorazepam but Cygnet Beckton put her back on a drug (Abilify) that caused serious problems and then introduced Chlorpromazine at a low dosage but why put her back on the same drug that is known to cause agitation and increased anxiety.  Since coming home from Australia and experiencing wonderful care Elizabeth came back on 2.5mg of Abilify as international MH professionals needed to work with her properly.   What a difference when she came home –  however Elizabeth was revealing a lot of things that had been bottled up for many years and there needed to be ongoing therapy but nothing was on offer.  The local area would not hold particularly good memories for Elizabeth and I was most concerned about her return.  One of the main reasons for her distress was being forced to take drugs for life but even on 2.5mg I knew this was a powerful drug and did not wish to reduce this whilst living at home.  Instead I had put her name down for Dr Joanna Moncrieff’s drug withdrawal programme RADAR which was due to commence in my area in the summer.

My daughter Elizabeth spent her 30th Birthday ot the flagship Cygnet Beckton Hospital which I have been told costs around £12500 per week but offers very restrictive care.  Even on her Birthday Elizabeth was not allowed to have time with us alone.  There was a member of staff listening to every word, restrictive contact -we were not allowed on the ward at all.   Cygnet Beckton is the flagship of all Cygnets and was visited by HRH Princess Anne (one of my favourites of the Royal Family).  Princess Anne probably came away with a wonderful impression on the surface of Cygnet Hospital Beckton, however, I had come across Cygnet before at their Stevenage Branch.  I recently took part in a conference workshop “Least Restrictive Care” at a conference held at the Royal College of GPs.  However I would call this prison.  Prison because it is restrictive care in the highest degree.  It costs a lot of money to send someone to Cygnet Hospital – people will be shocked to hear that in the current crisis of underfunding to the NHS I have been advised it costs £12500 per week.   That is a lot of money.   A friend of mine has someone there on a Section 37/41.  They must be raking in the profits as you can well imagine.  The young person is suspected of having a learning disability and with the right care could be thriving in the community but is being drugged hugely.  This needs looking into without any doubt.

As for Elizabeth the minute I posted on Twitter how much Cygnet costs £12500 per week or thereabouts, she was immediately released within one afternoon.  It would seem like this is something that certain people would like to be kept quiet – after all this is public funding and going into private sector care, whilst services and the NHS wards locally are suffering.    Now what exactly has Cygnet done for Elizabeth?:  nothing apart from drug.  For this money they should have looked at the other diagnoses.

At Cygnet Stevenage, I can honestly say nothing, other than the staff were very nice but they are being paid huge sums of money to be nice.   Cygnet Stevenage made my daughter unstable – in the absence of the RC (Responsible Clinician) someone was prescribing drugs.  She was looking so good having come off the powerful drug Clozapine and then they went and introduced Abilify which produced some of the worst symptons we had ever seen. They started her on 10mg and she was talking in a weird manner and her looks declined.  They then increased the Abilify to 20mg just before her release.  I took Elizabeth off this chemical of Clozapine that contains talc and aspartame because her tongue was going to the back of her throat.  A condition called Neuroleptic  Malilgnant Syndrome was brought to my attention.,    We had no help or support with my local area of ENFIELD who had taken us to court in 2014 to sever contact and deprive liberty.  How ruthless can you get that a drug is deprived such as Clozapine to force return a vulnerable patient back to a care home Stepping Stones (Phoenix House) where it is documented in files she had no food at the weekend.  She needs to manage her money better – £30 a week given to Elizabeth.  She could not manage as she had been on a lot of drugs and a patient at the shocking private Sector Hospital Cambion where they gave her allocated times when she could have supervised phone calls.   All documented in the files.  All this care was being paid for I suspect by ENFIELD who have a system of “integrated care” in Enfield Council.  I do not think much of the system at all.   What they need to adopt instead is a system of Open Dialogue and we tried so hard to join this as it is supposed to be open to everyone but no one bothered to refer us despite repeated requests.  Why on earth should it matter if you have a team involved locally.  At the time we met the criteria as Elizabeth did not wish to have anything to do with the MH and told her GP what she thought of the system.  The good thing about sending Elizabeth away was that she came back more able to speak up for herself.


Elizabeth who has returned from paradise –  “I want to be free Mum” – well I set her free and provided care that cost me money – substantial money to make up for her wasted life of being drugged to the hilt under the local area of ENFIELD.  This money that I spent was nothing compared with what is being wasted on care that does not work under the system.   One of the main areas of upset for Elizabeth revealed when I took her off  Clozapine was the wasted years of her life.   Elizabeth was never a lazy person – she wanted to be a chef.  She had ambitions in her life.  Then along came a GP who prescribed Prozac.  I have since proven she cannot metabolise the drugs – psychiatric drugs and these have in the past been given in huge doses.  Prozac changed her beyond recognition and led to hospitalisation and a downward spiral.

I can understand why drugs have been given in huge doses and this is it is convenient – because someone cannot talk freely when drugged up.  They cannot reveal what has really happened to them under the shocking care of the UK and that would put any diagnosis in question.  Everyone is trying to protect themselves.  No-one wishes to lose their jobs.      Even though I am not a Catholic by faith and respect all religions, I have to take note of what Father John has to say in his church services which are really touching on every day life.  He says something to the effect that you have to stand above and not worship the celebrity culture or look up to politicians and by standing above that means coming out of your comfort zone and in my case that means being outspoken about the injustice going on to mental health patients in the UK.    Lets face it there are very few politicians who could care less about patients under the mental health.   There is pure evil and greed going on right now in the UK and I am pleased to be in a position to expose this because I am an honest person at the end of the day but I feel this is the right thing to do.  Some many people are taken in but I have done a lot of research into all of this.  If everyone was to expose and be outspoken there would not be this mess but understandably many are patients are too ill to stand up for their rights and many carers are too worn down and afraid to, their sons and daughters having been made disabled due to their rotten treatment.  How many are locked away right now in hospitals and care homes, not allowed contact with their families.  Only allowed supervised visits.  It is control not care and abuse of human rights.   There are people making vast amounts of money – (see the blog by Finola Moss).  This is a ruthless Government who turns a blind eye on the suffering of the disabled and mental health patients, concentrating instead on their pathetic stigma campaigns that involve major charities but this distorts the fact that there is a silent holocaust going on and that there are no decent facilities and it is expected for patients take powerful mind altering drugs for the rest of their lives and where are the facilities to allow them to safely withdraw from these drugs? – the answer is there are none and this is what is needed most of all.   Mr Burstow could not deny when I pointed out that many people under the MH system have talents – they are highly intelligent or artistic – he agreed with me and given the right opportunity and care these people could be an asset to society.   I believe STIGMA is caused by none other than a GOVERNMENT approved SYSTEM of “care” that needs complete review as it is not working or protecting the weak and vulnerable.

It is not for me to judge but God will do so one day and that goes for any professional who chooses to just go along with things for the sake of their jobs but I have to say there is a lot of bullying going on and focus should be given to those at the top who do nothing.

It would be convenient for Police to close a case on Elizabeth simply because she was so drugged up at the time.   I was so annoyed with them I said I would be sending the files to the very top.  No way should Elizabeth be ignored and because of this they are now taking note as I refuse to have matters dismissed.


Elizabeth is on Trent Ward Edgware Community Hospital – a fair distance from home.  She is a voluntary patient.  Elizabeth never wanted to take drugs and that is the case of many MH patients.  She is on an acute ward full of other disturbed patients who are drugged.  Elizabeth has been without antipsychotic drugs for 27 days now.  She is suffering from withdrawal symptoms but my local area of Barnet Enfield and Haringey  MH Trust have allowed section 2 to expire  but she really needs to be somewhere quieter.  After visiting some of the most fabulous parts of the world including Cannes, Carcasonne, Marseille, Paris, Lyon, Australia, Dubai, Scotland all in four months, Elizabeth needs to be given the right kind of care which I have proven has worked. Some of the staff keep trying to make out she has Schizophrenia – this is not the correct diagnosis in Elizabeth’s case.     RUBBISH! because serious things have happened to her under care and I will do ANYTHING to get that correct care in place for her right now.

I would like Elizabeth off that acute ward into somewhere quieter and more therapeutic.  She is a voluntary patient.  I have written to all the CCQ commissioners.  I have written to the Chief Executive Officer Maria Kane, I have written to the Deputy Leader of Quality Margaret Southcote Want but all I want is for my daughter to get a decent placement with ongoing psychotherapy in an area who are spending a fortune of public money  on Cygnet and it is costing £900 per NIGHT a least on a locked acute ward which is un-therapeutic for Elizabeth.    Everyone should look to whom is funding this “care” and how better this could be spent so that people like Elizabeth can actually get better.  I have proven it is absolutely possible and that cost me a fraction of the price of an acute ward or Cygnet but Elizabeth felt so well she no longer wanted to take any drugs for a condition she clearly has not got.   I know this as being on a small portion of drugs revealed that something happened to her under local care and for many years had been concealed on drugs as high as Quetiapine 800mg and on top of this Chlorpromazine, Haloperidal and Lorazepam.  I am not impressed with this past “treatment” designed to make someone ill on a local ward in ENFIELD.

Before anyone wrongly tries to make out Elizabeth has no capacity apparently she has currently requested a dental appointment, a Chiropodist appointment and said that her liver hurts but then she is going through “hell” in terms of withdrawal pains coming off a powerful drug called Abilify at 2.5 mg.  ELILZABETH HAS BEEN DRUG FREE FOR 27 DAYS NOW but I would like to see her placed somewhere more peaceful as she is starting to feel  distressed and I want the focus on those at the top of my local area who do not respond properly to letters, who have no excuses and who are earning a huge chunk of public money – these are the people above the law who should be scrutinised.

The specialist care I think Elizabeth should have is not situated in this area.  It is a year long programme for abuse victims.  I have seen such programmes in York. What care is there in the community?  It seems nationwide there is a problem and there would not be if money was being spent in the right direction and instead of say Cygnet on the NHS and services then everyone would be happy.

Everything is a shambles but I will not stop here. The public must question why – exactly why isnt this not being reported in the press right now?   This is not the kind of news that certain people wish the public to know about and the public should quite rightly question what is going on under the mental health system as this is where the money is being wasted most of all so I believe and the bulk of it appears to have been privatised and as documented the private care is no improvement but costs vast sums of money.


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  1. David Steven Twist said:

    In the NHS they would appear to be using a cascade distribution (option 2) model based on peer support centers (recovery colleges) training their customers in peer support

    I haven’t got all the figures but my gut feeling is this will take more generations to meet the minimum maximum of 15 million this option will take a lot of time (my voices say 50 years)

    however option 1 is a big bang model

    In the UK 1 in 4 people have a mental illness. The peer support sector in the UK represents over 15 million people. It will completely eclipse the voluntary sector in its scope and Majesty.

    I would engage them all with a coproduction voucher scheme this would create many new businesses and as many new personalisation opportunities pool; all the service provider’s compete for their customers vouchers.

    Excellence through market forces as a customer can vote with their feet to access any service. Using Porter’s 5 forces which are supplier power, buyer power(that’s you), new entry and risk of substitution coming together to make competition

    I want strong competition with strong relationships with suppliers and forward integration of the customers through coproduction.

    New entries and the stalwarts’ forces are also strong with innovation, diversity and choice creating a paradigm of powerful customers

    In real terms if you have a mental illness you would get a voucher on prescription from your GP and you could take it to any service provider who would offer a range of coproduction options giving the customer control of their treament this model will positively grow our Gross Domestic Produce a much needed source of equity

    Is there a 6th Force? I believe there is the Ethical Imperative which keeps the other forces in check!

    However there are a couple of snags to a voucher scheme. Which are each voucher’s redeemable value depend a upon the support needs of the user.

    This requires a standard assessment of risk at source I would recommend a level 1 coproduction between the GP and patient of Total Risk

    In addition to this there is an observable rise in nationalism which counter intuitively comes from the freedom voucher schemes bring for two reasons special interest schemes are permissible I.e. women’s guild and the backlash to protect the spirit of the voucher scheme will result in a sharp increase in legislation and a reduction in freedom

    What voucher schemes give with one hand they takes with the other however by and large I think grassroots financing is a step in the right direction and will save lives

    “any views expressed are my own and do not represent those of The Council of Governors, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear Foundation Trust or the NHS”

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