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Under mental health care, physical health is so often overlooked.  If there are any doubts or conflict of opinion as to diagnoses everyone sticks together.  Suddenly the team have dropped the term “chronic treatment resistant” for Elizabeth but they like to stick with Schizophrenia and the family now know for sure this is incorrect.  When someone comes off a drug you find out as you get to hear all that has happened and if things have happened under “care” then I can why people like my daughter are drugged to the hilt.  I do not accept and never will that Elizabeth is mentally ill.

If it is proven that someone cannot metabolise the drugs or else that they have suffered injury as I have seen documented in the files, then this too is ignored.

Care plans can conveniently omit reports done by professionals for court and commissioned by the Local Mental Health Trust which dispute the diagnosis of Schizophrenia.

I am often asked what diagnoses does Elizabeth have like yesterday, whilst at the dentist and I give them all of the diagnoses mentioned as I do not dismiss what other professionals state, unlike the team.

Yesterday was not a relaxing day at all as Elizabeth had complained of bad toothache and  after two weeks of this, told me she had broken a tooth but had decided to keep this quiet for some reason.  Communication has never been easy for Elizabeth since she was a child.   Elizabeth would tend to avoid rather than deal with situations.  I had hoped this would just be a phase looking back to school days where there were occasions when she would play truant to avoid certain subjects.  Elizabeth has not told us everything but she was openly discussing painful issues whilst living at home.  At college looking back she struggled to attend exams/appointments and complete coursework but this was around the time when, unknown to me, her GP had prescribed Prozac which is a highly dangerous drug and now I understand her behaviour at the time now that I have accurate results from the worlds leading experts in Holland.

One of the diagnoses is Aspergers and there is nowhere in my local area at present  that gives diagnosis in this specialist area.   The very fact that there is any possibility after all this time since the report dated 2009 that a diagnosis is wrong I doubt anything will be fairly dealt with as no one will wish to admit any errors.

On hearing that Elizabeth was in pain with toothache, I telephoned 111 to try and get emergency help for her.  This was quite frustrating as they would not deal with me and insisted on speaking to Elizabeth who was not with me.  Elizabeth’s carer had taken her the other day to a dentist  who identified some problems that needed to be addressed but nothing could be dealt with yesterday apart from Xray.   It was a  nightmare yesterday as they wanted to speak not to me but to Elizabeth.  Eventually we got this appointment which meant travelling a fair distance.  I was not looking forward to this as Elizabeth can suffer from bouts of anxiety and agitation, all caused by the drug Abilify. She was never like this before and  Dr Moncrieff told me that this can cause agitation and anxiety.  It certainly does not work that is for sure.   I have to say for a pharmaceutical company, Otsuka have taken an interest in my complaint and have not been dismissive of the side effects/adverse reactions I reported unlike the FDA when I complained to them.  Otsuka even wrote to me again taking interest.  It is good that they are interested and they stated that this drug should only be given for a short term and is licensed for Bi Polar and Schizophrenia.  The question is why is the consultant psychiatrist not taking this on board when I have pointed out these facts.   Well Elizabeth has Aspergers and PTSD mentioned in the files which I cannot ignore but the only thing that has been changed is the tablet is now white, since I complained about the toxic red dye that causes tumours in mice and rats –  Elizabeth told us she wished this chemical to be reduced down to 5mg and this may reduce the anxiety as we never saw this when she was on nothing at home.

Anyway the journey to Central London was OK until we arrived and Elizabeth was clinging to me all the time stating she felt dizzy and had headaches.   She flatly refused to walk down the road leading to the Imperial Hospital due to a large crane situated along this road. I then had to get a cab who had to drive a long way round and when we arrived thanks to Westminster Council who had failed to update information, the post code we had been given was completely wrong.  By this time Elizabeth had had enough and wanted to go back home.  We had to walk around to try and find someone to give us directions. Eventually we arrived but still Elizabeth was still not happy and we had to wait for a while –  I was worried she would not go in.

There was a time when going out was easy and pleasant but now you do not know what to expect regarding Elizabeth and also sometimes she flatly refuses to go anywhere because it is just too much for her.

On these drugs Elizabeth has suffered severe side effects especially on Clozapine which psychiatrists see as some kind of wonder drug.  This drug is made from talc and aspartame and when I told the previous consultant psychiatrist  about this and “would he like his relative to be on this chemical” I received no answer.

Anyway, it now looks like Elizabeth will have to go into a dental hospital regarding her wisdom teeth eventually.

Dental care is just one area of physical health that is overlooked under mental health, the main concern being prescribing mind altering drugs.  If patients were offered endocrinology appointments this could avoid many falling under mental health care and that goes too for these P450 metabolising tests that only cost me £50.  If proper tests were given for Aspergers for instance then this could avoid shortage of beds under mental health as once identified those concerned could have proper treatment and that treatment may well not be huge quantities of mind altering drugs.  How can anyone get better with this treatment and it is no wonder the beds are overflowing.   Much can also be improved if more support was given to families in the community.   We had no support in two years and this was saving a lot of money rather than admission to care home or hospital.

Once on these mind altering drugs no one is willing to help take someone off them and there are no facilities to go in apart from illicit drugs.   In the file reports I can see certain psychiatrists recommend drugging for life yet this is clearly against drug manufacturer’s recommendations and detrimental to physical health.   What kind of doctors who are supposed to do no harm are they to recommend the long term drugging of patients at the expense of their physical health.



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