Elizabeth is now in a community scheme.   The residents are very nice but my concerns are for Elizabeth because she is being forced to attend meeting after meeting – Safeguarding meetings which is against her wishes.   She has not had one advocate present so far which is appalling.   Nothing has been provided at all for her to do in all this time just like at home.    I drew to the attention of the scheme manager today the fact that Elizabeth needs help with cooking and storage of food.  Just like in the other scheme I have had to throw lots of food away and I think that this is a health hazard and I bet no mention of this is being made at the safeguarding meetings.

In her own words this is what Elizabeth has to say about it:

“I’m getting lots of meetings.  I wish I didn’t have all those meetings.  I don’t want to go to meetings every week. I definitely don’t want meetings pushed at me.  I just want a night out and I was planning to go to the shops.”

Today I got a call from Elizabeth to ask me to come round as she wanted to go out shopping.  Today is Saturday not Sunday – that says it all.

“The social worker was not very nice considering I wasn’t feeling well.  She was asking me about things.”

“I was not very happy with this meeting.  I need my Mum – she is helping me.  I am not wishing to take part in any more meetings”

The above message was typed by someone else –  Elizabeth does not type.   I don’t know who has typed this but these are not Elizabeth’s words.

Dear Mum

I will be grateful if you can visit me once a week only on Sundays so that we go to church together and give me my allowance as well.  I will prefer you call before coming to visit me at ………………………..”

Yours faithfully”

The above words are not Elizabeth’s words – she would never use the word “allowance” for a start or say “I will prefer you call before coming to visit me”.

My carer who is now banned from the scheme because he made mention about the microwave oven not being healthy – he  also got a message from Elizabeth that she wanted him to visit in order that they could go out this evening.   This carer is like part of the family – someone we all trust 100% and has provided help in the absence of any assistance or care provided by ENFIELD mental health over a period of more than 2 years whilst Elizabeth was home and I would add it was her choice to come home as she was unhappy at the care home in Northampton.  It was only when I went to the Council’s Scrutiny Meeting that suddenly the Consultant Psychiatrist got in touch.  I accused the Councillors of not doing anything when I was trying to get the chemical Clozapine and I had to go to Harley Street in the end on the fourth day having been told that I would not get the drug anywhere not from any hospital in the local area and to get her back to the care home as they were paying for it.  I of course refused as I knew she would be sectioned as a matter of convenience and they were trying to arrange the funding for this – extra money for the taxpayer to pay out.  This was exactly what they were all planning and all the time I offered to drive all that way to pick up the chemicals.   So I presented the meeting with my story called “Get Her Back We Are Paying For That” to the Scrutiny meeting.

I have spoken to the wonderful organisation Liberty that I have joined as I would like all my carers to be applauded and highly recognised for their wonderful support in the absence of any care at all over the past years.   There are others too I would like to mention and say thanks to and hope I will be chosen.   It was good to see such a turnout at Liberty’s AGM and I was really impressed by their last award ceremony.   I would welcome the chance to talk openly about the state of mental health care in the UK and I am in touch with the most shocking cases of abuse in the UK.   How on earth can all this be allowed to go on in a so called civilised country and none of it appears in the press.

I remember previously at a hospital, (they made out it was Elizabeth’s decision for me not to be allowed on the ward or to phone at an allocated time)  I was allocated a slot to have a supervised phone call once a week but this happened to be at a time I could not ring.  All this time Elizabeth was in touch with me by text message and the letter was written by a manager there who once looked on the floor in shame when I asked what she had against me and so did one of the doctors when I asked why she had been prescribed Metformine and Clozapine which are contra indicated.   There have been so many instances like this where Elizabeth has been treated not like a person but like an object – a possession and her wishes disregarded altogether whilst a team will do everything they can to discredit you – the family – or family member as in my case and go behind your back making you out to be a terrible person, someone who is abusive, cruel, hostile, aggressive, suffering from mental illness you name it!  They even try to put words in the head of a vulnerable person putting pressure on that person and worse of all try to carry out a mental health assessment on you using your GP and accuse you of being mentally ill.    I suppose that would enhance their argument that you are not a fit mother and therefore should be banned.

I want to tell you all that I do not visit the scheme during the week daytime as I work.  I am not there every second of the day.   I am not there to “interfere” as they like to say.  It is the team who are putting words in Elizabeth’s head right now, excluding the family once again and having constant secret meetings behind everyone’s back.  They play on confidentiality and use a vulnerable person like a tool to get back at you when they dislike you and from what I see from the files they certainly dislike me a lot  but it is all wrong.  These professionals are publicly funded and there is absolutely NO accountability as no-one likes to admit if something is wrong or apologise to you about the treatment of the family and person cared for especially when very serious things have happened under their care.  They are truly above the law, protected and untouchable especially some doctors – mainly psychiatrists who are a law unto themselves.

I want to tell you that Elizabeth is very upset about all of this and does not like all their constant questioning as to whether she is being abused by me or worse.   Then they make up their sorry notes and even the past history is wrong in the files.    It is not just myself but others in the family who have complained and I have so many witnesses as many people helped me when the Clozapine had to be retitrated from scratch involving team members coming into my home twice a day reporting back to the Community Rehab Team.    Elizabeth has since told me she was “persuaded” or rather pushed to continue these distressing meetings and that there are  further meetings planned next week and she has felt forced to go along with this and is not at all happy understandably so.   Why is there no advocate present?  This is so very wrong and in itself abusive of a team of professionals as Elizabeth is finding all of this very upsetting.

Safeguarding seems to be  a once- sided exercise where a team question and question and question –  they put pressure on Elizabeth to say things against people in the family especially me who they don’t like and afterwards she feels very sorry that she may have said one or two things and all of this is being recorded in their files behind our backs.  At least I am saying things openly and honestly here.   We have most of the files to see for ourselves what goes on. This is not care this is abuse by professionals to force a vulnerable person against her family and if a whole gang of professionals say things against you as a mother for instance then it is all very biased and unfair. Who is going to believe someone who is just a mother.   So Elizabeth has attended a Safeguarding Meeting  where at least   I bet there are many professionals are in attendance and not one single advocate.    Not a fair situation at all.  At the Bethlem there were 9 at a meeting and Elizabeth often did not feel well enough to attend.  One of Elizabeth’s diagnoses is Aspergers and no one in Enfield wishes to let her have an assessment and the other diagnosis is PTSD.  I’ve got reports and other professionals are being ignored here.   Surely under the Equality Act 2010 Elizabeth has a right to be treated fairly and have an Advocate present.

I wish so much there was Open Dialogue in the local area as none of this would go on and openness and transparency which would mean I could trust the people are involved in the “care”  – but unfortunately there is nothing like this in ENFIELD.

I wish to express my thanks to the Court of Protection for acting fairly in the past not just for my daughter but for my father who had Alzheimers.  I kept him out of a home for many years and provided carers to look after him too.    Elizabeth was so terrified of going to Court.  They wanted to sever contact and deprive liberty and force her back to a care home hundreds of miles away where she had no food at the weekend.  All is written in the files.   £30 to manage on and if the money ran out they she had to go without.  Elizabeth was in bed at 6.00 pm –  what kind of care is this?

Tomorrow I am taking Elizabeth to church and I am going to tell every single church about all of this abuse.  Let God be the judge of them all as it is not my place to as they like to judge me.  I know that members of a team just go along with things as they have bills to pay and families to support –  I personally could not work in such a profession that likes to tear families apart and treats vulnerable people in the most despicable way.  They make out they know the family but they do not know anything about the family at all and there are so many mistakes in the files you would not believe it.












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