Today I attended this meeting and took with me file papers – not all as I have huge quantities.

The whole treatment of my daughter Elizabeth and what brought her under services in the first place I hope will be a warning to others.  Those who do not know anything about mental health services and “care”.

It is incredibly easy to come under mental health services and be labelled yourself by a team of professionals who may not happen to like it if you dare to stand up to them and disagree like I have done.

As not one single complaint has been dealt with fairly and I have seen how such complaints are dealt with – internally by those same people who the complaint is about would you believe.  They investigate themselves.  Whereas other people in private sector firms are more likely to own up to anything that is wrong that is not the case under public sector mental health care whose professionals are above the law but not above God thankfully.  I definitely believe there is a God who gives me the strength to stand up against what I would call bullies.

I have read some disturbing things in the files about me that I am considered to be mentally ill and I have been told today that no way can these comments be retracted once they appear in the files however an amendment can be made.   This is one of my complaints that has not been dealt with by the Chief Executive.  I have just noticed that they wanted to do a MHA Assessment on me –  what on earth is going on!   Despite everything I keep going in my life such as it is and I am not on any drugs and because of my bad experience I would not wish to see any doctor other than my local GP.    So they were trying to arrange a MH Assessment on me through my former GP but I never heard anything about an appointment.

I showed the investigator loads of pages of comments and conversations between members of staff trying to call me a vexatious complainant but they could not and had to make do with prolific instead.  This is all so disturbing when like I say no complaints have been properly investigated.

I will tell you all now what my main complaint has been and that is the over-drugging of my daughter that has led to tachycardia and tardive dyskinesia.  She has had a very bad reaction to a drug recently and is now living in the community.  She is nearby to home but today I have had to write my concerns that medication has not been given correctly and was subsequently reduced – it was the higher dosage that caused terrible problems.  I feel justified in complaining that Elizabeth’s physical health has deteriorated due to enormous amounts of concomitantly prescribed drugs.  Imagine being on 800mg of Quetiapine living in the community and expected to engage with staff – on this level of drugs how on earth can anyone function.

So the investigator told me that she could not discuss much with me as she did not have the consent –  this is something the team like to play on however I am more than happy to prove this is not the case at all legally and we as a family are all together despite the way professionals have tried to tear us apart and I can provide documentary proof legally.   My area is a prime example of where the system is completely wrong.  There is no transparency, there is no accountability or openness or honesty.   If my area adopted Open Dialogue then I would take a different view and there would be hope of better communication and fairness to all.   It is very harmful for someone like Elizabeth to be pulled in two directions by professionals who wish that person to choose between Mum and Dad or else have nothing to do with Mum because she is someone whom the team do not like.   When I took Elizabeth to see a leading Hypnotherapist in Harley Street she said it was “outrageous” what these professionals were doing.

The investigator said she would do the response in just two weeks but I did not have time to go through everything with her thoroughly and feel she needs to hear from the many witnesses who stepped in to help me in the absence of any care whatsoever over a period of more than two years.   However I made a point of saying that I would provide any proof she needed that I along with other family members do in fact have consent legally and in the meantime, I have told her to put her response on hold as otherwise such response is likely once again not to be satisfactory in covering the very serious point we discussed today that have NEVER EVER been addressed other than by the words “satisfactory” or “excellent care”.  I would say “far from it”    I showed the investigator the legal papers “Deprival of Medication – Community Care”  .   When I wanted to include some of my loyal carers this was not acceptable but there were many who wished to come along in support.    A meeting only last week was abruptly cancelled without any of us knowing and some people had come a long distance to support Elizabeth and were disappointed they could not attend.

With Bank Holiday coming up I just want to get right away from here.  I hope the weather will be nice as I want to get out of London.

I am seriously thinking of moving now to an area where open dialogue is up and running then perhaps we can be included rather than excluded and we could all be happy then.   Open dialogue done properly like in Finland is the way forward and Elizabeth was talking freely to the professionals from other areas, some of whom were in tears.  It is good to have openness and transparency.   I know there are some decent professionals out there who do care but there are also plenty who are extremely ruthless and uncaring who write very nasty things behind your back thinking you will never be able to get hold of those files but now all is revealed.

Other family members have moved away from my local area and I hope and pray that Elizabeth will get the opportunity to move to an area where she can be near to other family members and where professionals do not seek to sever contact, deprive liberty etc but behave in a decent and kind manner.






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