Elizabeth has now got her phone thank goodness.  It is no longer in the office and I think that is great as it can take time to get through and also when staff are busy to be fair it is not easy on them.  I just hope she has her charger too in order that people can get through to her.

Being on a ward such as this is not an easy experience to be cut off from the outside world and be away from home and family.  I know that some sent to this hospital are from a long distance away from home and that brings back memories of when Elizabeth was sent to Cambian in Wales.

Anyway, Elizabeth telephoned this morning and she enjoyed so much her short visit  (escorted by a member of staff) to the garden centre next door.  She wanted to go again but sadly although she was all dress and ready to go out no one was available to accompany us as they were short staffed.   I said “that is not good”.   I think it is very important that patients are taken out and taken to the gym to exercise.

I am not sure if Elizabeth has been to the gym yet although this was promised. Anyway neither of us made a fuss about not being allowed out anywhere I was disappointed though for Elizabeth.

Wednesday will be the first time I will meet the “Responsible Clinician” who has been away on holiday all this time and has just come back.    I have asked Elizabeth if one of her carers can come along and also my advocate.   I am waiting to hear if he can attend this important meeting.

I have been very busy today looking at what can be provided for Elizabeth in addition to what she already had at home.  I know that the team will want assurances that the Abilify is given but I have found a solution and am prepared to provide proof of this as this will avoid any extra expenses involved in setting up a costly CTO for instance.   Elizabeth and I are much happier with the chemical Abilify so there is nothing for the Consultant Psychiatrist to worry about.    If there were any complications on this drug I now have a very good new GP I can turn to and have signed up to some private care myself.

I wish to discuss with this team at the ward round meeting about the other diagnoses that Elizabeth has.  Everything needs to be thoroughly looked at and this can be done as an outpatient and will be less costly that the huge amount of money being spent by my local area Enfield as I am prepared to pay for the assessments myself.   It has also come to my notice that Elizabeth has been quite happy on the ward up until now and has made some friends however Elizabeth made it clear to me today that she is missing her cat and is worried about the family and misses everyone.  We all miss Elizabeth and I have a holiday lined up.  The holiday will be very therapeutic on organic farms with animals near the sea.  I cannot think of anything more healthy and beneficial.   I have found Elizabeth to be fine during my visit this weekend and although she was a bit anxious about going out on Saturday she soon relaxed as it was a lovely peaceful setting.  The next time the consultant psychiatrist promised me that I could take her out unescorted and there are two lovely pubs down the road where they do nice meals.   I hope this will be allowed on Wednesday.  I am going to phone early tomorrow as no alterations should be done in the dosage just before her assessment.    This is not right at all in my opinion.   I think I need to speak to the Responsible Clinician about this myself as others prescribing in his absence.

The Consultant Psychiatrist did say to me “I will keep the dosage to a minimal dosage”  Now it is doubled and I do not want to see it trebled.  I will keep you all informed as Dr Ann Blake Tracey said that any changes in medication can obviously affect someone and even I as a mother would know this.   Any changes in medication should not be done right bang before an assessment in my opinion and then you get told that the person concerned is not all that good.   Well this weekend Elizabeth has been great and she has really enjoyed her visit out to the garden centre.

Anyway I cannot fault the lovely nurses and staff and reception people but I have seen some shocking reviews and I hope that my good experience will continue with Cygnet Hospital Stevenage Orchid Ward.  I really hope that a fair solution can be achieved rather than keep Elizabeth on a locked ward where she has no possessions with her for years and years on end at enormous expense to ENFIELD.    This is suitable for short term only in my opinion.

Anyway I will keep you all informed as to how Wednesday’s Ward Round goes.

  1. In the US you can not leae the hospital once admitted. You can’t have your cell or any belongings. It’s so weird the different rules in different countries.

    • In the UK it is like that too – treated like a prisoner but it does depend on which hospital. If sent hundreds of miles away from home, then people are deprived of their liberty and look how Elizabeth has come out of the system – disabled as not going out leads to Agoraphobia and fear of open spaces. It is all so very wrong.

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