.. not recommended for use by older adults with dementia or dementia-related issues as it may increase the risk of death. If you have or have ever had heart disease, heart failure, irregular heartbeat, stroke, liver disease, kidney disease, diabetes, glaucoma or seizures, you should talk to your doctor before you take this drug. Tell your doctor if you have ever had urinary issues or problems with your prostate.
Let your doctor know if you have phenylketonuria. Orally disintegrating Clozaril tablets contain aspartame (Click for SHOCKING VIDEO), which forms phenylalanine.

Clozaril may interact with other medications or supplements, including antihistamines, antidepressants, antibiotics, antifungal drugs, vitamins, minerals, herbal products, sleeping pills, HIV medications, high blood pressure medications, and more. If you are taking other prescription drugs or supplements, you should check with your doctor or pharmacist before taking this medication.

A single tablet of Clozaril may be extremely toxic to toddlers. Confusion, involuntary muscle movement, nerve damage, coma, and respiratory arrest may occur if toddlers ingest just 50-200 mg of clozapine.

My comments:

This is the dreadful drug – a last resort drug for so called “treatment resistant Schizophrenia” for which there is no such thing anyway as terrible things happened to Elizabeth before coming under MH care and under their care as well.  Since Elizabeth has not been so drugged since coming home she has been talking to us about things. The P450 liver enzyme tests from Holland proved her to be a poor/non metaboliser.   As regards “Schizophrenia” it really is just an “umbrella” label and there are  other diagnoses in the files such as PTSD and Aspergers.   If someone has suffered trauma then PTSD is the likely condition and Elizabeth has not had the treatment needed to make her well as far as PTSD is concerned and trauma.     Clozapine/Clozaril is not recommended for PTSD and this is why I am not happy about such treatment.   Why wont they recognise PTSD when someone has experienced trauma like Elizabeth has?   Elizabeth has  also developed tachycardia on this drug Clozapine.  Elizabeth felt dizzy whilst walking has suffered fever like symptoms on this drug and shows signs of tadive dyskinesia – Iwould like a proper and thorough assessment done for the life threatening condition of  NMS.  That is why I took her off it.  The Consultant Psychiatrist recommends that she resumes taking this drug but Elizabeth does not want to and has told him that today. She is adamant she does not wish to take any more drugs.  I believe she should be allowed to settle down before being pushed drugs and that nothing should be forced upon her.   She does not wish to take any drugs but if she is not eating then she will not be feeling well obviously.  She sounded upset and said she was not happy yet she was so happy at home to be with her family and her cat who was so loyal to her when she was ill recently.

When Elizabeth  came home from the care home back in May 2014 she was on  Clozapine plus Bisoprolol and Senna as well as Lorazepam.   Elizabeth remained on the Clozapine/Clozaril for a while since coming home.   Doctors from my local area refused to budge on the quantity of Clozapine prescribed and when I told the doctors that this was considered to be too high a dosage by a leading professor and that patients could manage on much less this was ignored.   When the consultant psychiatrist visited last year he did not recommend any change in the quantity of this chemical being prescribed and Elizabeth was sent a letter to say that we were all happy about this drug when in fact that could not be farther from the truth.   So I realised that no one in my local area was going to help us.  Social workers have previously got involved in the pushing of this drug to my daughter and throughout the files the main concern of the team was compliance.  However not one of them in the team considered the damage being done to my daughter who had developed tachycardia on this drug and had palpitations.  When Elizabeth complained of her tongue being stuck at the back of her throat and high temperatures/fever there was no one to turn to as in the past no one was concerned so I set about the slow reduction of this drug together with supplements and special nutritious diet and it was a great success – Elizabeth remained on a small dosage without problem and said she was feeling much better.   She was no longer clinging to our arms when walking and more alert.  She was not going to bed at 6.00 pm every night but up late.  I realised that not one Doctor would help so in light of that I had no choice but to help my daughter myself according to her wishes.  “you have no idea Mum what it feels like to be on these drugs and to be forced to take them” …………….her words.    By doing that I have learned a lot about what is missing in care and also about symptoms.  I have seen withdrawal symptoms before and what it does to someone and this is how Elizabeth came under mental health services in the first place – withdrawal from Prozac and then withdrawal from Abilify.   None of these withdrawals were prompted by me but I understood why Elizabeth wanted to be free of them but nothing was done properly – no trauma therapy given and I know it is not just a case of coming off the drugs – the underlying trauma needs to be addressed particularly when abuse has happened to someone and Elizabeth has told us all about the abuse she suffered whilst under a local scheme.   I knew little about nutrition in the past but have become more and more knowledgeable – and this is the way someone can become well again.  It is all about gut health.  I paid for private treatment and everything that was needed.   Elizabeth suffered little side effects coming off the drug Clozapine until I took the very last tiny piece away which was so minute.    Elizabeth had developed a nasty cough but because we had already knew about NMS the obvious thing to do is to take someone off the drug and she also had tardive dyskinesia which is caused by the drug itself and not one Doctor would have cared to help in my area so I had to because I care about her physical health.  I accept that Elizabeth needs medical help right now but I do not think that she is mentally ill as described because she was able to talk to us freely and tell us all about what happened to her.  She was too afraid to go out places.  A drug withdrawal was not easy to do at home and my carers and I had to cope the best we could but then Elizabeth displayed classic signs of withdrawal NOT RELAPSE FROM MENTAL ILLNESS BUT WITHDRAWAL  –  This is the reason no one wishes to help as withdrawal from Clozapine is acute – withdrawal symptoms are mistaken for symptoms of mental illness.  There seems to be no facilities to cope with someone withdrawing from drugs such as this and little knowledge. Doctors do not want to take the risk.   It is far easier to keep a patient on the drug for the rest of their lives and not deal with the behaviour of someone withdrawing from the very drugs that they prescribe but by doing this they are not addressing the serious physical health or psychological problems that long term drugging can cause someone.

I had to deal with this withdrawal the best I could at home but when things became too much for me and a bit risky,  I spotted a facility in Kent that sounded ideal.    They would not take Elizabeth when they saw the symptoms she was displaying  of drug withdrawal and I then had to look for another facility and found one this is called REHAB RECOVERY   –  I was so happy at their response …….. instead of turning me away they were willing to help – Thank you Oliver and Jamie – you made my day.  I quickly told the staff involved but by this time Elizabeth was in the ambulance and unfortunately the Police had sectioned her under Section 136 which I asked for them to remove this as I had found the correct facility needed and was prepared to pay for it but the police refused to lift the Section 136 and had already made plans to take her to an NHS hospital (we went to two separate hospitals in Kent but she ended up in Maidstone) I was in despair as I thought she would just be transferred back to the same kind of wards she had already been on that would not have been able to cope with drug withdrawal and again she would be put back on huge levels of psychiatric  drugs  and be back to square one but now she is at Cygnet Hospital.  I reckon a place like this must be extremely expensive but nothing had been provided for two years since Elizabeth came home from the care home.    I was pleasantly surprised as when I visited last night I was welcomed onto the ward which made a change.  I have been banned from visiting wards before and this is not because I am aggressive or a volatile person as I have been described. This is how you are portrayed if you dare to disagree with “treatment” which is normally high amounts of drugs.   So the ward is not at all like what you would find under NHS care – the staff I met were wonderful and looked happy and they have been very helpful to me. They don’t turn around and say that they cannot discuss anything with you – in other words you are not excluded.   There was a brilliant ratio of staff to patient and Elizabeth is getting one to one care there.   Today I have had a call from members of staff.  Instead of ignoring they are listening.  Well done Cygnet Hospital – it felt good and reassuring to see that my daughter was in a place that I would describe the opposite of what I was expecting.  I was ready to contest the section and demand her release but Elizabeth at the moment is not well enough.  She said tonight she could not eat anything.   Proper assessments are done at this hospital too and I have asked Elizabeth to be assessed for the life threatening condition of NMS and to take into consideration the other diagnoses that have been ignored by my local area.     All this is being paid for by my local area but the fact remains that the facility and treatment being provided by Cygnet Hospital I have seen so far is a huge difference to previous experience.  If Elizabeth is to be put back on any drug it should only be given at very small dosage because she was managing on very little and doing so well and could think and could function better than ever before when she was drugged to the hilt. Elizabeth had wanted to be slim and she had lost weight from being taken out to nice places and was going out regularly with a close family friend and socialising.   I do not want her stuck on a hospital ward for very long and being stuck on a ward for many years.   I am hoping that Elizabeth will not be put back on huge levels of drugs again.   I am also hoping that I will not be displaced as the Nearest Relative or next of kin yet again because I have gone out of my way to obtain proper decent care and was prepared to pay for it all myself thus saving them a fortune. I would pay anything to get the very best of care in a lovely environment.   The farm would have been that kind of environment – healthy.  I believe this facility should not be ongoing for too long and that Elizabeth should be allowed to come home again and be with her family and see her cat again.    We also have a holiday booked in Cornwall and Devon.



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