Maidstone Hospital

  • Elizabeth is here tonight has just been assessed by AHMP Gemma but the two doctors who carried out the assessment ie  Drs Singh and Sayd have come and as far as I know gone and did not bother to see me as I would have liked them to.  I am contacting solicitors  – Elizabeth was happy at home with her cat and surrounded by family – I was told that my local area would be funding a new hospital placement  –  this is highly expensive and it just doesn’t make sense to me to spend all that money.  I have mentioned to the AHMP that I was willing to pay for private care myself and that I had found somewhere but they do not wish to know.   Elizabeth was on a lot less drugs over two years since coming home but when we noticed serious physical health symptoms we tried to stop the last little bit if Clozapine but perhaps if she had been given Clolline or a dopamine antagonist suppressor then she would have been Ok –  I don’t believe and neither do the rest of the family that Elizabeth is “mentally ill”.   Abuse can come from all sources not just home and family.  The AHMP had never heard of open dialogue yet this is on offer in the area of Kent –  I believe the plan is to send her once again onto a ward, ignoring what everything we have said –  the symptoms I and my carers have seen of Neuroleptic Malignent Syndrome. No one wishes to admit the drug treatment could be to blame.   I am saddened by the fact they are looking for a bed no doubt far away from home and family again.  More legal activity – more expense .    All that was needed was  stabilisation  for instance  –  a dopamine antagonist suppressor.  Sadly  the first thing on offer is all too often drugs  which is my sole reason of complaint –   The care that has worked most of all has been being at home surrounded by people who really care – her family The area where we live  have tried time and time to displace me as a mother who really cares for the physical health and wellbeing of my daughter and who is still here waiting at Maidstone hospital at 3.00 am.   I have no car with me as I was driven to this area by Elizabeth’s sister –  I have no idea if she will be transferred somewhere tonight or tomorrow.  I would arrange for a cab to take me wherever .  All of this yet I am prepared to pay myself for a centre that have just six beds and more one to one care offering therapy and have found a place  thatcould help her with her one of her diagnoses of PTSD as it has been suggested she should have had intensive train therapy.   Elizabeth has such a wonderful friend who really cares, a family who love her but sadly according to the files I have been labelled myself very badly as I have dared to disagree and have complained about the overdrugging of my daughter.   I am critical because the files state she has been on maximum level of drugs concomitantly prescribed and it is the drugs that have destroyed my once happy daughter who wishes to be drug free.   I am also  rightly critical of the fact that several extremely serious incidents have occurred under my local area of care – Enfield Mental Health trust and there is integrated care alongside that provided by Enfield Council and this is who want to fund such a placement at huge expense to the taxpayer. Even whilst on huge levels of drugs,  Elizabeth has told us the most disturbing things, following her coming out of care after three years and in that care home Phoenix House apparently she had no food as noted in the files and all of these things have resulted in Elizabeth not wanting to see any MH professionals especially those behind the deprivation of drugs is social services based at Park Avenue and Lucas House hence my story called “get her back we are paying for that”. –  I am now seriously worried where Elizabeth will be sent – probably hundreds of miles from home yet again –  I just want her home again –  I have been so happy to have her home and myself and carers have gone to so much trouble to get healthy food and look after her physical health.  I was told it could be  a private sector care hospital but look what good Cambian did for her –  she ended up more disabled than before holding on to your arm like an elderly person. It was hard to get her out .   The placement I had found had a bed available to go to tomorrow  and sounded so nice –  a few weeks would have been enough to stabilise her and I would have paid saving taxpayers money.  My local area who wish to make cutbacks etc is Enfield Mental Health Trust and you would think that they would be happy I am willing to pay for care myself.    I will let you know when I hear more as I am waiting as I want to be able to see my daughter before she goes and to know where she is being sent.  I shall contact solicitors tomorrow as Elizabeth should have the right  of choice and I want her treated fairly also I thought there was a shortage of beds –  well I don’t want her to be once again treated like she was when she was at Cambian –  if you are paying I have found you get treated much better and this is why I wanted to pay.

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