This morning I had quite a journey to make.  I had to get a cab, get a train to Victoria and then come back into London via the Victoria Line and when I got home even more hassle as my younger daughter was driving my car and instead of leaving the keys out somewhere concealed she had put them in a cupboard in the living room.  How on earth am I going to get those to get into the house.  So I had to order a cab and pick up the keys from a friend and bring me back again but whilst I was waiting outside the new lawnmower arrived and I had to put this in the back of the car along with all my possessions.  At last I am inside the house and I am busy sorting out what to take for Elizabeth when I drive down there.  In Victoria I was overwhelmed with support and was busy making enquiries which I will tell you all about later.

So far I have a good impression of the way someone spoke to me today over the telephone from Cygnet Hospital.    Again I will tell you more later.  Elizabeth is on a special diet and I have made sure I have packed the Himalayan rock salt and other good things.  When I asked how long Elizabeth would be there as at Cambian she was there three years which is far too long and came out disabled!  I hope this will not be the same as we want her home where she belongs.

So Elizabeth is not on any Clozapine and has come off this chemical and I have made a point of saying there are numerous diagnoses.  I am going to show the team the therapeutic doe of this chemical not the huge amount of 350mg.  I am only too aware that hospitals drug to the hilt and that being in a hospital will be disturbing for Elizabeth so I do not wish for this to be long and drawn out and it is not necessary for this to be the case.  They just need to sort out Elizabeth’s cough and I have researched that everything can be resolved if her dopamine is normal but her brain thinks it is sky high causing the problems – to balance the balance between Dopamine and Seratonin you therefore have to:

INCREASE HER SERATONIN (feel good chemical).

I wonder if I will get to meet the consultant psychiatrist – the private consultant psychiatrist at the luxury rehab said he was looking forward to reading my blog and now he can read about how I have looked into everything with some help if I’m honest – I want to tell him about the worrying symptoms I have seen and this is why the Clozapine has been reduced –  no one in the local area cares to help as regards any reduction, neither are they  concerned about the physical wellbeing of my daughter and they all assume she has a mental illness and refuse to accept that the treatment they have given may be wrong.   I have proven this by having the P450 liver enzyme test results “poor/non metaboliser” and no-one can argue with the World’s leading expert in metabolism.  I intend to take the result along to show the team.  I will look for the care plan to show everyone what has been provided for Elizabeth in two years since coming home from the care home and that is nothing.   Even if Elizabeth did not wish to meet the team who were the very people who took us to court so no wonder why, why have they discriminated against her – is it just to get back at me I wonder because my name is mud in the files.  I am going to write to the consultant psychiatrist next as problems that have not been addressed and neither has the trauma that she has experienced in the past.   So many horrible things have been said in the files and Elizabeth has been no trouble at all for the past two years.

It is about time investment was made for proper facilities for someone with psychosis to go into and there is absolutely nothing and that is why I support Chy Sawel  –  Everywhere you get the same response practically and I thought I had found the perfect place – the very place Elizabeth could have got better and they wouldn’t take her.  I then went out of my way making phone call after phone call to find similar places and again mostly I got the same response however I must praise one place in particular who did not refuse to have Elizabeth and I was gutted as this had only six people.  In contrast there are 14 and this is not so good in my opinion as Elizabeth needs a calm and peaceful environment so  I need to write my letter and tell the consultant psychiatrist to immediately do the necessary assessments so as not to hold up Elizabeth’s discharge as I am afraid a hospital is not the right place for her to be.   The hospital is in Hertfordshire so that is not too far away –  it is notably another private sector hospital.  Why isn’t the NHS being refurbished as these admissions are extremely expensive and once again the same process of defending the right to lift that section yet someone may behave totally different whilst cooped up on a ward in a noisy environment than in a peaceful homely environment and I have more than proved this fact.  Elizabeth does not like noise.

Anyway must get ready now to go and visit Elizabeth.  Will let you all know later how I get on. It is quiet in the house without her –  I just wish that a proper facility was available like Chy Sawel and I would move to be near such a facility.


  1. rasberry said:

    I’m glad that Elizabeth could get off from Clozapine. It is difficult to understand why psychiatrists are never punished for harming patients and their family. Everybody I know who are trapped in the system are not happy at all. Many patients can’t stand the side effects of Clozapine but fear the psychiatrists so they continue to take them, which is very stressful for them. Majority of Psychiatrists don’t care about the consequence and say that Clozapine won’t cause any brain damage. Most of them would never agree in lowering the dose despite severe side effects. Anyway, well done about the Clozapine.

  2. I was LUCKY when I was put on Clozaril. I developed life-threatening agranulocytosis and had to be taken off this terrible drug. Before that I had seizures every night and could not swallow my own saliva, had terrible terrible other side effects, including such massive sedation I could scarcely wake up at all. IT was the worst drug I have ever taken…THank you for this blog. But why do you call Elizabeth “mentally ill”? Is that not going along with the terminology that the psychiatrists want you to use? She may have been traumatized and suffer those effects, but what is “mental illness” anyway? I too have been diagnosed for years with schizophrenia , but I cringe at that term and the term mental illness to this day. I really hate it. By the way thank you for your comment on my Facebook page back in April when I was in hospital in the US.,,.I only just found it today.

    • Mentally ill is also a term I do not agree with as I believe that she is traumatised and much of it is to do with treatment which has led to disablement – the drugs given to my daughter at such huge levels have had a profound effect on her mental ill health – She was once doing ok with her life. Wrong care, wrong treatment and wrong labelling and that can make someone worse

      • I must amend this as I would say mental health condition – trauma victim in actual fact – what I mean is mentally ill as a result of the treatment she has received. At one time Elizabeth was working, learning to drive and going to college. These drugs have made her “mentally ill” confused and mixed up – instead of counselling drugs are given at enormous levels.

    • Lucky? – this is far from lucky and so did my daughter develop life threatening condition of neuroleptic malignant syndrome with her tongue going back to her throat which was the reason I took her off this drug and all went well until four days afterwards – what a shame we do not have any wonderful facilities like Chy-Sawel set up in the UK.

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