I would say to Nick Clegg that there is a long way to go before anyone can say there is any progress.

Currently in the UK young vulnerable people are being held for many years in psychiatric institutions when many have not even committed any crime.  How many – I would like to see the figures for this. The reality is that if someone is seen not to manage well in the community independently this is an excuse to keep them locked up for years on end and I am in touch with cases like this.  Elizabeth is a good example of where someone has come out of the system disabled worse than before.  She is now too afraid to go out alone, despite the fact she has a key and can come and go as she likes.    When a patient is sent hundreds of miles away from home as care locally has failed, they are not allowed to go out freely at all.  Patients are being over-drugged and denied basic human rights.  There is a heck of a lot more work to do Mr Clegg and when I went to see Mr Burstow I suggested a room be provided so that not just me but the other parents can be included in any meetings.  The whole system is extremely wrong and there is lack of accountability, there is lack of communication and this is why I am in favour of open dialogue – I am not surprised in the slightest bit that there are not enough beds.

I have featured in my last blog the kind of care myself and other mothers would like to see set up in the UK – Chy-Sawel looking at a nutritional approach and providing proper assessments unlike the care currently being provided which is practically  all about drugs – perhaps there should be proper testing like I have had done in Holland available to everyone and then that would ultimately save money and the leading professor in Holland suggested nothing like the high dosage of drugs currently being prescribed.   I have now proven by these tests that she is a poor/non metaboliser and I am happy to share what tests have been done so that everyone can benefit.

Elizabeth has just received her care plan and absolutely nothing has been provided but this has not surprised us at all.  We have finally got this after 23 months and I see this as ridiculous.  I also feel that Elizabeth has suffered discrimination just because the team do not like me and that is solely because I have criticised the maximum drugging of my daughter and quite rightly so.  I have no regrets about this at all.  Anyway the care plan is in draft form and there are some mistakes that need correcting  the most negative comments have been written about Elizabeth and I intend to correct these along with my carers who may also wish to contribute. It would seen that under Psychiatry, once a label has been dished out this is a license to drug someone for life like a never ending prison sentence regardless of whether there is doubts as to correct diagnosis.   A proper assessment only costs £5 – £600 – cheaper surely than giving the wrong treatment for life.  Of course if you dare to criticise even the art therapist gets in on the act of diagnosing in my local area and everyone I know is laughing.  I am laughing most of all as I would like to talk about this on Twitter directly –   is his title Dr as well as art therapist?

This week Elizabeth has just had a visit from the benefits officer – He came to my house as Elizabeth cannot get out and I understand from my carers that his visit was very brief which I thought was good as Elizabeth is afraid of meetings.    Elizabeth could not manage to get herself to appointments – she has not been out of the door on her own, despite being encouraged to do so since arriving back home from the care home.  She has felt dizzy when walking – a side effect of the Clozapine.  She was making sharp arm movements when walking and I have seen slight tongue movements from time to time – a sign of tardive dyskinesia.   Even answering the phone is an ordeal for Elizabeth who dropped the phone in fright the other week when someone asked for her by name  but that is not surprising at all when you have been taken to court in the way we have and been subject to teams of professionals who came only to report back to social services for the purpose of court and to make the family look bad.

If it was not for her carers, Elizabeth would be stuck indoors which is hardly ideal and I am delighted to have a very good carer on board who is encouraging her to go out places.  Slowly but surely she is regaining her confidence and no longer is physically ill before going out.  I am disappointed there is no mention of any direct payments within the care plan and I will let you all know what response I get after I have sent this back duly corrected.  There are major cutbacks in my local area whose better care fund stands at £20.585m.  They are saving huge sums of money now Elizabeth is no longer in care.  I am spending a lot on decent organic food as this is so important as part of her nutritional plan.

So today Elizabeth is out with her carer which has given me the opportunity to visit the elderly lady who I have known for so many years.  I helped her make a shopping list as food was running low.  There was a meeting held at Council offices that I got to find out about but could not attend.   It would appear that I am the last person that the Safeguarding team wishes to speak to as just like with Elizabeth I am happy to be very supportive  – this elderly lady may well be disabled to the point of not being able to speak but I shall be extremely unhappy with my local Council if they try and say she has no capacity like they did with Elizabeth and that is of course untrue.  She has full capacity.   I have been in touch with the  Chief Executive of the mental health,  The leader of the Council and the Director of Social Services.  Why then do I need yet another person being assigned to respond to my letters/emails.  It is much simpler to stick to writing to those mentioned above rather than someone completely new.  This is why things are never dealt with properly in the first place.  I now want action not words/ correspondence.     Everyone in my family with support this elderly lady stating she HAS GOT CAPACITY.    I can prove it too. If she wishes to stay in her own home  as she does then I sincerely hope that my local Council respects her wishes.  I will keep you all informed.

Just reflecting on the brilliant writing of Elizabeth’s advocate from the Bethlem  “Bedlam” as it’s known or “Hell on Earth” (Elizabeth’s description)  he has written good words on the subject of Governance.  As it is rather a lengthy piece of writing I am going to feature a few main points:

“More and More governance – you’ve got to be kidding”

And you’re so proud of your latest ****

Where has the training, coaching and things like SLaM Partners got us in the past?  absolutely nowhere.

More and more time as far away from the coalface as possible!

The biggest problem is that no one expects anything of anyone so that no one can fail!

“I can substantiate “in spades” everything I am saying here, and I will do so publicly if I have to”.

He then suggests the only answer is to put him in charge of creating and delivering the necessary transformational new paradigms. I personally think that there is so much wasted talent if you look at patients who could otherwise be working positively within the team, especially those who are very enthusiastic and outspoken in their comments like Elizabeth’s Advocate.  Their contribution could be extremely valuable and as I can see there so many copied in to his email and I am impressed as this is what I call great communication – a far cry from what I have come across.

Another brilliant writer I have previously featured is Eric Coates and I have seen the following posted by him and would thoroughly agree.

 “I am not a conspiracy theorist in any way (except in the way that, if you’re not totally naeive you realized that, yes, politicians and corporations and potential mates are all very calculating creatures). But it strikes me as an odd coincidence that “antipsychotics” — once known as “major tranquilizers” — have the convenient effect not of healing but of keeping the “psychotic” very quiet, which results in their needing food and housing and medical and other subsidies, but also of killing them off at an average of 25 years before their otherwise expected life span, which would, of course, take them off the welfare rolls. I am not, as I say, a conspiracy theorist, but the psychiatric profession also designed the Holocaust by first happily agreeing to exterminate 250,000 “schizophrenics” — the part of history that no one talks about — and it would not strike me as at all strange or out of the character of the average psychiatrist I’ve known to do the same thing or at least to ignore it while it is happening. They kiss the heels of their masters, and the drugs are what pays their bills.”

Yes,  well said Eric    Schizophrenia is just a label given by Psychiatrists in order to drug and disable someone but the Government goes on about anti stigma but where is the scientific proof of this label – there needs to be action in terms of proper assessments as people like Elizabeth are being given the wrong treatment when in actual fact the Government should be looking to improve the training of Doctors on nutrition –  I have found the most excellent care and I  am going to prove to every professional how wrong things are – the drugs are there to silence someone and can be used when things go wrong –  however Elizabeth is “treatment resistant” – poor or non metaboliser so these chemicals have not worked and therefore Elizabeth has not been silenced.  Now all my carers know everything and all the more reason that there is proper communication in an open and honest manner.    It is good that there are organisations such as ISPS where I take Elizabeth to show her that there are some good professionals but where is the choice in care both treatment and facility?  I have been speaking recently to quite a few mothers who have young people long term incarcerated – stuck in the system for years  and none of them are happy.  I can understand why –  their sons and daughters are being drugged enormously and many of these parents  would be happy to speak to the press.   I feel most fortunate that Elizabeth is out of the system and is starting to show signs of improvement thanks to being in the right environment and that is because one of my carers is an expert on nutrition.   Chy-Sawel  wish to provide a facility with emphasis on nutrition and proper assessments leading to correct treatment.  I would like to see this set up in the UK as there is nothing other than the usual facility that provides treatment of forced drugging once someone is sectioned.  Worse still the barbaric treatment of ECT is given in the UK.    I know where the money is being wasted – where families have to fight to get their sons and daughters out of the shocking “care” system – the cost of these institutions amounts to thousands and thousands of pounds per week of taxpayers money so no wonder they do not wish to let go of someone.  It is profitable for lawyers as tribunals can be long and drawn out.  Noone is in a hurry to see a patient leave when they are getting paid lots of money each week.

 I would like to see a fairer system and some of the cases I am in touch with brought out in the open – it would be cheaper to give more support to the families involved.  There is no mention of support in Elizabeth’s care plan – I do not think she has been treated fairly at all but I am so very lucky to have people helping me right now who do care – non professionals –  without which I would have to move to another area but we have asked our local MP about being transferred to an area where there is Open Dialogue.    It is a post code lottery and for those who live at home there needs to be more choice and I do not agree with forced drugging and ECT.   The remarkable parents I am in touch with continue to fight for the release of their sons/daughters, some of whom are being denied basic human rights and contact with their families .  It is terrible what is going on in the UK and what the public don’t know is affecting everyone when you look at the closure of hospitals, A&Es and as for Junior Doctors I fully support their campaign –  this money being wasted under the mental health by sending vulnerable people away for years on end to the point of disablement, drugging them at huge doses of mind altering chemicals ie 600mg lithium and 800mg Clozapine – just one example – some are drugged so highly on numerous concomitantly prescribed drugs and this all needs to be brought out in the open.    I have said to all the parents they are welcome to use this blog to highlight what is going on their local areas and how long their relative has been incarcerated and what extent are they being drugged.  All this should be headline news at it is affecting so many people and being kept very quiet.   Taxpayer’s money is being wasted and could be better spent in my opinion.

Very good premises have been viewed by Sandra Breakspeare that would be suitable for Chy-Sawel who are holding their conference on 13th May as I have previously posted.  Doctors who care about patients physical health such as Dr William Walsh and Dr William Shaw should be involved in training up doctors to look at underlying health problems – gut health nutrient deficiencies and allergies etc . There needs to be such a specialist facility in the UK providing accurate treatment rather than that currently provided on a trial and error basis.  If it is not possible for patients to completely come off the drugs then they should be on minimal amounts not over-drugged and this surely must in any case be against NICE Guidelines –  it is apalling  what is going on. I am bringing Elizabeth and my carers along to the forthcoming Chy-Sawel Conference.

I believe environment to be very important and as you can see that I have featured on Twitter even more than just mind altering chemicals.  I have posted about smart meters which is something that we do not want for health reasons-  Elizabeth needs to have a natural environment and also I have featured chem trails and additives in food.  I look very carefully at the labelling of foods now and only buy organic produce.

I am fed up with hearing all these campaigns on obesity when  these drugs doctors call “medication” are the cause – they cause tiredness, increased appetite and craving for sugary/unhealthy foods.   I have seen huge improvement now in Elizabeth and it is all thanks to my carers.





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