I’m looking forward to attending this forthcoming event with Elizabeth and possibly one of my carers, an expert on nutrition who I took to meet Dr William Shaw.    I’m looking forward to meeting Robert Whitaker again who I last met at the CEP’S Conference “More Harm Than Good” held at Roehampton University.    Sandra Breakspeare has organised wonderful speakers to take part in the 7th Conference of Chy-Sawel and I hope to meet up with all the other parents who are badly affected having sons and daughters stuck in a system that is failing so many.     I would like to draw attention to the fact that Sandra is trying to raise money in order to provide a much needed facility in the UK (suitable premises have been seen) so anyone interested in investing in this wonderful project please contact Sandra Breakspeare (  Tel:  07814489701 and 01736 795748 .    When beds are overflowing and demand high for mental health care/services it is obvious that the current care treatment is not working and there needs to be choice and proper assessments.   


My above true story of when Elizabeth came home is why we need change and decent humane care. I attach the link for the Chy-Sawel Conference which includes Agenda and booking form below.   Elizabeth has been at home now over 20 months and care is through peer support, close friends and family.  

I intend to drive down and  stay a few days in Cornwall prior.  The Conference will be held at Sandy Park Conference Centre (Estuary Suite)  EXETER  Devon EX2 7NN on Friday 13th May.

I attach the link for Agenda and Booking Form and I’m looking forward to meeting up with everyone.  There are parents I know who are attending who are who have sons and daughters imprisoned in the system for many years, despite not having committed any crime yet treated like prisoners, deprived of the human rights and spending time with their families and these patients who are often sent many miles away from home are drugged at enormous levels.  Yes, this is the shocking reality about what is happening in the UK today which is not being publicised in the national press.   No institutions are in a hurry to let go of someone go quickly when they are receiving thousands of pounds per week and it is all about “business”, not care.    These young vulnerable people are left to go downhill in institutions and Elizabeth was sent to Wales and discouraged from  having family contact – supervised phone calls and restricted leave.   As a result she has come out of the system disabled.  This is why we need choice such as  CHY_SAWEL as they intend to take a very different approach that is humane and focuses on nutrition as this an area that is neglected under current mental health care.  It is good to see Nick Putman attending who is promoting the Open Dialogue Approach.  As I have told my local area this is what is needed – an open transparent system of care like in western Finland.

A new approach is definitely needed and Chy_Sawel is the answer.


  1. I havent had a chance yet to read all of your blog about your daughter and experience she and yourself have endured. I am a mum who has a 32 year old daughter, she is a lovely young lady. Currently she is in a cygnet hospital , i was horrified to arrive at the local pyschiatric hospital and find she was been taken there. She is deteriating such a lot, i am outraged at the way things are happening to my daughter. My husband and i want her out of there , she has epilepsy and pyschosis, under neuropyschiatric services she was fine.I tthink the drug she is on is making her a lot worse, our daughter gave consent for us to be included in her care and yet her wishes have been ignored. Reading your blog confirms our suspisions, the nhs can pay all this money to put her in this cygnet hospital, yet she was an in patient on a neuro behaviuoral ward before where she was treated as a patient, treated with dignity and made better. that is where we believe she should have been sent to, we were not involved, we feel lied to. we want our daughter out of cygnet.

    • I would call it like prison. For c£12500 pw these private hospitals should give proper assessments, allow contact with family and leave, not hang on to patients for years and give proper assessments. The care is very restrictive and what they did for Elizabeth was raise the drug Abilify to double the dosage making her unstable before release off section 2.

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