“I know electroshock survivors, and I’ve been on a psych ward while it was being practised on my friends. While you may be aware of the hazards (heart attacks, brain bleeds, memory loss), what you probably don’t know about is what happens to them as people who you interact with. They have a stare in their eyes, where their eyes don’t move like a normal person’s. It seems to look through you. They may have a smile on their face, but it is a goofy smile, empty of real expression and emotion or comprehension of what you are talking to them about. Years later, you can still see these effects. They have been hollowed out somehow as people, the connections in their brains fried with electricity so that they are no longer complete persons. It is a sad thing to see, and to witness happening. Shock is not effective in relieving depression or anything else beyond the first few weeks after it happens, when the brain, having suffered an injury, is trying to repair itself and so it seems that the activity of the mind has changed. In fact, it has only been damaged, and the electroshock survivors whom I personally know are all angry and confused about what was done to them, but they have been too brain damaged and intimidated to try to fight back any more. Electroshock is not “treatment.” It is a form of brain damage and torture, and I hope that you will prevent anyone from allowing it, because once you do, it will become “required” and that many more people will suffer. This is how the system works. When doctors can’t help, they use whatever extreme methods might be available — regardless of the harm that is done. Please do not allow electroshock to become a first-line treatment. It would be devastating to the public, and to many people who do not deserve this — especially when you consider the absolute dearth of genuine informed consent in this country. Please make a principled stand against it.”

FDA: Stop FDA from Down-Classifying the Shock Device to a Class II Device Stop shock treatment. – Sign the Petition!


“I think that psychiatry is winning because it deals with each one of its victims in isolation, alone, and without real friends who can help them. This has been true ever since the first asylums were opened in medieval Europe, where mad people were confined in buildings that can only be described as jails. Those who were loud were chained to the walls. Those who didn’t obey were beaten. Those who didn’t understand what was being said to them or who fought back a little to protect themselves were locked in little rooms without heat, without clothes, without a place to go to the bathroom, and starved into submission. This is not unlike the solitary confinement units of the worst prisons today. Every person who has mental problems is dragged in front of a psychiatrist, who, without any psychological training at all, simply prescribes a pill and then throws that person back into the ward. At the New Hampshire Hospital in Concord, New Hampshire, there are now only two psychologists. Two. For a couple hundred “patients.” But psychiatrists and nurses who dispense pills that pacify you like chemical chains now number in the dozens, and the jailers themselves — the “mental health workers” — number in the hundreds. Some of these people are genuinely there to help. But what they don’t realize is that every single person who enters the place is brought in in isolation, never gets to choose their own caregiver, never gets to choose their own lawyer, never gets to choose their own “treatment.” On the wall of the psych ward, there is a list of your rights, including the right to be “consulted with about your treatment.” This sounds great, but it never happens. To be “consulted with” means only that you are informed of what will be done to you, and if you resist — as I have — they will use the courtroom down the hall (hidden from the public, hidden from anyone who might help you) to take away your rights so they can do what they want to you. A psychiatrist, all by himself or herself, might seem like a noble person. But when you realize that they have the whole force of law, and of an institution that is designed like a prison, and a whole team of enforcers called “mental health workers” to enforce their will upon you, you have to realize that this is not “treatment.” This is a whole professional football team attacking the one guy who happened to wander out of the stands in confusion, and they do it time after time, day after day, year after year. When they’re done with you, most people would never have the courage to fight back again. And that’s how they’re winning. One victim at a time, isolated and removed from any help. Beaten down until they wouldn’t dare to help anyone else. Over and over and over. It’s time to fight back.”





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  1. sbev2013 said:


    Psychiatrists ignored Advanced Statements. They did that with Elizabeth and I see this has happened to Garth Daniels “Mental Health Patient Sues Upton House, Box Hill locked psychiatric facility, Melbourne, Victoria for Assault after ‘shock therapy’- patient claims of having 31 shock treatments without consent and now Eastern Health lawyers claim patient to be not a reliable witness. Patient claims he was restrained for more than 60 days straight. Capacity can be played upon when it suits but the family have sought private psychiatrists reports which should be taken into account.

    and he explicitly stated he did not consent to ECT under any circumstances. Elizabeth says she was offered this barbaric treatment. Just like Garth Elizabeth also refused Clozapine yet the Bethlem Royal Hospital took no notice. Elizabeth was so drugged up whilst there she did not even know what chemical she was on and I found out. Getting back to Garth his family quite rightly want him returned home and Elizabeth is doing well at home so why cant Garth be allowed to come home? I can see some similarities with Elizabeth’s treatment but I am totally against ECT – I am totally sympathetic to Garth’s family – he is not a violent man or a criminal – what kind of treatment is this. Barbaric treatment can cause someone to act in a way that they would not normally and what with the forced treatment they call care it is totally dehumanising.

    The protest is taking place on Saturday 20th February 11.00 – 1400 State Library (below the steps on footpath) Swanston Street, Melbourne (Section of Swanston Street between Lonsdale and Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne. There will be a London protest too – https://www,

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