You pay their wages.  But the so-called public servants who run councils, the NHS and police are uniting to keep you in the dark about their greed, incompetence and corruption” A brilliant article by the Daily Mail featured on 10th December.  See below:


I can certainly identify with this and yet they say there is no money but when no one bothers to attend any overview and scrutiny meetings then the public will always be kept in the dark.

The first half an hour was held in secret and I was asked to leave.  Such meetings include Church of England Diocese and Catholic Diocese) –  I have just seen “vacancy –  (parent Govenor Representative) –  shall I apply?  and I’m pretty sure I would be turned down like I have been when I applied to NICE and just recently The Royal College of Psychiatry.  One of the most disturbing things mentioned is Point 3:   EXCLUSION OF THE PRESS AND PUBLIC   – I am a taxpayer and a Scrutiny Meeting should be as per the title in my opinion – (open, honest, transparent).      To emphasise further under the heading of EXCLUSION there is a sentence “To consider, if necessary, passing a resolution under Section 100A (4) of the Local Government Act 1972 excluding press and public from the meeting for the item of business listed in Part 2 of the Agenda on the grounds that it will involve the likely disclosure of exempt information as defined in those paragraphs of Part 1 Schedule 12A to the Act (as amended by the Local Government (Access to Information) (Variation) Order 2006), as are listed on the Agenda (Please note there is a restricted Part 2 agenda).   

The main thing I was interested in was the Better Care Fund as, in nineteen months since coming home from the care home, Elizabeth has had nothing provided and now there is someone helping and this person is doing miracles with Elizabeth.  On a new diet of mainly vegetarian/vegan food she is losing weight, she is being taken out places as Elizabeth is so disabled now she cannot go out alone as she is too afraid.  £3.8 billion is allocated to this Fund and there is detailed information as to how this is made up and distributed.

Getting back to the Daily Mail article it says “senior managers from across local government, the police, quangos, hospitals etc. all seized upon the chance to demand a draconian crackdown which could introduce fees for making a request.  Well I have to pay fees for information.  So Jonathan Isaby of the Taxpayer’s Alliance comments “Who do they think they are” and how disgraceful it is to be making the misleading and emotive claim that making information available to the public means less money for looking after the elderly and vulnerable.  I agree with his comments.

In my local area we have coming up soon a Budget Consultation – Have Your Say   “Government cuts and an increase in demand for Council services from a growing population means that difficult decisions will have to be made about the future of many Council services.  This is in addition to £118million savings made since 2010 – efficiencies alone are no longer enough.  We want to hear from you – tell us what’s important to you, your family and community. You will be hearing from me.  I  feel like putting the link up here right now but I am awaiting a response to my letters first.  As I am limited for time I have decided the best way forward  a letter copying in everyone at the same time.  The date the Budget consultation closes is end of January but I have already started to write the most important letter I have ever written and I will keep you informed of the outcomes.   I could go on in depth with my comments on the title of my Blog and Budget Consultation but in short I would state:   The Council is already saving money.  They have saved over £60000 a year + not having to provide a care home and even more money on not having to pay for a CTO when it is not in the slightest bit necessary.   They need to put the bulk of this money on the failing healthcare for mental health patients and the weak/vulnerable/disabled in my opinion but this is not happening.  Instead they are saving a fortune.   In nineteen months nothing but now there are more than one team involved as others have been helping and supporting Elizabeth whilst I work.   I have also been providing a personal trainer but there is no help or support even though they are supposed to provide something.   As I can see thousands have been spent/wasted on taking me to court.  Even more has been spent on private sector care for nearly three years and a hospital in Beckenham.  The bulk of the money goes on over prescribing and wastage on drugs that do not even work.   I have proven through metabolism tests in Holland that Elizabeth cannot metabolise drugs yet they still insist on giving Clozapine at a high dosage rather than reduce them.  The elderly lady I see from time to time has been prescribed lots of drugs she is supposed to take but she is only taking 1 of them as she cannot swallow these enormous pills.  What a waste of money and  I have quite rightly complained to her GP about this unsatisfactory situation.  If £2500+ was spent on court even more money must have been spent on the independent Psychiatrist’s report plus his attendance at my home.  Several more thousand pounds on top of the figure of £2500.  I will definitely be sending my comments to the Leader of the Council very soon.

In my local paper there is an organisation who support the disabled and they apparently held an event recently – wish I knew as I would have attended but basically it is noted that the number of people in the meeting room reflected the level of concern however they should have gone to the Scrutiny meeting in my opinion too.  Concern was voiced over the Council’s cuts and Government Policies.

On a positive note we are seeing huge improvement in Elizabeth now she is on an improved diet.  She is being taken out regularly by someone who has volunteered to help and who I would like rewarded for his huge effort.

Looking forward to Xmas only a couple of weeks away now and it is about the only occasion the family  get together as others are very busy.  We are inviting in neighbours this year.

The weekend was so busy as I went to visit a friend who is an elderly lady and I discovered she had hardly any food so I then to do some shopping  for her.

On Sunday I went to visit another friend who was on a mental health ward but has since been discharged.  I was shocked at the level of security in that hospital.

There is so much to think of this time of year. There are no longer young children in the family it is not the same any more.

Christmas can be stressful but extremely sad for some people.  On Christmas Day I take dinner every year to the elderly lady.  I shall be thinking of those in hospitals, those who have no visitors such as mental health wards as they are restricted and treated more like prisoners.    Elizabeth is very lucky as she has a team of people who voluntarily help me as there is nothing given in the local area.

I have put up two trees in the living room and it is starting to look more festive but I would like to see other parents united with their sons/daughters who are on stuck on MH wards and denied the opportunity to spend time with their families and I know of several. cases where human rights are seriously being breached.

I have joined the Human Rights Group Liberty and I hope to bring to everyone’s attention some most shocking cases I am touch with.   I am keen to help eradicate such abuse that is going on within the UK and will be keen to assist Liberty in this respect.   Looking forward to helping in any way I can.




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