Today we had a home visit from the Consultant Psychiatrist for the six monthly review but it has now been sixteen months since Elizabeth came home from the care home.

There was no time to contact all my carers as we did not know about this and were not given a letter advising us.  The letter went to Elizabeth but luckily she showed this to me.

Elizabeth wrote down lots of points.

I later wrote down points as well.

So the consultant psychiatrist, prescribing nurse who I have met before and a student turned up at my house.

Questions were asked of Elizabeth who was in favour of myself as mother being kept informed and allowed information from the files.  This has always been the case but some consultant psychiatrists tried to make out she did not wish for me to see the files and there was a lot of coercion going on.  I can see for sure it was the team who did not wish me to see the files but now I have.

Anyway I liked the fact that the consultant psychiatrist had the decency to ask what involvement and how often would Elizabeth like to see the professionals.   One of Elizabeth’s carers came and told the consultant psychiatrist about the nutritional diet and how Elizabeth was going out to different venues and this particular carer is doing a lot to help me right now.   Later on my other carer turned up –  Anyway the meeting did not last long and the main thing that was established was that they were not going to be pushy – I hope not as I can still remember the other team and their behaviour.

Whilst discussions were taking place Elizabeth’s cat, fluffy ran across the room and I could not help noticing that this nurse was not comfortable with the cat being in the room and looked quite terrified.  It was lucky I did not have a Rottweiler.

I asked the consultant psychiatrist a few questions myself.  He could not answer as to why Clozapine Chemotherapy was introduced at the Bethlem.

I was disappointed that this consultant psychiatrist did not recommend a reduction even though she is on a high dosage.  He also could not answer my question as to whether Elizabeth would be expected to take drugs for the rest of her life.  I pointed out recent neurology tests but it would seem the consultant psychiatrist just wanted to plod on with the current level of drugs and I have come across this before.


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