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The most important book to me in my life, not only in my own development as a writer but in who I am as a person was This Way For The Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen, which is a book written by the Holocaust and Auschwitz survivor Tadeusz Borowski. That’s probably not important, really, except that he showed me how evil and dehumanization really works, and he did it in the plainest and most direct language, which is how I cannot help writing most of the time as a result, and particularly when confronted by evil. I believe that there is good and evil in this world, and that you have to know it when you see it. I don’t watch TV shows about drug dealers and gangsters and enjoy them. I don’t watch movies in which people exploit other people or kill them and enjoy it. I have seen evil up close and personal, and it doesn’t give me a thrill to see an account of it. Evil is not entertainment. But I also don’t walk by suffering and ignore it, as people who spend their time watching cool TV shows about evil do; I think it’s your obligation to do something about it, and to do it RIGHT NOW. When I read this obituary I had to cry, not only for admiration of one of my heroes but for the suffering that he tried to help relieve. A lot of people are talking about the Syrian refugees right now, and that’s good. But what most people probably don’t realize is that there is 1 schizophrenic in the world for every 100 people, and that these people are now undergoing what I call an Invisible Holocaust. There are, by my reckoning, more than 3,500,000 schizophrenics in the United States right now, and what most people don’t realize is that every single one of them who is forced to take drugs will die 25 years younger than you will, and that their lives — especially if the Murphy Bill passes — will be spent in misery and hopelessness and unfulfilled potential, all due to the effects of the deadly and horribly uncomfortable drugs they are forced by others to take. The United Nations defines this forced drugging — literally — as torture, but the United States ignores this ruling and goes on regardless, because the pharmaceutical lobby and the psychiatric lobby (a $330 billion a year industry) have such a lock on control of what’s happening. Most people have no idea that the killing methods and hidden form of the Holocaust itself was designed by psychiatrists, and that the first 250,000 to die were schizophrenics — BEFORE they implemented the same program on the Jews. What made this man a hero was that he recognized that kind of evil when he saw it coming and he spent his life doing something about it. You can sit back on your TV and click to another cool show if you want, and ignore the cries of suffering in the world. Or you can do something about it. We’ve lost a hero, but even more important is that we need heroes who are willing to do what it takes right now, before it’s too late, and even more millions die.

“Those Who Have The Privilege To Know Have The Duty To Act.” —Einstein


Elizabeth and I are getting such wonderful advice right now from an expert on nutrition.

I am going to share some of this wonderful advice with everyone.   I am hoping to meet up with other former patients at the weekend.   Some of the wonderful advice I have received could be of benefit to them as well.

One of the treatments to help people get rid of excess oxalates is to take very high doses of magnesium, or in some cases, actually give intravenous infusions of magnesium. Because it has the least solubility with oxalates magnesium will help to dissolve them, so to speak.


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