Tonight I have Sandra Breakspeare from Chy Sawel staying with me.  Tomorrow I will be meeting the other mothers attending Bio Lab/Gt Plains Laboratory Conference.   I hope at the end I will get to speak to Dr Shaw again like last time.

Elizabeth and my new advisor is coming with us.  He already knew about Dr Shaw’s research.

My new advisor is making sure Elizabeth is taken to healthy places and eats the most health foods.  As a result she is looking like a difference person.

Last Night 30.10.15

Met Sandra who had spent all day travelling all the way down from Cornwall.  Elizabeth was taken to a special place where there were therapeutic oils.  I will find out the name later.  Elizabeth came back home with some very nice things and Sandra and I tried one of the oils – again I will name the product later.  Elizabeth was very happy and Sandra commented on how well she is improving since coming home.

My advisor has left me a long list of instructions for this morning – breakfast and lunch as we will be making our way to the Bio Lab/Gt Plains Laboratory Conference.  We are hoping to meet Dr Shaw afterwards like last time.  I am sure everyone will be most impressed with the knowledge of my advisor.

I also showed Sandra some of the wonderful support I have had in advocacy when Elizabeth was sent to the Royal Bethlem Hospital (Bedlam) or (Hell on Earth as Elizabeth calls it).  I shall also share with you how they operate in liaison with local professionals.   It is important that this sort of thing is brought out into the open so that everyone can see what is really going on.

This morning – 31.10.2015

I was up early but then I am used to getting up early on a daily basis and travelling a fair distance.

Made  breakfast and then I took Sandra to the nearest Tube Station.   I had to move my car as a bus was coming as I was dropping her off with her cases.  When I saw the bus coming I moved up a bit further but someone came across to me and said “you will get a ticket”  –  I had barely parked to 2 seconds whilst I was helping get her cases out of my car and he pointed to a camera.   The Council must be raking in the money if they charge for 2 seconds and there was no one in this parking bay so I await with interest to see if I get a ticket and then I am going to tell everyone and everyone will know what area I live in.    I would not feel happy at paying such a bill for two seconds and the time was around 8.10 am.  The reason I would not feel happy in paying is that I have to pay my carers for parking at the local hospital on a regular basis in order to collect the chemicals. I pay full Council Tax.  As I have said I begrudge to pay because I have seen the enormous amount of money available to spend on care in the budget having been to the Scrutiny Meeting. I have also seen the enormous amount of money that has been spent on care that has made my daughter worse and not better.  Care that includes the most nasty remarks written behind your back by a team of so called professionals.   Even those I thought I could trust have been nasty such as an art therapist who has labelled me as being mentally ill.  He even went one step further and wanted a mental health assessment done on me.  Is his title Doctor by any chance?  Are social workers doctors in my area that they can push someone into taking drugs like Clozapine?   as Inspector Brown says “What the hell is going on”  –  Good question.    I am able to live on a day to day basis without one single drug.  I have coped over the past years with enormous caring responsibilities and combined this with working.  I kept my father with Alzheimers out of going into a care home for many years.   The only person who has not been ill has been me as I have been able to keep going.   I can see Elizabeth has my strength in character as when the chemical Clozapine was deprived for several days she coped and actually described to me the withdrawal symptoms.  It is sad how professionals gang up against all medical ethics and they do it to protect one another, their jobs being more important than someone’s life “it  is more than my job is worth to give you those drugs” –  this was the response when I offered to collect the Clozapine from the care home.

Anyway I will keep you informed about the parking ticket! and much more.


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