Elizabeth and I have been out all day.   In the morning we went to the Zumba class and had a great time.  Elizabeth joined in OK but stood near the wall.  Elizabeth can see from this class that there are some really good  people around and some who care about others.   It was a lively and happy occasion and good for her to socialise which is something I am encouraging.  This class is within walking distance to where we live and I hope that in due course she will be able to go on her own.   I am also encouraging Elizabeth to do her own shopping with her bank card.  I do not want her to become totally dependant on me.    A new friend of the family called today and invited us to  to a couple of wonderful places in Camden.  First of all we went to Touch Tuina, a therapeutic centre where they offer a wide variety of specialised treatments.   Both Elizabeth and I experienced the massage sessions and then an infra red sauna.  The saunas are made from red cedar wood by a company called Health Mate.  This made me think we have a garage at the back of our garden and I could visualise having one of these wonderful saunas myself however  there is a lot of tidying up to do in this garage before I could seriously consider this but something like this would definitely benefit Elizabeth.  The sauna gives the benefit of daily detox, rejuvenation, effective relief from Arthritis, Back, neck and shoulders.  I am even tempted by the prices – for two people the sauna would cost £3700.  That is all we would need – nothing larger.  The centre of course offered many other wonderful treatments and I am more than happy for Elizabeth to go there again and we all came out of there feeling so much better and it was a very relaxing experience.   From there we went to a place that specialised in many varieties of Teas, namely Chinalife http://www.chinalifeweb.com of 99 Camden High Street, London NW1 7JN.  I was very impressed and I ordered a selection of these teas for us all. Our new family friend is extremely knowledgeable as regards nutrition and I have to say more knowledgeable than the majority of doctors, many of whom are only too happy to prescribe drugs.    I am not normally a tea drinker but I tried some of the varieties on offer which I found very refreshing.  It was also very good for Elizabeth.  Amongst the variety of teas – white teas, yellow teas, green teas. Teas were from China, Japan, from Taiwan,  Black/Red teas, cocktails, lattes and in addition lectures and tastings, educational information on history, cultivation etc.   I was extremely impressed and I bought some tea to take away – Amachazuru – a herbal tea with powerful immune boosting adaptogenic and antioxidant herb with a vast variety of reported health benefits.  I also bought Ceremonial Matcha – a very high grade ultra fine Japanese Matcha made from organic Tencha.    I bought these as gifts for people I know who are suffering from cancer.  The Grandma of Elizabeth is such a person and we were planning to visit her tomorrow in hospital but unfortunately on our way back home from Camden I received a phone call to say that her condition has worsened and right now Elizabeth and her sister are at the hospital visiting. Sadly she has lung cancer.  I am pleased that Elizabeth has stopped smoking altogether since coming home.  It is good we have a friend of the family who is so knowledgeable about healthy eating and diet.  This is a welcome influence on Elizabeth as it is essential that she pays attention to her diet as she is on Clozapine – a last resort drug  for “treatment resistant” Schizophrenia – however we have seen not one sign of any psychosis or had any hint of problems with Elizabeth since she has come back home.  I have paid special attention to diet since Elizabeth has come home and do not buy any processed food and try and get fruit and vegetables – a balanced diet.      We all had such a good day and on the way home I received many calls from Elizabeth’s sister who  was telephoning me asking our whereabouts as she was keen to get to the hospital.  I hope this is not going to be too upsetting for Elizabeth but she wanted to go and I would not stand in her way of doing things.  The family friend  is a very honest and trustworthy person who has gone out of his way to help and who has taken Elizabeth to the Natural Health Show recently.    Also it is good because it is very informative for me as a mother to know what the best products are to buy and my house is becoming more like a health shop as I am paying attention to the labelling of products and not just shopping without any thought.  I now have more idea what to look out for as regards the food labelling and listed ingredients.

Tomorrow I was planning to visit someone in hospital but I also would like to take Elizabeth to the Philadelphia Association 50 years – a Celebration.  I have printed off a lot of information for Elizabeth to read on R D Laing.  The Philadelphia Association came into being 50 years ago to challenge and to widen the discourse around the teaching and practice of psychotherapy.   It will be interesting to attend this event that is if Elizabeth feels up to going.



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