When Elizabeth was sent to the Bethlem and signed an Advanced Declaration (not worth the paper it was written on) meant to be a drug free period of assessment but in fact led to her being put on Clozapine against her wishes I was told “you should have done your research – its all about Clozapine here” .  I made sure that staff were aware of the fact that Professor Robin Murray promised a drug free period of assessment.  Mixing high quantities of drugs – Olanzapine with Quetiapine led to adverse behaviour and distressed phone calls from Elizabeth to me in a confused and terrified state “I don’t know which tablet to take, Mum”   I will never forget that place and how they treated people and on the surface it looks good however if you disagree or dare to challenge them you get treated in the most shocking manner.

Under the site Patient Opinion there are some comments that are very accurate in terms of describing mental health care and you think you are getting better under the private sector but NO!  –  there is a reluctance to let go and no wonder why when so much money is being spent by the local NHS on such services.   For instance there is meant to be a Hospital Manager’s Meeting before a Tribunal and they played on confidentiality and in desperation refused files to my solicitors.   So the Manager’s Hearing did not go ahead.    The Consultant Psychiatrist at the private establishment was soon to leave and this is common place I have noticed if there is an ongoing investigation or a complaint – someone has left and that makes access to information or responses difficult or impossible.

Anyway, I have tonight I decided to look up the two hospitals where Elizabeth was being referred – all is to be seen via the patient opinion site where you are more likely to get an honest write up than when you look at the ratings of the CQC where practically everything is rated  good/excellent and I recently questioned them openly on Twitter – how can an establishment be good when a resident who has just come out from hospital has no food at the weekend and that is because she cannot manage money –  when someone is drugged to the hilt and left without proper care and support then it is not very good that this resident is left without any food and there is no attempt to contact the relatives.  When £1750+ per week is being received by the care home there is NO EXCUSE.  I am waiting to hear the rest of the answers to my complaint and it has been suggested that I write to someone who has since left –  well this may involve a bit of investigation on my part but I have been recently very good at tracing certain professionals  through their professional representative body.  I am now awaiting responses.

I now wish to share with you the following and this sums up treatment to many people detained under MH shocking care of the UK.   where breach of human rights is commonplace.   Only a few places that breach human rights and treat vulnerable people cruelly are reported in the national press and I would like to feature such hospitals on my website in order that improvements can be made.

The following comments are not written by me but by service users/carers and I can fully identify with them.   There are two separate hospitals featured below:


“I had to go there because my relative had a tribunal. This security precautions are worthy of a prison, very depressing, even the judge said that sometimes in these places, she cannot do her work because they take her laptop from her. I nearly had an argument with the people who removed all my possessions as I went in. The actual staff on the ward were very nice, I think it is just the regulations, so restricting they cannot possibly be conducive to recovery. My relative has completely withdrawn, I feel that the psychiatric system itself is wrong, has made his condition worse. Always presupposing the worst, more likely to get it. My relative is stuck in there, unable to go out unable to draw out any money, begging me for money, which I can’t afford. Supposed to be rehabilitation but the people aren’t even allowed to go online//have a mobile phone or tablet. Maybe they have some real hard cases in there, for whom these restrictions are designed, but my relative is not a criminal or dangerous has the misfortune to be banged up with those who might be. The grounds etc all very nice but apparently nobody is allowed out in them. I would not like to work in that place, or to be in there. Ward staff as I said, doing their best, and in spite of everything managed to remain cheerful and positive.”


“Family experince of a loved one’s stay

Posted by Anonymous 4 months ago

My relative was placed there by the NHS and due to logistics we would not have been able to visit him for two weeks. Luckily he was transferred to the local hospital on day 14. I found the staff rude all save two I’d spoke to. Trying to speak to him on the phone was a nightmare – calls are transferred to a mobile which due to unit’s location, kept cutting out. Despite being his next of kin and his consent to share , I was not called once by them. I had to request feedback and asked his doctor to call me. I then had a convoluted journey obtaining an email address to send a copy of his suicide letter to – it had to go via a nurse who failed to confirm receipt as requested. I had to call and ask if it had been passed .He was placed on a cocktail of meds which as since been reviewed at the new placement – two meds have been stopped and it was not clear why he’d been put on them. My impression is that no matter how lovely the setting and good the food , the staff and service were indifferent. in their treatment of family members at a very distressing.”

“An atmosphere of fear and anxiety instead of…”

Posted by Anonymous 13 months ago

Rather than an expected atmosphere of compassion, …………….seems to prefer a climate of anxiety and fear to keep patients quiet, with numerous posters and occasional verbal warnings reminding patients that they can be forcebly sedated for any reason (such as voicing a dissenting opinion or daring to question a staff member). Presumably a lack of funding also means limited staff, and as such care is inconsistent (entire areas including patients own rooms are at times off limits). Simple requests for belongings are met with scorn, and staff are seemingly not above false accusations to justify sanctions over perceived slights. Moreover, and most alarmingly, self destructive or otherwise anxious behaviours are either ignored or afforded the same “sedate and forget” treatment as mentioned above. Patients are often handed medications without information or consultation also

Posted by ………….11 months ago

“I have to agree with a previous reviewer’s comments on how dreadfully poor standards are in this facility. There is little compassion and an atmosphere of indifference and tension. Personal belongings were confiscated and “checked” in absentia. I was denied access to a Laptop, iPad and mobile phone even though a consultant agreed to my request. When I commented that the book I was reading was on my iPad, a health care assistant showed me to a library of approximately seven, dated readers digest books. I also have to agree with a previous reviewer in regard to false accusations and scorn for simple requests for belongings. I asked for my notepad and pens and did not get them for three days. I asked for my electric toothbrush (no charger allowed), own soap and toiletries and was denied them for the same amount of time. The chief architect of this archaic, inconsistent and dictatorial high- handed behavior was the office manager, a woman who apparently is feared by other administration staff and nurses alike. This hospital prides itself on its grounds, but access was denied to too few periods during the day and only to a restricted area for smokers, presumably because of staffing shortages. These shortages were particularly noticeable due to frequent requests over the internal mobile radio for staff to relieve other staff for breaks. Forget dignity for patients, this place would not seem out of place in a Dickensian novel. When staff say they will come back to you with an answer for a simple request, they do not. That is one of the two consistent poor behaviors experienced by me in this awful place. The other was waiting patiently for medication at the cupboard they call the clinic. I once waited for over twenty minutes without being acknowledged. Additionally, I was not weighed, my temperature was not taken, and my bp was not measured once during my stay. On another occasion, whilst waiting of an apparent lifetime for medication again, the duty doctor was openly raising his voice to the duty nurse about not being able to admit another patient because another patient had not been “booked” off the system. Staff at this hospital should realize that people with mental issues do not necessarily have feeble brains and should respect the confidentiality of patients in discussions. In all, the NHS had appallingly value for money for my stay.”

posted by Your name or screen name 4 years ago

“What I liked


What could be improved


Anything else?



If only there was Open Dialogue.   An end should also be brought to “internal” investigations done by the very staff who are being complained about – one such member of staff was appointed to do an investigation into my valid complaint when the drugs were denied to Elizabeth for four days putting her life at risk.  She then passes my complaint to the very department to whom the complaint was addressed.  This same woman recommended the above hospitals.

I was showing Elizabeth tonight where they were planning to send her.   Thank God she is now at home and away from such cruelty however I would like to help those who are presently wrongly incarcerated (it is important to note that hospitals like to hang on to patients as they are earning thousands of pounds a week and are in no hurray to see them go)  the patient is left to go downhill and leave and family contact discouraged. This week I am joining the wonderful Organisation Liberty and I am more than happy to help in any way I can and I wish to draw they attention to some of the most shocking cases of abuse under the mental health care system of the UK.


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