I am proud to have been able to take part in the wonderful event of the CEP (Council for Evidence Based Psychiatry).  I would very much praise this organisation and the wonderful speakers.   I have discussed  with Elizabeth and she agrees that it is so important to make everything public in order that improvements can be made.  Nothing is ever going to be achieved by sience that is for sure.  I have just posted the link to Mr Hunt and Mr Corbyn as I do not want them to miss out on this wonderful debate.  I am so glad I went to this event and offered my assistance along with Elizabeth and her sister who makes diagnosis look ridiculous”!

Just to update you re Elizabeth:

Elizabeth was up early on the morning of the CEPs conference. We stayed overnight at a hotel called The Lodge Hotel which was really nice.  Elizabeth does not feel her best in the morning due to the mind altering chemical Clozapine.  However Elizabeth knows how important it is to attend such a wonderful event – nothing can make Elizabeth do what she does not want to and I as a mother am delighted that she can enjoy and see the value of such an event and has learned a great deal snce coming home to the right environment. Sandra of Chy Sawel stayed with me and this is the very care I would like to see in the UK.  CHY SAWEL  At least Elizabeth is not in an oppressive, coercive environment and one where a resident is given  £30 a week to manage on and expected to get on with it regardless.  I am not happy about this as no way is this the correct way to provide care.   The attitude of professionals to  – let a patient run out of money/clothes for not doing washing up. Well –  what I want to know is how on earth do professionals realise the full effects of being on maximum dosage of Quetiapine 800mg+ other chemicals.   Now I can see the truth.  What kind of doctors ignore the physical health of a patient or resident in a home?

I am described in the files an “over-protective mother” who is overbearing etc etc.  No last night Elizabeth was out – out at a wonderful venue and  not with me either in a wonderful place called China Life, having her hair done in London and going to an infra red sauna.   I am not a parent who wishes to restrict Elizabeth and not encourage her to go out on her own.  Where do these professionals get their information from!  They certainly do not know the family. I would in fact want to see Elizabeth completely independent..

So Elizabeth had a nice day out and was out late last night with with a friend of the family who is an expert on nutrition –  I am trying to encourage  Elizabeth to be independent and to manage her finances and live a healthy lifestyle.  I now have every hope for her .

I will write more at the weekend.  I wish to feature the wonderful organisation Liberty.  I hope to join this organisation.  I am very keen to help in any way I can to improve things and eradicate the abuse going on today in the UK.


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