Occasionally I like to feature guest bloggers and Stephen is knowledgeable about ingredients and healthy eating.

It is great that Stephen has a good influence on Elizabeth when it comes to diet and he has come out shopping to suggest healthy alternatives.  Sometimes you do not get listened to as a mother and I am throwing away all the unhealthy takeaway brochures that come through our letter box so I thought I would feature something a little different as healthy eating is essential to mental health wellbeing.   As a mother who wishes to see Chy Sawel set up offering an alternative to excessive drugging of enormous quantities (and I am not the only mother who feels this way) I hope you will like the article I am featuring.  It certainly gave me something to think about when I went shopping with Elizabeth and Stephen as I would just buy without studying the labels and now I pay more attention.  GUEST BLOGGER – Stephen   (press view rotate view as it is scanned upside down!) –  I wanted to fit in every word and do not have the time to type it up right now.   When I get more time I shall do this but, in addition, Stephen has some good videos and one I particularly like which would be most relevant to this blog.


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