This weekend I have taken Elizabeth out shopping together with someone we know from the Natural Health Centre.  I have never really stopped to consider reading the labels on food products but this was clearly an expert who is taking an interest in Elizabeth’s wellbeing in terms of diet.  I may feature this person as a guest blogger in the near future and who could write on health tips and food products.

The next day we were up bright and early as an important appointment was awaiting Elizabeth.   Since Elizabeth has come home from the care home nothing in care has been provided and  Elizabeth understandably does not wish to see certain team members and neither do my carers.   Elizabeth has now had extensive tests done on her physical health through a wonderful company who I will mention at a later stage.  In the meantime I am still awaiting news on the assessments for the other diagnoses mentioned in the files.   When you prescribe a powerful drug like Clozapine there should be regular reviews but there has been nothing apart from the provision of the chemical and the blood test.  We do not even know the name of the consultant psychiatrist.   Elizabeth accompanied me to a plush venue for the physical health tests but was advised not to eat beforehand.   Every time we go out Elizabeth gets herself worked up to a state where she is virtually physically sick.   Another awful thing is that whenever I take her out to eat she can end up choking and I have questioned if she has bulimia but of course she denies this.  It could just be anxiety that leads to her suffering like this after eating.   After the appointment I had taken Elizabeth to a vegetarian restaurant which made a very pleasant change.  I am still glad I do not dish out pills like sweets such as Lorazepam (as and when required) as I know that Elizabeth will eventually settle down and relax.

Today (Sunday) I wanted to escape my local area and we visited a country town and had lunch in a nice pub there.   The same signs of anxiety were apparent initially and then of course once out Elizabeth settles down so it is good to persevere and occasionally Elizabeth will grab your arm but nothing like when she came home from the care home where she was like an elderly person who needed support.  What should be provided is some kind of therapy to overcome her fears of going out but no one cares.

Today I have written to the Ombudsman in response to a complaint.  I feel I am very justified in complaining in this instance but it is not a matter of compensation that counts with me, it is a matter of principal and I would rather see a  proper investigation conducted and appropriate steps taken to ensure  that something does not occur to anyone else.   No-one wishes to take any kind of responsibility and it is easy to get away with matters under the mental health where you are dealing with vulnerable people, many of whom do not have the strength to stand up and challenge things and it is a good job that I do have plenty of strength to stand up for matters that I see as being very wrong.   Such matters need to be addressed to the very top in my opinion with everyone copied in so that a solution can be achieved and I hope to share more with you in due course.   This matter should be addressed at Government level.

I have not checked on the situation as regards strikes (two in one week proposed) and am bracing myself for difficulties this week.   I intend to go in as per usual no matter what.

Anyway I will keep you informed as to how things go with these tests and if anything serious is discovered how Elizabeth is treated and whether any kind of review of current treatment will be given and in the meantime I wonder how the Professor in Holland is getting on.  I will wait until I receive the extensive test results before contacting him and the other private doctor.   I propose to send a copy of the tests to the world’s leading expert and I am very happy that I have secured what should lead to the correct outcome that no one will be able to deny when proven by evidence.


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