Having seen the headlines of the Daily Mail “GPs face axe for handing out too many pills”   – Crackdown as 10m prescriptions dished out needlessly – this refers to antiibiotics and the article goes on to say that doctors who dole out too many antibiotics risk being struck off.

It is being recognised that prescriptions rates are spiralling dangerously out of control and now the Health Watchdog wishes pill happy GPs to be referred to the GMC (General Medical Council. In extreme cases the would case suspension but otherwise a course on correct practice would be recommended.

I must write to the Health Watchdog myself about this article.  The article centres on antibiotics and overuse means they are becoming powerless against lethal infections.

If I was writing this article about overprescribing I would centre on the most shocking cases I am in touch with and how young patients are written off and used like human guinea pigs and given enormous quantities of drugs.  Why just  mention antibiotics – why not mention ANTI-PSYCHOTICS AND ANTI-DEPRESSANTS.

The article goes on to say people are addicted to the idea of having antibiotics – well I am not!  I would not touch any poisonous chemicals and even if I have a headache I do not like taking a paracetamol.

The Health Correspondent who wrote this article should do another one and I would like her to feature the enormous quantities of drugs given to patients who are labelled under the MH for conditions that do not even exist.  Pity that NICE do not look into this and that the GMC does not look at every individual case of maximum drugging given to patients under the MH.

So it is noted “overprescribing of antibiotics risks the health of us all.

Well what about overprescribing of anti-psychotics without a proper assessment to check on diagnosis- huge levels of concomitantly prescribed  drugs given to the weak and vulnerable.

Perhaps the Daily Mail can do another article featuring this kind of overprescribing and the centre of attention should be psychiatrists.


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