Some very uncomplimentary things have been written in the files not only about myself but my carers (close friends and immediate family) who have given so much help and support when needed.   Elizabeth too has been written in a nasty way behind her back and this I object to – I could not care less what is written about me but I do care what is written about Elizabeth and my carers.  It is disturbing to think that these files are records you cannot erase and that the next team will look at these files and take them as being true.  A prisoner gets treated better than a patient under the MH.  The times I heard patients begging to go to prison instead.  It is important that I correct these files but this will take plenty of time as there are so many things wrong in them.

I know that if I did not have the support of close friends and family during that crucial time when Elizabeth first came home, Elizabeth may have been forced back into care and sectioned, contact with myself severed.  It is so good that Elizabeth felt able to confide in me in the way she did and I put two and two together to realise what was going on and I was 100% correct.  Whilst I was told there were no plans to get rid of me there was talk about her father being “next of kin” and of course if a section had been imposed, then he would have been regarded by the team as Nearest Relative and I would have been displaced.    All the time they made out they had no intention to displace me.  I am so glad Elizabeth did not go back to that care home rated as “good” by the CQC where there was suddenly a poor signal in her room.  She could have so easily become lost and trapped in the system whereas now she is doing well at home.  No-one should be lost or trapped in a situation of endless imprisonment but this is all happening in the UK and it is not true that many of these patients are a risk to society or to themselves.   The fact is they may not be able to manage in the community and support and help is not being provided as it should be.

since coming home a year and three months later, no problems whatsoever with Elizabeth but who could blame Elizabeth or my carers in light of all that has been written for not wishing to see the team. There is the matter of the missing files which I have had to apply for as a safeguarding exercise.  Not once has the new consultant psychiatrist been in touch to see how Elizabeth is or offer a reduction in these chemicals.  I see this as a sign that none of them could care less.   They only cared about dishing out dirt in any way they could to present to the court who they thought would favour the team.  In fact the Judge was standing next to Elizabeth and I when I was praising the Court of Protection for past help they had given me regarding my father with Alzheimers.  Anyway from what I  have read in the files the last consultant psychiatrist from my local area was more interested in the state of my house than Elizabeth’s health.  She slated my home which was being decorated when Elizabeth came home as I had an extension built which created a lot of work.  She should have been more concerned with Elizabeth’s health than my home and in contrast the Police commented on what a nice home I had.

I am still waiting to hear from the GP regarding those referrals but things are not looking that hopeful. I have mentioned I would like to know the names of the people concerned and once I took time off specially to go down to the commission office and this was a good move on my part.  These referrals cost nothing compared to what has been spent on private sector care and a “specialist” hospital.  I could see £2500 spent on court but I am certain that much much more must have been spent on this case and previous cases and now I am saving the NHS money but an article I saw today in the Metro speaks about diabetes and this is why minimal levels of these diabetes-causing drugs should be given.   To spend money on assessments which should have been given in the first instance is peanuts compared to what I see has been wasted.   I await the final decision with interest and will let you all know in due course.

I would like to share with you all an article I read today’s Metro.

5m diabetes patients by 2025 ‘risks ruining NHS”   – The articles says this is going to bankrupt the NHS –   “a £10billion annual bill likely to spiral out of control” – well I would say things are already out of control in terms of spending other ways and I am not thinking of diabetes here and I thinking of vast sums of public money being wasted and not being spent as it should be.   There is talk of NHS priorities and these priorities should be – better care but in Elizabeth’s “special” case,  priority was not care or wellbeing  it was to dish out as much dirt as possible against me for court purposes and taking someone to court is expensive and sending someone to private sector care is also expensive. The article goes on to say –   “We need to prevent obesity in the first place”  –  I am disgusted by these comments as Elizabeth has gone from a size 10 to 16 and has little energy,  can hardly take part in the zumba class that we have just joined.   She used to enjoy sporting activities such as running and belonged to a running club and took part in charity runs.  Since coming out of the care system Elizabeth has developed Agoraphobia.  I have tried to get Elizabeth to walk halfway up the road by herself but she is too afraid.  Elizabeth has a personal trainer who comes twice a week who takes her out but apart from this nothing whatsoever has been provided but then Elizabeth does not want to see social services – who can blame her having read the files.  The Court case concluded without settlement of any expenses Elizabeth incurred for attendance such as fares and I think that is bad.   I think it is terrible how vulnerable people are treated in this Country.    As regards this article I would have written……………. How about the truth – diabetes Type II is caused by psychiatric drugs and professionals know all about this.  The full truth is not relayed to patients clearly and anyway Elizabeth, even if she had been presented with facts/ information to read, would not have been able to  focus on it as she was on such massive doses of mind altering drugs.  At the Bethlem they ignored her Advance Declaration to put her on Clozapine which from the start she made clear she did not want to take.

Thank God she is home – I could so easily have lost my daughter to this system and since coming home everyone has commented she not only looks better but is doing well.

Every night Elizabeth helps me clean the kitchen, wash up stack the dishwasher correctly, put away things in the correct place.  Yes I do have to repeat myself to her but she willingly does all of this and I wonder what she has been doing over the past years to end up as being so dependent on others. I am working on her now to become independent and also to encourage Elizabeth to speak up for herself.  It is wonderful to go to the conferences run by ISPS and confidence building.  At the ISPS conference she takes part in activities. I would like to take Elizabeth to some of their conferences abroad.

Also I am taking Elizabeth to help alongside me at homeless suppers.

So no news on any of the referrals and I will have to chase these up and I am still waiting for certain test results.

I have applied to be on a carers committee recently but I don’t know whether they would have me.  I have applied to another organisation once and was not accepted.  I would have plenty to say on the subject of care and treatment but doubt I will be considered “suitable”.

On a happier note looking back over the past two weekends, it has been wonderful to meet up with all my school friends, all of whom would know Elizabeth when she was very young.  It felt like being on holiday visiting one of them who has moved to a country town and we walked around and explored the area.  Elizabeth settled down as always after a while but sometimes she feels physically ill at the thought of going out.  It was a nice day out anyway.

The past weekend, Elizabeth spent time with the rest of the family whilst I met up with former patients.  Elizabeth will also be going to stay with the rest of the family August Bank Holiday.  If she had been with me I would have taken her again to Big Feastival and maybe camped there.  I thoroughly enjoyed going to this event last year.   I do not stand in the way of Elizabeth from seeing other family members- why on earth does this appear in the court papers – this is totally untrue along with many other things that are totally untrue.

I have hardly had any holiday this year and I am not sure what to do/where to go.  It will be wintery weather by the time I take my holiday and would be better to go abroad but would Elizabeth get on a plane – I wonder.   I wanted to take her to New York to the ISPS conference but I think at the moment a long plane journey would be too much for her.   I would like to go to Ireland or somewhere abroad not too long re travelling time.   It is really good to be able to share things with Elizabeth now she is home and wonderful to see her do so well and make an effort.


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