This evening we were most concerned for Elizabeth’s cat who was having difficulty in walking and I was worried that he had consumed pesticide poisonous chemicals – a bit like the poisonous chemicals that Elizabeth herself has to take or else he could have suffered injury by the way he was walking.    Elizabeth’s cat has become part of the family and we would all be devastated if we lost him.    So I had to arrange an appointment to the vets tonight and I do not have pet insurance so being out of hours I knew this would cost money.  However what is money as Elizabeth’s cat has proved a great comfort to her during the bad times and we are letting him go out now in the garden but the vet thought he may have suffered epilepsy.   I was quite relieved that the vet properly examined him and put my mind at rest and we think that all is well.  I have told Elizabeth tomorrow she must keep him under observation.   The money spent was money well spent for piece of mind.

To all consultant psychiatrists :  animals are more therapeutic than all the drugs in the world.


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