Today Elizabeth and I have been to a local Zumba class.  I am very happy that I have found this class just up the road from where I live, couldn’t be more convenient.  On the past two occasions I have had trouble persuading Elizabeth to come but I am trying to get her to socialise with other people and I could not have met a nicer crowd.  For the first time Elizabeth joined in the class and enjoyed it.  I deliberately did not give her the drugs first as these lead to her being totally incapable of doing anything but lying down and cause dizziness and many other terrible symptoms.  I am going to write to Novartis to complain about this chemical that is considered to be a wonder drug but it is far from this.  Every single pharmaceutical company needs to be doing something to help those who become injured as a result of their treatment or fail to benefit from it – but they are not interested when it comes to an individual. I intend to write to them all in due course and I will tell you how I get on as I feel these companies who make a huge profit out of the weak and vulnerable should be doing a heck of a lot more to help.  Elizabeth has gained weight on their dreadful chemicals and her face is full of scars – her body is full of scars and I want these scars rectified and I think that each and every one of these drugs companies should be helping Elizabeth and others. especially when their drugs do MORE HARM THAN GOOD.

So we had a great time at the Zumba class and later went for a coffee with other members of the class who spoke of pleasant topics like holidays and entertainment and this made a nice change to listen to others and their experience of their holidays.  The class is more than just a zumba class but one where people care about one another and do charity fundraising events and I wish I had found this sooner in my local area as I thought there was nothing.

Later today I went to buy food and nice things as a local church were holding a dinner for those who are homeless and I would like to say had more manners than most.  Elizabeth who once had a job and was doing well for herself helped served some of the people there and so did I.  The first thing I noticed was how appreciative people were for the efforts of those who really care, who are not funded to do this kind of thing but wish to do something however small, because they care.  It is a pity the Government does not care as I saw nothing but good manners and decent people that did not deserve to be on the streets. I would like something done about this problem, especially in light of how much money the Government waste and I can certainly prove this, and the fact that they award themselves a pay rise!  Well how about doing something for the people I have seen today and other such as Elizabeth who have been written off like rubbish.  I would like to feature this in detail in due course and I have not forgotten to feature the shocking effects of when Elizabeth was first put on Clozapine at the Bethlem.  I am going to look this out tomorrow to share with you all.

I cannot wait to share the results from Holland where the world’s leading expert is doing tests not available in the UK which could benefit everyone but first of all, I need to see these results but it could save money to the NHS who waste so much by giving the wrong drug treatment when they shoud be giving the correct assessments and checking these thoroughly.  If this leads to recommendations by a world leading expert of lower dosage of chemicals then I will be broadcasting this good news to everyone as this is something that the Government needs to take notice of.  Nothing is being done properly in the UK and I can prove how much money is being wasted on private sector care which is no better as it is all about huge dosage of drugs just like the NHS but I have had to turn to Holland for help.    The world can learn from top experts in Holland hopefully how to do proper tests so that patients are not on massive dosage of mind altering drugs and told to take them for the rest of their lives.  I have had to go to huge lengths to have these done and I want to see them available for everyone – the mere fact that Elizabeth can see that I as a mother listen to her is hope and that everyone can have hope and that mothers need to look much further than what a doctor has to say.  I have had to turn to the Professors and world leading experts for help as nothing is being done properly in the UK.

It was good for Elizabeth not only to join in the class today for Zumba but to come and help at the Homeless supper and I want everyone to stop and think that no one deserves to be abandoned on the streets and no one should just go ahead and judge these people as being worthless or having themselves to blame.  Everyone has a unique story and no one should be dismissed like rubbish.


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