The Natural Health Centre featured demonstrations of the Bowen Therapy tonight which was very interesting.

The Bowen Technique is a remedial, hands-on therapy that is applied using very gentle pressure. The practitioner uses thumbs and fingers on precise points of the body to perform Bowen’s unique sets of rolling-type moves which stimulate the muscles and soft tissue of the body. There is no manipulation or adjustment of hard tissue and no force is used. The experience of a treatment is gentle, subtle and relaxing. It is believed that the Bowen Technique prompts the body to reset, repair and balance itself and clients report the experience of pain relief, improvement of function and recovery of energy.

What Does It Treat?

What responds well to the Bowen Technique? In short, almost everything can respond well to Bowen treatment and this is why:

The Bowen Technique is a non-intrusive complementary hands-on therapy. The technique is based on the theory that gentle moves over precise points of the body can prompt the body’s innate ability to relieve pain, restriction and imbalance without the need for deep, manipulative or forceful treatment. Bowen practitioners work holistically with their clients and expect to work alongside allopathic health professionals to support optimum health for their clients. For example, one of the most common complaints for which people seek Bowen treatment is back pain.

The average number of treatments people have is three to four. There are always exceptions to any rule, and some people will need further or even on-going treatment.


Painful and restricted shoulders are also a particular favourite as are neck pain, respiratory conditions and headache patterns. Bowen is being widely used for sports injuries as well, with rugby clubs and premiership football clubs showing interest. Not only do sportsmen report fewer injuries when treated regularly but they also notice enhanced performance.

The Bowen Technique was developed in the 1950s by Australian Tom Bowen. Training courses in Mr Bowen’s technique were first offered in the late 1980s in Australia and came to the UK in 1993.

I am delighted I have found something good in the local area but unfortunately Elizabeth was not feeling well enough to come tonight.    Next time it will be best if she takes the Clozapine later as, after taking this, she has to lie down and never feels well.   Pity, as Elizabeth has missed out on a good evening but I intend to book her such treatment which in my opinion should be available on the NHS as a matter of choice and would do more good than harm, unlike the current treatment of enormous amounts of drugs which have not worked and are ruining her physical health.  What a waste of money that these chemicals are given to someone “treatment resistant” and with a diagnosis of PTSD when it is NOT recommended in NICE Guidelines.    If a diagnosis is in doubt like it is in Elizabeth’s case, no one in this area seems to care less and just wants to carry on drugging and drugging regardless and luckily I have looked into matters thoroughly and I now want thorough assessments done particularly when I can see what harm is being done and Doctors are supposed to do no harm.   I can prove that they are in fact doing harm.

Another good thing for Elizabeth would be the meditation classes run by a brilliant local Doctor which are in the evening at a time when I can bring her.
Elizabeth however is already worried about whether there are stairs as she is fearful of heights.  I can see these drugs are not doing her the slightest bit of good and have been told she is on too high a dosage but no one seems to care apart from the GP to be fair who at least is trying to help.     I have had once again had to delay the Neurologist appointment as Elizabeth would not go under the scanner.   Now I will probably be waiting months and months for an appointment for her to go under a bigger scannerin a hospital further away as another fear of Elizabeth is claustrophobia.

I am so delighted with the Natural Health Centre and thank God there are a few doctors who care about physical health and I have not come across many in my local area.  Anyway,  I am thinking of joining this excellent centre as I think it could benefit Elizabeth.

I see that the next meeting will feature Chakra Psychology – something I have not heard of before-  I am very interested in anything holistic and like the sound of this as well as the Bowen Technique –  (Naturopathy – Helping your body to heal itself) – well this makes a change from the treatment of massive quantities of mind altering chemicals that Elizabeth has had under both NHS in this area and private sector care

On Saturdays we have now joined a new class doing Zumba.  I am keen to get Elizabeth out as much as possible to the point she can relax and enjoy herself  –  since coming home she refuses to go out alone despite having a key and knowing her way around.   She feels dizzy on this awful drug and is afraid of falling and can suffer panic attacks whilst out and that is because she has been incarcerated in “care” establishments where she as not got out enough.  Thankfully she is home now and I am doing my best along with my carers.  As regards the Zumba class, the people were so friendly and although Elizabeth did not feel up to joining in, towards the end of the session, she was starting to relax and get used to the people,   This is better than joining the gyms as the times of the classes were not good, could not make proper use of the facilities and this class is at a better time.   It is a very friendly class and held in a local social club where they have plenty going on and that will be good in rebuilding confidence.


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