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The Natural Health Centre featured demonstrations of the Bowen Therapy tonight which was very interesting.

The Bowen Technique is a remedial, hands-on therapy that is applied using very gentle pressure. The practitioner uses thumbs and fingers on precise points of the body to perform Bowen’s unique sets of rolling-type moves which stimulate the muscles and soft tissue of the body. There is no manipulation or adjustment of hard tissue and no force is used. The experience of a treatment is gentle, subtle and relaxing. It is believed that the Bowen Technique prompts the body to reset, repair and balance itself and clients report the experience of pain relief, improvement of function and recovery of energy.

What Does It Treat?

What responds well to the Bowen Technique? In short, almost everything can respond well to Bowen treatment and this is why:

The Bowen Technique is a non-intrusive complementary hands-on therapy. The technique is based on the theory that gentle moves over precise points of the body can prompt the body’s innate ability to relieve pain, restriction and imbalance without the need for deep, manipulative or forceful treatment. Bowen practitioners work holistically with their clients and expect to work alongside allopathic health professionals to support optimum health for their clients. For example, one of the most common complaints for which people seek Bowen treatment is back pain.

The average number of treatments people have is three to four. There are always exceptions to any rule, and some people will need further or even on-going treatment.


Painful and restricted shoulders are also a particular favourite as are neck pain, respiratory conditions and headache patterns. Bowen is being widely used for sports injuries as well, with rugby clubs and premiership football clubs showing interest. Not only do sportsmen report fewer injuries when treated regularly but they also notice enhanced performance.

The Bowen Technique was developed in the 1950s by Australian Tom Bowen. Training courses in Mr Bowen’s technique were first offered in the late 1980s in Australia and came to the UK in 1993.

I am delighted I have found something good in the local area but unfortunately Elizabeth was not feeling well enough to come tonight.    Next time it will be best if she takes the Clozapine later as, after taking this, she has to lie down and never feels well.   Pity, as Elizabeth has missed out on a good evening but I intend to book her such treatment which in my opinion should be available on the NHS as a matter of choice and would do more good than harm, unlike the current treatment of enormous amounts of drugs which have not worked and are ruining her physical health.  What a waste of money that these chemicals are given to someone “treatment resistant” and with a diagnosis of PTSD when it is NOT recommended in NICE Guidelines.    If a diagnosis is in doubt like it is in Elizabeth’s case, no one in this area seems to care less and just wants to carry on drugging and drugging regardless and luckily I have looked into matters thoroughly and I now want thorough assessments done particularly when I can see what harm is being done and Doctors are supposed to do no harm.   I can prove that they are in fact doing harm.

Another good thing for Elizabeth would be the meditation classes run by a brilliant local Doctor which are in the evening at a time when I can bring her.
Elizabeth however is already worried about whether there are stairs as she is fearful of heights.  I can see these drugs are not doing her the slightest bit of good and have been told she is on too high a dosage but no one seems to care apart from the GP to be fair who at least is trying to help.     I have had once again had to delay the Neurologist appointment as Elizabeth would not go under the scanner.   Now I will probably be waiting months and months for an appointment for her to go under a bigger scannerin a hospital further away as another fear of Elizabeth is claustrophobia.

I am so delighted with the Natural Health Centre and thank God there are a few doctors who care about physical health and I have not come across many in my local area.  Anyway,  I am thinking of joining this excellent centre as I think it could benefit Elizabeth.

I see that the next meeting will feature Chakra Psychology – something I have not heard of before-  I am very interested in anything holistic and like the sound of this as well as the Bowen Technique –  (Naturopathy – Helping your body to heal itself) – well this makes a change from the treatment of massive quantities of mind altering chemicals that Elizabeth has had under both NHS in this area and private sector care

On Saturdays we have now joined a new class doing Zumba.  I am keen to get Elizabeth out as much as possible to the point she can relax and enjoy herself  –  since coming home she refuses to go out alone despite having a key and knowing her way around.   She feels dizzy on this awful drug and is afraid of falling and can suffer panic attacks whilst out and that is because she has been incarcerated in “care” establishments where she as not got out enough.  Thankfully she is home now and I am doing my best along with my carers.  As regards the Zumba class, the people were so friendly and although Elizabeth did not feel up to joining in, towards the end of the session, she was starting to relax and get used to the people,   This is better than joining the gyms as the times of the classes were not good, could not make proper use of the facilities and this class is at a better time.   It is a very friendly class and held in a local social club where they have plenty going on and that will be good in rebuilding confidence.


As always I have been extremely busy over the weekend.

I attended the book launch of Bonnie Burstow’s wonderful new book called “Psychiatry and the Business of Madness”  – I did not expect to be beckoned to speak myself at this event but in the end could not resist!  Actually that is far from true.  Writing is one thing but speaking in front of people is another and I had nothing prepared so I just focussed on as much as possible but I was happy not to be in the limelight for very long.  I think I spoke about the amount of drugs given to Elizabeth and how they did not work and also about the ordeal we have been through with Court – it was a shame I did not have Elizabeth present on this occasion but one of my carers was with her that evening .

On Saturday I had a wonderful time with former school friends, one of whom has moved out away from my local area into a more rural location and we saw a show at the local theatre and walked from her house to the theatre and country town.   We are planning another day out very soon and a river trip to a nearby town.  Elizabeth has known my friends since she was very young as we all used to meet up regularly and go down to the coast – a whole crowd of us but with everything that has gone wrong –  I could not take part much in social events but now Elizabeth is back it is time to resume all of this and good to encourage her to get out and meet people and going out with a crowd is great fun.   We have set aside two weekends in the hope that the weather is fine.

We have appointments coming up to see the Neurologist but I am not sure whether to yet again cancel this as Elizabeth flatly refused to go under the scanner and now I need to take her to a hospital where they have a larger scanner.  In fact I must phone the GP this week.  There is more than one thing I need to discuss –  this appointment for one and also the referrals to the leading experts for the other diagnoses mentioned in the files.   If someone has more than one diagnosis it makes sense to me that each and every single diagnosis is thoroughly checked out by leading experts who specialise  in these fields and I have looked into this thoroughly and have suggested that Elizabeth is referred to one of the leading experts in PTSD as there is a strong probability Elizabeth has this diagnosis and nothing should be ruled out.   There must be no doubts about her diagnosis in my opinion otherwise the treatment may be doing more harm than good and this, in turn, is a complete waste of money.  It is cheaper in the long run to have a proper assessment done rather than just stick with one diagnosis just for the sake of convenience.  I am even more sceptical now since Elizabeth is home and feel her current diagnosis is completely wrong and as she is in the right environment (home) I have not witnessed any “symptoms” in over a year  relating to the diagnosis that the team think she has – what about the other two diagnoses made by two other highly qualified professionals?  These need further thorough investigations in my opinion and who better to do them than the leading experts who specialise in them.

I have had to contact world leading experts in order to get accurate scientifically backed assessments not even available in the UK.  I am delighted that hopefully this will lead to accurate treatment bearing in mind decline in physical health conditions. I do not wish to see anything more done on a trial and error basis and can only accept a diagnosis with evidence.    I am not only waiting to hear of the date of an appointments for all the assessments but also I am waiting to hear from various  Professionals who are looking into certain other matters for me right now.

I have ordered tickets for the conference in September I saw advertised on the C.E.P. website and will be bringing Elizabeth to this.   I am looking forward to meeting the Professionals who wish to see positive change,  there is a fantastic line-up of wonderful professionals speaking at this event to be held at Roehampton University.    –   all consultant psychiatrists should be listening to these experts and I would like to see this event widely publicised and this Government needs to listen to these professionals as myself and all the other mothers/parents are not happy with the treatment of maximum drugs.

There is also another event I would like to go run by ISPS:

Walking Alongside?

Navigating the tensions and opportunities for collaboration between lived and professional experience of psychosis.

10.00 – 4.30pm, Saturday 11 July 2015 @ Amnesty International,17-25 New Inn Yard, London, EC2A 3EA

Elizabeth will be going away on holiday shortly with the rest of the family and I have tickets for the Chilfest which I am looking forward to.

As regards holidays myself, I would not mind going to Ireland on holiday this year and am not planning to go away until later in the year.  I want to see how Elizabeth is with flying –   somewhere not too far away would be good at this stage as it has only been just over a year since Elizabeth has come home from the care home.

Many vulnerable/disabled people are not getting justice in a system where abuse is rife.   A previous solicitor said to me once  “you are up against a lot of power and I can now see what he means.    Certain organisations set up to investigate and protect vulnerable people are not doing so –  the CQC for instance are not interested in individual cases, and have limited powers.    This is a system that allows abuse to the weak and vulnerable ie, disabled, mental health patients and the elderly.  It is difficult to get legal backing in court unless you have plenty of money to pay for it and that rules out the disabled, elderly, mental health patients.  it is virtually impossible to get justice  in the case of clinical injury – if someone has been trapped in the system for say three years a solicitor will dismiss any claim for clinical injury if you suddenly discover things in the files.  This is wrong as how would you know about it when the team make it impossible to see the files and as I have discovered there is plenty to hide and cover up.

There are many tragic cases where young people are imprisoned for many years in shocking institutions worse than a prison where drugs are given  enormous quantities of mind altering chemicals, sometimes concomitantly prescribed and no-one seems to care – doctors who are supposed to do no harm are causing harm by prescribing in this way.   You do not get to read this about these cases in the papers but it is a fact that this abuse is going all over the UK..  Some of these young people are placed in care homes and other institutions hundreds of miles from home, making it difficult for relatives to visit and relatives are given no help in these situations.  The young people incarcerated in this way are often deprived of leave and drugged up.  Security is so tight that parents cannot spend time alone without being watched.  This is disgusting treatment when a patient is treated like a criminal and “written off” – how can anyone get better in some of these institutions.  How wrong these professionals are with their comments –   I am proof that having Elizabeth home has been the best thing of all even though we have no help or support.  I think that should come from Central Government as some Councils are wasting a lot of money with court cases and sending people to institutions long term instead of giving some extra money to the patient in the form of direct payments – these to be spent on activities and integration into society.  Direct payments worked well with my father who had Alzheimers but nothing is given to Elizabeth and I have to pay for taking her out, providing carers as drugs need collecting, blood tests need doing, activities include personal trainer twice a week.   When a parent complains the team can impose visiting restrictions or even ban contact like they did with me on more than one occasion.  They can go ever further by getting rid of you for their own convenience if you happen to the Nearest Relative.  They will say all sorts of things behind your back that you are putting the patient at risk and in my case it is all about the chemical Clozapine that social services themselves pushed and when Elizabeth refused she was sent to a hospital that has links to the Institute of Psychiatry where they favour Clozapine. This drug is affecting my daughter tremendously – she has gained huge weight and a leading professor says that is probably because it is too high a dosage and he knows all about the drugs unlike certain team members.

There are some very tragic cases I am in touch with where a mother or relative really cares and is in despair over seeing the decline of their son/daughter/relative but nothing is being done about it.  The Government must be aware of this situation and should personally visit without notice to these institutions and contact the relatives to assist as these young people who are trapped and imprisoned are suffering with their physical health as a result of the shocking treatment. It is very difficult to get someone off a section as the team will say that person is too unwell for instance like the consultant psychiatrist did at Cambian before she left suddenly and they can deprive leave in this way too.   So the team were looking at sending Elizabeth to an establishment recommended by  “professional” who thought this was the best option yet states that she does not know the family.  How can this woman recommend anything in that case?  This is a hospital more like prison or should I say worse than prison that I have read about where no phones are allowed and no doubt contact severely restricted.    Some patients end up being imprisoned for life and I know of some cases and they have decent caring families too –  the public are unaware of cases like this where patients are placed in such units at huge cost to the taxpayer yet they have not killed or done anything seriously wrong in many cases.   You would think someone placed in an establishment like this had killed someone but I believe such patients are sent to institutions like this when NHS care fails dismally and the reason being that patients are being drugged to the hilt – no tests done to see if they can metabolise the drugs and  I have all the evidence in the files to prove what is going on in the name of “care”..  A mother who I am in touch with recently told me her son had been refused leave with the excuse that he is too unwell to have any leave.   The same was said about Elizabeth not being allowed to come home from Cambian at Xmas but I would argue that the care provided is making patients unwell and at first when Elizabeth came home she was so reserved she hardly spoke to anyone and now we are seeing such an improvement.   These institutions are horrific places and I have been inside some to visit.  Patients are drugged enormously and kept without phones and cut off from the outside world.  It is all about control and there is money to be made of course, huge money and this could be better spent in other areas with more help in the community – the involvement of former patients where possible in peer support and inclusion of families like in Tornio, Finland where they have Open Dialogue.  Parents are understandably in despair and visiting rights are very strict – some patients have no leave at all.   When a parent dares to complain and criticise the level of drugs for instance the entire team stick together.   To lock someone away and drug them at huge levels for many years is against human rights especially when these people are not guilty of any serious incidents like you would expect –  they do not deserve to be in such places, where they have no rights and treated like an object rather than a patient. To think this is going on in the UK today.  Only a few cases come to public attention such as Winterbourne but there are many many more cases that are not even heard of. To those people who assume that these young people have done something terrible to end up in these institutions in the first place,  you are very wrong to assume the worst, judging by the cases I am in touch with.   I know only too well how lucky I am to have managed to overturn the Section 3 –  there needs to be proper assessments on physical health before prescribing these dangerous drugs and no tests are currently available to see if someone can metabolize the drug.  This is allowed to go on in the UK which is supposed to be a civilised country and I am fed up with hearing how short the NHS is of money when they waste so much on enormous quantities of drugs for mental health patients that do not work as some are treatment resistant ie non or poor metabolisers causing more harm than good.  They also waste enormous sums  on private sector placements hundreds of miles away from home and family that offer pretty much the same care of huge amounts of drugs but in a better setting.  However, when patients are sent miles away from home they are more vulnerable and stricter control is evident.    These hospitals are simply a dumping ground for those where care has failed.   Judging by the files Elizabeth was regarded as case of no hope and given enormous quantities of drugs which I can now see from the files.   Management personnel of these hospitals are in no hurry to see a patient leave and, if drugged up enough, the patient becomes so weakened that they are unable to request a tribunal, or deal with solicitors and they can remain stuck in the system for years or forever detained with the excuse given by certain professionals that the person is too ill or risk to themselves or others and that is far from true in some cases.  Elizabeth was becoming weakened in this way and felt stressed by the meetings with staff and refused to attend at times – this is how someone can end up stuck in the system under never ending control.   These young people are the forgotten people of the UK and there are some who wish to leave hospital but they are stuck and I know some who have caring parents who are very upset. I hope to highlight such cases and produce a “front page” newspaper template and pass it round to their parents so they can write an account of the abuse going on to their sons and daughters.   I wish to start this off by highlighting my daughter’s shocking treatment featuring my true story “Get Her Back We Are Paying For That”  –  this is an example of how power held by professionals can result in abuse.   I am not the only case where drugs have been deprived in a bid to force return that person to care  but if you deprive someone of a drug like Clozapine for several days, then that person can become seriously ill, can relapse then immediately the law can go against you and in favour of professionals who had only one concern to return my daughter to care.  It is highly dangerous to deprive drugs causing a steep withdrawal in this way and I would not attempt this myself.

Positions of Power:  

Central Government:

When you complain to Central Government you get nowhere and you get a standard letter referring you to the PHSO for instance or CQC.  The Organisations supposed to help such as PHSO or CQC do not have enough powers.   The PHSO (formerly Healthcare Commission) has upheld my complaint partially in the past.   I have to say though that the team were worried about a visit from the PHSO which I read about in the files but if anyone looks at the contents of these files they would get a very wrong impression when they read nasty comments.  Even past family history is incorrect.  Your name is like mud in the files when a team gangs up against you and if any organisation such as PHSO or CQC get involved and go by the files then it is no wonder no fair outcome is arrived at.   Everyone is protecting themselves.  There is a culture of bullying as I have seen and I reckon when you are labelled a “special” case this could go beyond social services as to take someone to court time and time again requires a lot of money.  This is how the system is – aimed at the protection of professionals at the expense of weak and vulnerable/disabled/elderly people.  This Government allows this to happen.  Here is some extracts from a letter going back to 2013 from the Dept of Health:  “The Government’s ambitious approach to tackling drug use is set out in our 2010 Drug Strategy, Reducing demand, Restricting Supply, Building Recovery: supporting people to live a drug free life.  WHAT ABOUT THE DRUGS PUSHED AT PATIENTS BY CONSULTANT PSYCHIATRIST AND OTHER NONE MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS?  I also note your concerns about the prescription of medicines in mental healthcare settings.  An integrated approach is fundamental to the provision of high quality care to people with conditions such as depression, schizophrenia or dementia and treatment should take into account patients’ individual needs and preferences.  Medicines have their place in the treatment of mental health conditions.  For many this will be the most effective and appropriate treatment option.  However there are alternatives available such as counselling and cognitive behaviour therapy.  It is important that medicines are only prescribed to people with mental health conditions when necessary and are not used when non-pharmacological approaches can be equally effective.  Patients should have the opportunity to make informed decisions about their care and treatment, in partnership with their doctors.   Good communication between practitioners and patients is essential.  It should be supported by evidence-based information tailored to the patient’s needs.  If the patient agrees, families and carers should have the opportunity to be involved in decisions about treatment and care.  Families and carers should also be given the information and support they need.”    In four years since that letter was written and signed by Norman Lamb the quality of care is far from high and I do not see improvement especially with integrated care where non medical professionals have control and power over treatment so it would seem as in Elizabeth’s case and the treatment is mainly drugs and parents are not included, patients coerced into distancing themselves when a team do not like to be challenged.  Finally the letter ends by advising you contact the Ombudsman and then a judicial review after the Ombudsman’s final decision and suggests legal advice is obtained via law centre or Citizens Advice Bureau or contact a lawyer.

Chief Executive Officers -NHS or Council:  They back the staff defending everything, turning a blind eye to serious complaints and like to use words “excellent” or “satisfied that everything is OK.  Instead of doing a proper/thorough investigation they appoint say one person – that person then passes on the complaint to the very department whom the complaint is about, instead of investigating themselves eg. “you know the family better”  –  when someone is appointed to investigate a complaint they should look into matters themselves and it is extremely lazy to do this sort of thing.  This same person who was appointed to investigate the complaint of deprival of drugs contradicts herself –  she was happy to pass the complaint on to those the complaint was about for them to respond but at the same time was certain that Elizabeth should be sent to a secure type hospital.  This same woman could not understand why Elizabeth was so upset at being asked to choose between Mum and Dad and put pressure on to do so by the care home.  Not on a section or CTO, I immediately came to the conclusion of what was going on there and that they were planning to section Elizabeth.

Hospital Managers:  can delay tribunals/sever or restrict visits – refuse to give files to solicitors for the Manager’s Hearing –  why hurry when they are raking in pots of money – taxpayers money.  They can also make contact difficult for carers to see their relative – the less contact the better as abuse cannot be reported so easily and that person can end up under their institution for many years – no one can come near and staff all stick together and if something is wrong the family is the last to hear.  Not one person telephoned me to let me know that my daughter was severely ill whilst they titrated Clozapine which was against her wishes.  I did not get to hear of an incident at first hand where so many staff and patients fell ill with some kind of bug at another hospital.

Psychiatrists – apart from a few such as Dr Johnson, Dr Moncrieff and those involved with ISPS my experience is shocking of psychiatrists and I see them as professionals who do not care about physical health and push drugs at huge quantities without proper assessment on a trial and error basis.  One such psychiatrist has made huge mistakes in a court report and I want them altered.

Doctors – GP was helpful and gave a prescription when Elizabeth came home.    The only thing the GP could not help me with was my most recent request which I shall document in another blog.

Social workers – well I only have a good experience of social workers in relation to my father’s care – certainly not under mental health where they have used public funding again and again to get rid of me as the Nearest Relative and they have used bullying tactics to try to destroy my family.

Police  – have dealt fairly with my daughter though had no powers to intervene when we were being harassed and bullied


I am speaking about MH here –  solicitors can stay away from a vulnerable person who is unable to pick up the phone and deal with them.  Solicitors can delay tribunals by not responding to one another for instance.   Solicitors recommended by hospitals seem very friendly towards the staff and when one said “do you really want to go through with this my daughter backed down”   – that was because I got to find out about the Tribunal and took a day off work to attend.

Solicitors acting for the council are ruthless – they bombarded me with call after call in front of work colleagues and sent me legal papers at work stating I was being taken to court the next day –  I will add to this later on as I want to share more with you about how they operate.

Solicitors acting for Nearest Relative – well I had to ask them to step in when I heard that the team were all going to the tribunal without me.   Going back to when Elizabeth was at Cambian Solicitors refused to pay for the independent Psychiatrists attendance and report.  I still managed to overturn the section though as I had acquired substantial research and evidence to present to the Tribunal.  I don’t think they wanted the publicity of keeping hold of Elizabeth as they have people for up to three years apparently.

Court of Protection – solicitors acted in the case of deprival of drugs.

The case has ended in a way I do not consider to be fair.  Elizabeth has not even had her fares reimbursed.  We thought everything would be fairly settled at the next Hearing but there wasn’t to be a next Hearing. An independent Psychiatrist has made a huge mistake and despite my complaint the solicitors refuse to alter it.  The report states another Council as Applicant.   The solicitors responded to my complaint offering £100 goodwill gesture but this amount would cover her fares by taxi as Elizabeth was not well enough at the time to travel by public transport.   I do not accept that to be a fair settlement after what my daughter has been through.  The £100 offer has now been withdrawn from this major firm of solicitors who I feel like naming as I suggested that this sum should be for reimbursement of her fares.   If they were a caring firm instead of saying “all that needs to be sorted is our expenses then they would have thought of Elizabeth but no doubt they have gained their expenses and even when  you hear things like  “it is unlikely matters will go to court a second time” – this is not still definite with the word “unlikely” being used.   When asked when the date for the next Hearing would be there was little doubt the solicitors did not want us there “it will not be necessary for you to attend” and I said that we would be happy to come.    I think that a settlement was reached for them but nothing for Elizabeth.    Elizabeth is left with a report that is highly inaccurate and does not even name the correct Council and this is terrible in my opinion.  She is now severely disabled and is too afraid to go out alone and suffers from Agoraphobia.


It is not the Judges I have had problems with it is the solicitors as you can see from the above comments.   .

It has been over a year now and Elizabeth is doing well at home and slowly regaining her confidence.  I have taken her to some wonderful concerts and take her out at the weekends with me but today Elizabeth felt dizzy and unstable whilst walking.   It is going out she needs help with and there is no help from the team whatsoever.  Not one single incident has happened yet so terrible things are written in the files. This shows you cannot believe the files and their contents. We have just returned from a dental appointment for Elizabeth and a walk besides the River Thames which was very pleasant but Elizabeth was not feeling well to enjoy this.

I will keep you all informed as to how I get on with this dispute with the solicitors and the incorrect report.   I will also have some interesting things to share regarding care and treatment very soon especially in relation to these comments from above “It should be supported by evidence-based information tailored to the patient’s needs.

Finally I was glad someone got justice as per below.

woman wins £27,000 payout over care package row between council and NHS.


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