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I post below amended leaflet and my story based on true facts.



I have not written a blog for sometime as I have been extremely busy.

LONG TERM DRUGGING – MORE HARM THAN GOOD:     I went to this debate with my two daughters and met other mothers and former patients there.  The most promising speeches came from Professor Gotzsche, Professor Timini and in the audience Dr Bob Johnson – who should have been invited on the panel in my opinion plus Sandra Breakspeare of Chy Sawel and others who have been badly affected by the shocking treatment of the UK.   I wished to speak and was disappointed that I did not get chosen and in the circumstances I would therefore take the opportunity to write what I would have liked to ask below:

“Why is it my daughter is being drugged for the rest of her life when she is “chronic treatment resistant”  – when she has physical conditions that I can prove in the files and with all the multiple diagnoses why hasn’t my daughter seen relevant experts in the field of PTSD, Aspergers for instance and more importantly why are drugs prescribed without any proper tests done beforehand and why “symptoms” are automatically thought to be that of mental health conditions when in fact it could be physical such as Endocrinal disorders and not everyone can metabolise the drugs.

It is not good enough that my daughter’s physical health is overlooked and that is why I have approached the leading experts who were only too happy to help.  The relevant tests have been agreed and I am so happy that the world’s leading expert in metabolism will carry out accurate tests and unlike in the UK, this could lead to better treatment that no one can overlook as this will be evidence based.    Every mother including myself has had enough of seeing the most shocking treatment to their vulnerable sons and daughters and wish for the dosage of drugs to be given at minimal levels.   There are no facilities to enable someone to withdraw from the drugs safely and what kind of Country is this that gives someone a lifetime of drugging and incarceration at huge cost to the taxpayer when they have developed  physical health conditions and injury due to faulty treatment given on a trial and error basis.   I know lots of cases where parents really do care and want something done about it and I hope to highlight such cases as this shoud be front page news in my opinion.   It should be of huge public interest especially at a time when services are cut and A&Es are shut down.  It is no wonder why because the mental health care is not working.    It is more important that the experts are involved that know how the drugs work so that accurate treatment at minimal levels can be given and also help to come off the drugs when serious physical conditions are discovered.  If a proper assessment had been done in the first place it would have been discovered that endocrinal disorder was the cause and not mental “illness” –  I have proven this fact at huge cost.  In the long term money would be saved if patients got the correct treatment rather than one drug after another on a trial and error basis and now there is talk that there is no such thing as Schizophrenia and I brought along my younger daughter to Institute of Psychatry as proof of this fact.

Here are the tests I am having done in Rotterdam:     CYP2D6, CYP2C9 and CYP2C19   –  However I will not know until next week whether the GP can help me but I have contacted Dr Moncrieff in any case and am prepared to take Elizabeth to Rotterdam myself in order that she can get the correct treatment as there is no treatment being given at all right now and with a diagnosis such as PTSD Clozapine is not even recommended for this.

As for the diagnosis of Schizophrenia:

Correspondence from the Head of the Canadian Health Service:

Dr. Supriya Sharma, Director General of Health Canada admitted : “For mental/psychiatric disorders in general, including depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and ADHD, there are no confirmatory gross, microscopic or chemical abnormalities that have been validated for objective physical diagnosis ” . 

It means there is no pathological cause of the so called ‘disease’ euphemistically described as schizophrenia.  No chemical imbalance, no lesion either biochemical or physical in nature. There are no disease markers (abnormalities) either at the microscopic or biochemical level.

Well that says it all THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SCHIZOPHRENIA.   It is a good thing I am the Nearest Relative to look into such matters and to do something about it.

Anyway the one thing I was disappointed about with the Maudsley Debates apart from not being able to speak myself was that whilst Professor Gotzsche mentioned about providing facilities/helping people come off the drugs that do not work –  where is that help when lives are being put at risk. Surely this should be a main priority and that there should be something immediately done about this unsatisfactory situation.   You only have to express discontent and challenge a team of professionals on the subject of drugs to be on the receiving end of the kind of bullying that we have experienced as documented previously.

I went to the ISPS course on Open Dialogue in Liverpool on Friday 15th May which was an extremely well run event.  I shall write more about this in my next blog but we ending up doing Open Diaglogue in groups and myself and Elizabeth started off the discussion based upon real life experience.  It is one thing writing about it – I did not find it easy speaking in depth to a group of people I had never met before about this personal situation that Elizabeth and I endured with Court etc.  Elizabeth joined in the conversation herself which was very good as I am trying to get her to communicate and I have seen important in this respect since coming home.    I know that certain areas are doing pilot schemes on Open Dialogue which I think is brilliant.  All the former patients I meet with and parents would like to see this in place and it has been proven to work.  I am a good reason why open dialogue should be adopted as open and honest discussions on an equal basis are the best way to solve a situation and even avoid matters progressing to crisis point.    We spent all day at this Conference and later saw some of the live entertainment being held on the streets of Liverpool although Elizabeth was quite anxious and I could not watch the entertainment for long.  She settled down later and we went to the Cavern Club and on the way back we visited one of the mothers I have been writing to on social media.   This mother has a son in a care home like so many I know on huge amounts of drugs and we share in comment the fact that her son/my daughter spent time on the same ward and that we were placed in a situation where visiting was not easy due to distance.  Virtually no help is given to families so they can visit and if the placement is a long distance away from home that can lead to having to stay overnight which is very expensive.    We had so much to talk about and shared similar experiences and views on what we thought of the treatment and how physical health and injury to the patient was completely being overlooked.   For families such as this who really care and I am in touch with several, the answer is to offer more Carers Allowance and direct payments and the answer is not to keep someone on never ending sections but it is cheaper to give a budget to a family who is caring, who would spend that money wisely on helping the relative get better and the answer is integration, not exclusion and it would be cheaper than spending over £60000 a year on care homes and even more on private sector acute wards and something needs to be done about legal bills and taking families who care to court to deprive liberty.     Elizabeth was  thought to be a case that was of little hope judging by what I have read in the files.   I am very lucky to get her away from such treatment of long term incarceration and have her at home and now it has been a year.  A saving of £60000 a year is made to the local Council who provide nothing and who have wanted to destroy my family.   My daughter’s life was put at risk by professionals and the family nearly torn apart by them.   I am proof that things can work out at home despite the views of professionals who claim to know the family but even the Family History in the files is wrong.  For someone vulnerable like my daughter it has proven difficult to protect her within the care system and when things have gone wrong this is another reason why severing of contact is attempted to get rid of someone that could speak out.  What kind of a legal system do we have where a vulnerable person’s fares are not even refunded and where that person was left without “treatment” in breach of Human Rights Law and Mental Health Act.

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