An example of truly shocking care in the UK, not written by me, but sadly familiar as I have seen and visited people in  such awful places –  it is not always the case that these patients who are held like prisoners have committed atrocities and are of risk to the public yet this is going on today in the UK and I can provide examples of cases:

I wish to share with you an example of the shocking care and treatment on offer to MH patients in the UK –  this is not being publicised in the press as it should be  –    “I have no doubt a hospital environment would suit Elizabeth.” said a member of the team.  Well  how can this kind of environment be helpful to anyone?  Elizabeth has been in a place that she described as “prison” or “hell on earth” – I have visited someone else in another “hospital” just like the one described below – here is the description of this place: entitled “visited relative tribunal”

“I had to go there because my relative had a tribunal. –

The security precautions are worthy of a prison, very depressing, even the Judge said that sometimes in these places she cannot do her work because they take her laptop from her .  I nearly had an argument with the people who removed all my possessions as I went in.  The actual staff on the ward were very nice, I think it is just the regulations, so restricting they cannot possibly be conducive to recovery.  My relative has completely withdrawn, I feel that the psychiatric system itself is wrong, has made his condition worse.  Always presupposing the worst, more likely to get it.  My relative is stuck in there unable to go out unable to draw out any money, begging me for money, which I cannot afford.  Supposed to be rehabilitation but the people aren’t allowed to go online/have a mobile phone or tablet.  Maybe they have some real hard cases in there, for whom these restrictions are designed but my relative is not a criminal or dangerous – has the misfortune to be banged up with those who might be.  The grounds etc. all very nice but apparently no one is allowed out in them.  I would not like to work in that place or to be in there.  Ward staff as I said doing their best and in spite of everything managed to remain cheerful and positive.”

Visited in October 2014 – Posted on 17 October 2014.

You would think that a person put in this kind of place has killed or done something terrible but I can prove there are many cases where this does not apply at all and patients are just left to go downhill.   I am most disturbed at this so called expert who claims in the file not to know my family so well but passes my complaint to the department I have complained about feels “sure” that this very hospital mentioned above would suit Elizabeth.

There are lots of places like this in the UK.   Beautiful grounds which are not being used and facilities whilst patients are locked up on the wards and drugged up to their necks, often they are miles away from their families who cannot visit and no help is given to the families if they cannot afford to visit.    It is not the answer to have someone on the wards like this – many are admitted simply because they cannot manage in the community –  what kind of country allows this to go on?   Hospitals such as these are just dumping grounds and very hard to get someone out as I have discovered even when of no risk to self or others as I have proven.  And as for the files – they are a disgrace – here staff come out and write behind your back the most nasty comments and get away with it as they all stick together .  I have seen that there is a culture of bullying in a system that is failing to protect the weak and vulnerable.

If a care home cost £60000 a year God knows what a hospital like this would cost and it is no wonder why they do not wish to let people go as they are raking in the money – it is big business.   With this vast waste of public money it is no wonder why the NHS does not have funding for vital services that affect everyone and A&Es are being closed down, plus other things that affect everyone.  Vast sums of money are also being wasted on maximum enormous amounts of concomitantly prescribed drugs to psychiatric patients as well as court fees – long drawn out tribunals and solicitors are doing well out of it – many do not come near or visit someone vulnerable and  I have seen the most unprofessional behaviour on the parts of  solicitors which I will explain later.

With the forthcoming elections, I want to know what each of the political parties propose to do about this unsatisfactory situation.  I will be posting this blog and more comments later to all the political parties as I propose to take Elizabeth to vote in the forthcoming elections.  I would like to see an end to the abuse going on and an end to ECT and forced drugging – proper assessments  and before prescription of drugs looking at metabolism in depth and whether there are in fact physical conditions – assessments are not being properly carried out.

I do not have time to write further right now as I have to take Elizabeth for an appointment and then we are going to see the show “Sunny Afternoon” which I will tell you all about later


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