It’s Easter, my favourite time of the year and I’m so happy.  No longer do we have to plan around Easter, allowing for long journeys in the car going down to Wales or to the area where the care home was situated.   Its so good to be together as a family and I know Elizabeth is happy as she has told me many many times “I am so happy to be at home, Mum”.   It has never been a problem to me to have to care for someone as I have had to many times in the past – my mother with cancer, my father with Alzheimers, my younger daughter who did not want to live at one time was diagnosed wrongly with Schizophrenia, however my younger daughter is extremely busy and is hardly at home as she is always working.  My younger daughter went from strength to strength starting with a small local school I paid for in a different area which was the “cure” –  she was so lucky to go to a boarding school for performing arts and then on to University.  After graduating from university she has set up her own company.    My proudest moment is yet to come as a mother when my younger daughter comes with me to an important event, in order to support all the mothers who have sons and daughters locked away unnecessarily.  I am proof that it can be done – to all the Mums and Dads out there it is not impossible to have someone back at home =- someone who is written off as having no hope has suddenly made huge improvements being in the right environment which is home.   A member of the Home Treatment team said that home was the “best place” however sadly I have read that this same member has said other not so nice things in the files.

I have had a chance to study these today and it appears that it was thought Elizabeth would be best off in a hospital environment by someone who I believe is from the “management team” with no medical qualifications and two such places were being considered,  the Priory and Kneesworth Hospital.  The Priory is the one situated in Hertfordshire.    Well I wanted her to go to this hospital myself and was prepared to pay but not this branch – one more local to home and they refused flatly to take Elizabeth saying it was a “complicated case” and I was prepared to pay myself.    I see no complications myself.  Elizabeth’s case is straightforward in my opinion. Yes she has been in and out of hospital but at the age of 28 now she is home there are no problems and I put everything down to the concoction of concomitantly prescribed mind altering chemicals which I cannot bring myself to call “medication”.    Never before was there a problem with Elizabeth until she was prescribed Prozac (Cipralex).  Elizabeth’s sister to my horror and against my wishes was prescribed Rispieridone. I had always warned both girls to never take drugs but never did I think that a doctor would be so quick to prescribe these drugs and push them onto someone vulnerable without proper tests to check on metabolism. Call that naieve but I knew nothing about the horrors of what is going on in the UK but now I do.   Now I have researched matters I can see clearly –  having head of DSM 5 there is a diagnosis in there for absolutely everyone – all for the profit of the pharmaceutical industry.   I would not accept one single diagnosis in this book myself and believe that it should be scrapped,.

Anyway Elizabeth has spent time with the rest of the family today which has given me time to tidy up and do housework.  I have sorted out paperwork and filing –  I have so little time to do all of this now Elizabeth is home.  I am so happy that I have time to spend with her this weekend.   Tomorrow I will take Elizabeth shopping locally and I would like to see the show “Sunny Afternoon” –  I have no idea whether I will be able to get tickets as they will be in big demand this weekend.

Having time to myself has enabled me to do some reading today – my new book is brilliant called “Unsafe at Any Dose” by a consultant psychiatrist I thoroughly agree with – Dr Bob Johnson – you deserve the highest award.   I have also been looking at the medical notes the team were so desperate for me not to see.  They certainly make interesting reading and whilst I am just a mother I could not resist researching things further. The previous Neurologist has written interesting points that has led me to look into matters further and question certain things.

The new Neurologist I have appointed has complimented me on being a “very good mother”. However this is in stark contrast to what I have been described by the team.  I will explain further another time but it is Easter and I do not wish to bother myself with unpleasant issues and I will reserve all unpleasantness for another time as I am too happy to wish to write about this today.

So Elections are forthcoming – which Government is going to do something positive –  HOW ABOUT AN END TO ENFORCED DRUGGING AND ECT FOR A START. RELEASE THOSE MANY OF WHOM ARE NOT DANGEROUS FROM HOSPITAL.  I will be taking Elizabeth to vote but I do not see any Government doing anything outstanding regarding mental health care and the scandal of so many people being written off and lost in the cruel system of the UK that is failing so many (because it is all about drugging and nothing much else)  lack of support in the community, I would like to say that I am proof that there is hope that some young people can return home – a much cheaper option to the taxpayer and I have been without any help for the past year.   Elizabeth may be on a drug that needs monitoring however I see her as a 28 year old adult and treat her like a person, not an object/possession – she has come out of the system disabled however I believe here is still hope for Elizabeth and am shocked by the way she is written off in the files.

Meanwhile, we thought the transfer of care had gone ahead as Elizabeth and my carers have not wanted to attend meetings.  I am backing my carers and Elizabeth. There are many things wrong in the files that need to be amended and some things too disturbing to put on my blog-  Elizabeth has seen the files and is not happy.  I would agree that these files are highly inaccurate.  When very nasty comments are made about certain members of the family I feel it is only fair that they they should be appropriately amended.  Who can blame my carers when they have been called hostile and aggressive.  I am not so sensitive as I knew what to expect however I have to safeguard my carers and Elizabeth from things that are not true/nasty personal comments  When I had to call the police to report harassment myself the police woman said “you have a very nice home Ms Bevis”  “you are a very good mother, Ms Bevis said the new Neurologist”   –  it is good to hear that some people can report the truth.

Anyway Elizabeth is here with me now “I have had a very good day with my Grandma and Grandad and father. I am looking forward to seeing the show “Sunny Afternoon” with my mother.  On Easter Monday we may go and see where my sister is working.  I am very happy to be at home this Easter.”  “Happy Easter everyone and thank you all for your support”


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