Spent a weekend in Bruges and what a fabulous place this is.  Since Xmas/New Year I have not been well with a virus that has affected so many but going away has done me good and it is always an eye opener when you see a different way of life.  I could see at first hand that in the surrounding areas and Bruges itself the lifestyle is better.  Could not see anyone on their mobile phones unlike in the UK and the lifestyle was at a much more relaxed and slower place.  A more healthy lifestyle where people cycled and I noticed gyms and apart from the irrisistable shops that sold an abundance of the most fabulous chocolates I visited the De Halve Maan Brewery with so many steps that led right to the very top where you could see fabulous views.  It was a relief to get down all those steps, despite the spectacular view. I found local people very friendly and hospitable, shops brilliant and  I would well recommend a trip to Belgium/Bruges to everyone. Elizabeth was being looked after by her sister and friends and taken out places but there was no way she would have been happy due to suffering anxiety and dizziness due to the drug she is one and with all the delays coming back due to the fire on Eurostar this would not have done her good either.  I did not arrive back in the UK until very late Sunday evening and was back at work the next day.   I could not resist imagining a different lifestyle to what I currently have- apart from the shops being superb – the entire lifestyle seemed more healthy – people walking out and a more relaxed lifestyle.  Elizabeth would not have liked the visit to the brewery as she is scared of heights.  Elizabeth would have been anxious getting on and off the trains with all the luggage due to the gaps between platform and train.  However Elizabeth is overcoming some of these fears and is being taken out frequently by my very good friends in the absence of any care being provided since her return from the care home.  I am delighted with the dedication of some of my carers who have been helping me from the start.   Elizabeth looks forward to their visits and this is enhancing her confidence by being taken out places.   I do the same at the weekend so she is getting out much more than ever before.  However the day has still to come when Elizabeth will go out alone which is what I as a mother would like to see.  I would like to see her as she was before going out places, attending gyms etc and classes.  We have a new Yoga and Pilates studio which is within walking distance just up the road.  There is a small gym around the corner.  There are places where Elizabeth could make friends and gain her confidence.  I do not treat Elizabeth like she has an “illness”  – I do not believe in the term “illness” in her case.  I will never forget when Elizabeth was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia treatment resistant and how she gave up on life on the acute ward.  Well I have since done my research on this title and can see how false it is and that there is no such thing.  I therefore wish for the correct title to be recognised in the brilliant report I have that has been ignored by the entire team as has another report by an expert who says Aspergers.  I have asked for proof and this has not been provided and so I have sought advice at top level by more than one expert who verifies there is NO SUCH THING AS SCHIZOPHRENIA.  If the team are reading this particular blog then please can you provide me with the scientific evidence required for me to believe such a diagnosis.  I would also say to the team that it is not just a case of one diagnosis but two that have been ignored by the bulk of them, some of whom are not medically qualified to make any judgement at all.   So I would ask the team to respond to this blog with the scientific evidence for Schizophrenia and my research has led me to look closely at NICE Guidelines.  If you look at this you will find that for the diagnosis of PTSD Clozapine is not recommended but intensive trauma therapy.   I as a mother have found therapy in the local area which I was astonished as I thought this was nothing but drug pushing but I have succeeded in finding good care that involves GPs who I thorough commend.  Elizabeth is very lucky she is at home and that there is such a thing as a natural health centre which I discovered by accident.  Hopefully the new treatment will start next month –  and I will write to NICE to advise them on the benefits of this fabulous care in order that they can include it in their guidelines.

I feel I have made a full recovery since going away and have more energy than every to pursue my dream of humane mental health care – something that does not existing in the UK.  I have renewed Elizabeth’s passport and the one place apart from New York ISPS Conference that I would like to visit is Finland.

I have big plans and ambitions for 2015 and am taking Elizabeth to all my meetings where you stand up and speak –  Elizabeth did this herself would you believe and just those few words she said was inspiring and I can see what progress she is making at home.  The answer is to give more support but not in a controlling manner.  I have been accused of controlling Elizabeth when in fact I would like her to be going out like her sister and living an independent life.  This is why I am providing the very best of care.   If you wait for the NHS you can wait for ever but it has worked out for the best as Elizabeth has shown no signs of any abnormal behaviour since coming home and that is not down to the chemicals.

Last of  all I shall be dedicating my next blog to the DWP following my latest letter from them and I would like to share things with everyone in this respect.

I was so happy to hear that Sandra of Chy Sawel has seen a suitable premises which is the news myself and other mothers long for.

At least Chy Sawel will not be drugging to the hilt like at local level and beyond on the appalling acute wards.

I am told that the level of chemicals my daughter is on is too high by more than one expert and I am not happy that nothing is being done about it/.  I shall be documenting this in full details in due course as I thought that the idea was “do no harm” – now I can prove everything and I hope that by doing this it will bring about the need for urgent change to a system that is not  working


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