15th Paul Janssen Lecture



Wednesday, 10 December 2014 from 17:30 to 18:30 (GMT)



Schizophrenia Genetics: settling the score

Speaker: Professor Michael O’Donovan, MRC Centre for Psychiatric Genetics & Genomics

Chair: Professor Anthony David

Vote of Thanks: Professor Sir Robin Murray
Wednesday 10th December 2014

5.30 – 6.30pm

Wolfson Lecture Theatre

A reception will follow in Seminar Rooms 1 & 2 from 6.30 – 7.30pm


Professor of Psychiatric Genetics Michael O’Donovan studied both Physiology and Medicine at Glasgow University, Psychiatry in Paisley (Scotland) and Cardiff (Wales) and genetics in Cardiff and Boston (USA).
Clinically, Michael specialises in diagnosis and management of schizophrenia and psychosis.
Michael has published over 300 scientific papers into molecular genetic studies of psychotic disorders, as well as a range of other disorders including ADHD and Alzheimer’s disease.
Michael leads a large international schizophrenia research consortium and is also the Academic Psychiatry Lead for the Royal College of Psychiatrists in Wales.

It was good to go along to this event held at Institute of Psychiatry and I met up with a few others who have been affected. After the event you can speak to the professionals involved and I was keen to show Professor O’Donovan the leaflets relating to my website.   I mentioned how I as a mother wish the label of “paranoid schizophrenia treatment resistant to be lifted – a patient should never be labelled for life and I do not agree with this label at all and neither do I agree with the label of ADHD.   I am at the same time not dismissing that there are symptoms but these symptoms are being misdiagnosed.  I have already proven Elizabeth has a physical condition and I want something done about this inaccurate label as the longer time goes on now Eliozabeth is at home there are NO symptoms and that is not because of the chemical Clozapine it is because Elizabeth is happy at home for a start.   Of course I am well aware if she was to come off this chemical which I just cannot call a medication, there may be problems but any problems experienced would NOT be as a result of a condition for which a bio marker has never ever been found.   One of the people I know who attended told me of cases where someone had successfully come off drugs but went through the process of “madness” first and then with that out of their system they were simply able to get on with their lives like never before.  I think it is wrong to suppress someone’s emotions by way of drugging and I do not believe drtugs should be given to someone who is treatment resistant (poor or non metabolizer).

The treatment of Alzheimers patients is wrong too so I believe – here is the treatment of my father which led to him having a heart attack:

Asprin 75mg

Omepraole 20 mg




Quinapril 25mg




This is wrong to give all these drugs to an elderly man in his eighties. By the way I am forbidden to talk about my father’s case and that says it all.



There is only illusive evidence for such a “disease”, the ADHD lobby will quote hundreds of papers written and claim scientific foundation for their belief. The existence of inconclusive research projects based on faulty methodologies and apparently there is no scientific evidence – unethical and deceitful statements made by those calling themselves scientists.  Consensus is far from proof – it is in fact a poor substitute for a lack of evidence and science was never advanced by consensus.  Consensus is the product of belief and not evidence.  Science is about questioning and the philosophy of science is doxasticism. The methodology of science is empiricism. Doxasticsm is a virtue by which the searcher after truth aspires to it by applying doubt and avoiding dogmatism and scepticism.  Consensus has no part to play;  the virtue of doxasticism allows us in our search for the truth to accept results that do not fit in with our preconceived notions and to courageously accept that we may never find the truth.

Empiricism is about being able to measure the results of our experiments and much more importantly for them to be repeated and tested by other impartial observers.  It is not about believing that this rock weights fifty tons it is about devising a method that can measure it and one that others can measure our findings by.

The belief system employed by the ADHD lobby can never assimilate such a philosophy or such an empirical evidence analysis.  They speak in absolutes without substance.  They quote authority in forms of belief and consensus without qualitative or quantitative evidence – the language of dogma not science.   Behind the individuals who love to describe themselves in terms of consensus is the huge power of the multi-national pharmaceutical companies who make astronomical profits from peddling of such fabricated diseases.

On the day there is proper aetiology arrived at through empirical validated and repeatable scientific study, on the day when there is proper diagnostic formulation, not a value judgement based on consensus ADHD will exist as a disease.

The Weekend

Today I may meet up with former patients and take Elizabeth shopping.  I am having to wait in for a plumbing contractor to arrive first. Last night I went to a very nice works do in Barnes – have been ill for the past week with a cold that developed into a terrible cough but these things are unavoidable when you travel regularly on crowded public transport every day. There is a lot to sort out before Xmas and hope to get as much done as possible today as well as catch up with friends




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